MASTURBATION: Joy of my life

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As I sit here feeling the sensation .... I realize that I've been masturbating for over 50 years. During the past 24 hours, I've had the freedom to share the joy of exposing my erection, maintaining stimulated without orgasm, and realizing that I love my cock. That love possessed me before I had my first burst of climax.

Today I wonder how my cock love evolved. Did it start when my mother and grandmother gave me detailed instructions on proper cock hygiene? Did my sister's desire to share the bath with me have an affect? Was it the fact that my boner would signal to me that I needed to take a piss? Did it occur while playing "doctor" with my sister's friends?

I recall being proud of my boner. It was fun to watch it grow as I pulled back my foreskin and thoroughly suds up the shaft with soap while taking a bath. It looked pretty with my knob exposed. I became aware that other people noticed my boner also. I recall girls grabbing my crotch while swimming at the age of 10. The sunshine felt great on my exposed knob at the swimming pool. I would suntan with my cock exposed at the hem of my short swimming trunks.

I remember my mother asking me after bath if I was playing with myself? I never understood the question. She always wanted to inspect my penis to make sure that I had properly washed up. She would tell me to pull my foreskin back. I must have been about 12 years old on one occasion following a bath when she asked again if I had been "playing" with myself while she and my sister were watching television. Again I didn't understand. She asked if I pulled my foreskin back while washing. I said yes, and she wanted me to show her. I pulled my foreskin back, and she told me to pull it all the way back and hold it until my knob got shiny. Again she mentioned playing with myself without my understanding. I wonder if my sister understood.

Within the next year I discovered pleasant sensations while pressing my crotch against the washing machine when it was in the spin cycle. I found a hand held massaging vibrator in my aunt's bedroom while babysitting my cousin. It felt great while holding it against my crotch. Better than the washing machine! It became something to look forward to whenever I watched over my cousin. THEN IT HAPPENED: My first orgasm!

I remember the pleasant sensations, the spasm, the hot shot into my underwear, and the shock. What happened? Did I make myself piss into my pants? As I felt my body shaking without control, I put the vibrator away, and proceeded to the bathroom to inspect for blood. I discovered sticky, cream colored substance oozing from my cock. I didn't know what had occurred, but decided that I had caused no harm to my cock, and I would continue to play with the vibrator in the future.

I am 13 years old. I will now come to understand "playing with myself". I will check out many health books from the library, and learn all about sexual organs, self pleasure, and the term - masturbation.
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