Meeting Russ. Part 1 - Read Sorry first

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Shortly after I graduated from high school, I met this guy, Russ, who was going to be a senior in a nearby high school. When I met Russ, it was in August, and he recently turned 18. We met in a corner market. I had heard that this market sold gay magazines besides bread and milk. I stopped one day on my way home to just check it out. I was browsing the magazine collection when Russ came in. Russ was not real tall, but as it was summer, he had on a tank top. I could see immediately that although he was not real tall, his muscles had muscles. He was cut, ripped, and defined, and that was just his arms and what I could see of his pecs. He really looked as though he might wrestle. So ok, he was hot.

He started browsing alongside me, and eventually, we struck up a conversation. This was how I found out that he was going to be a senior and was nearly 18. I was also 18 and would not be 19 until October. Russ started picking out his favorite magazines and pictures to show me. I was surprised that he was able to just do that. It was then he told me he lived two doors over from the store. I said, “So you spend a lot of time in here?” He said. “I would not say every day, but I come over here to get some pictures in my head to take back to my house and my bedroom before I think about Rosie Palm and her four sisters. I looked at him questionably. He held up his hand and pointed to his thumb and then his four fingers, and suddenly it dawned on me that he was talking about jerking off. I was surprised he was so open about it. I laughed and said that I could see how having these magazines next to your house could benefit you. Russ laughed.

We continued to look at the magazines a bit longer, I was getting a chub, and it appeared that Russ was too. He asked if I wanted to come over to his house. I said, “I needed to get home before my mother thought I had been abducted. Russ said, “I have really enjoyed talking to you. Would you want to get together sometime to talk more?” I said sure, and we exchanged phone numbers. We said goodbye to each other and were on our way.

Shortly after I got home, I went to my bedroom, put some music on, and crashed on my bed. As I listened to the music, I started thinking about Russ and Russ’s body and then kissing Russ and then … My dick was so hard, and leaking it was crazy. I slid my hand down inside my briefs and stroked myself a little. Then I imagined that was Russ stroking my cock. Next thing I know, my zipper is down, and my cock is out. I started thinking about Russ and I being naked together, and finally, I began to think about my cock going in and out of his mouth. That was when I started stroking my own cock, and from there, the fantasy just took over. Russ was giving me this fantastic blow job, and I stroked myself to the same rhythm I had imagined Russ using. It didn’t take long before I blasted all over my chin, neck, pecs, and belly. It was a powerful orgasm, for sure. I grabbed my cum rag from under the bed and cleaned myself off.

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