My First Encounter

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So I've been thinking about sharing this for over a month now, since it happened in December, but ultimately decided to recount my first encounter with a friend and member of the site, @dissonance06. This was also the first time I have done anything with another guy, so there were obviously a lot of firsts that night! Now, I'll preface this by saying (as I have stated a few times), that I'm a curious guy by nature and part of the pretense of the visit was to mess around, sans full on sex. That said, here's how it happened:

After chatting for well over a year, through the site, Kik, and now the Telegram app, we set up a time and place that we could meet up and hang out (with the possibility of some casual play). Since he lives a decent distance from me, he told me he was house sitting for a friend and would be significantly closer to me, so after work, I headed over to his friend's house. It was almost surreal, meeting someone for the first time that you've only seen pictures of and communicated with strictly in an online format, but he answered the door with a smile and I joined him inside.

We chilled on the couch in the living room for a long time, talking about various nerdy things (Star Wars, comic books, video games, etc) and watching whatever was on YouTube at the time. I could have talked to him all night, we had that much in common with our likes. The whole time, though, you could feel the sexual tension building even through our conversation. I didn't have a whole lot of time to hang out, however, so the comment was made that we should take the opportunity to play before I had to go. With that, we headed upstairs.

Despite being the first time I had done anything with another guy, I wasn't terribly nervous. He made it feel comfortable in his attitude and the way he spoke, reassuring that we wouldn't do anything I didn't want to do. We both stripped down and saw each other's cocks in person for the first time. He is a very similar size to myself, though different in appearance. We both reached out and took each other's cock in hand. Feeling his hardness for myself was such a familiar, yet new experience. After stroking each other a bit, we lined them up alongside each other and compared sizes (I was just a bit longer).

You could feel the heat in the room rising as we explored each other's hard dicks for a while, pressing them together and alternating either of us stroking both with one hand. We locked eyes as we stroked and our faces grew closer until our lips ended up meeting in a tentative kiss. I didn't think it would happen, but it did, and it didn't feel weird at all to me. We kissed some more and kept up our pace jacking before he asked if he could taste me. I nodded and he went to his knees and gently kissed the tip of my cock, which by this time was throbbing like mad.

He took his time and licked, stroked, and sucked me, getting me close a couple times before backing off. I wanted it to last, but I was running out of time and very much wanting to cum. As soon as I mentioned I was close, he doubled his efforts, taking me all the way into his throat several times before I came in his mouth and he drank it down. He let my cock out of his mouth before licking the tip again and sucking out some more cum that was left behind. If I had let him, he would have kept sucking me, which at the time sounded amazing, but I was out of time. I had to ask him "I have to take this away from you, don't I?" before he reluctantly let me go, we both got dressed again, and I unfortunately had to leave.


I hope this retelling is received well, as the experience was both fun and exhilarating for me. We want to meet up again sometime and play/hang out once more and I do welcome the opportunity!

Edit: If anyone is interested, there is a pic of us comparing side by side. Here is the link!
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