My latest fantasy, expecting it to be even better when it happens

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I so really enjoy getting to know members here for many different reasons. Mostly because I find many here that I connect with are having a lot of the same feelings and experiences that I have been having, I get to express myself with them, and I experience and share their experiences as well. Most are guys and many of them are bi like me or bi exploring/curious, all really enjoy the beauty being shared of another's body and mostly here that's of guys and their awesome and unique cocks. I really enjoy hearing from others and the encouragement and comments they make about what I am sharing. And sometimes those connections go beyond just comments and into a deeper connection sharing conversations and further still there are those where I connect on chat/cam and enjoy watching and being watched as we stroke together, with and for each other, until we cum. And that is what my latest fantasy is about .... getting to have that cam session with another member I connected with and am going further by having some conversations about our interests in and drives to being with another guy, enjoying for me a time of mutual stroking and oral. Of course my bigger fantasy is that we could actually move past just having a cam session, maybe it will happen, but right now I have just been fantasizing about getting to actually connect with him on cam and end up cumming together.

He is, like I was not too long ago, realizing he can't and doesn't want to fight his desire to be with another guy. He wants to, is craving to, reach out and please another guy, at the same time giving himself the pleasure of experiencing that moment of realizing how wonderful it is to watch another cock harden before him, see his own hand reach out to touch it, like he has touched his own cock so many times, feeling his own cock swelling (like mine is right now as I write this). His longing to lightly caress and wrap his fingers around another cock and feel it's warmth being realized, knowing the guy is getting such intense pleasure looking and watching as he sees him touching another cock for the first time. His hand holds, senses all the weightiness of this cock filling and pulsing, warm, soft.

He is imagining, even as he is acting out what he is imagining, what it feels like and knows from holding his own cock, stroking it like he likes to stroke himself but even more like he knows the guy wants and needs his cock to be touched and stroked.

It is right there before him and he watches it closely, marveling at it as he strokes it, wanting to look up at the guy he is jacking so softly, hoping and knowing he will see how much pleasure he is already giving him. There is so much to explore, but in this moment, he is content, beyond content, full of ecstasy and enjoying being lost in the moment and being lost in stroking another cock.

Almost without thinking, as his hand wraps slightly tighter around it and his strokes are going a little deeper, his other hand moving up to caress the inside of the guy's thigh, moving up to cup his balls, his head lowers closer and his mouth opens, lips forming an O to let a moan escape, but also to let his tongue slide out, wetting his lips in anticipation and also seeking out the shaft and head to lap at before being taken into his mouth. He wants it. I want it for him. I wish I could be there for this moment watching him doing it. Actually, I wish he was experiencing this with me, doing it to me so I could be looking down at him and smiling with full approval and letting him know how incredible he is making me feel (I am sure he would already know that from my moans and gasps and how hard my cock would be/is right now). He wants this more than he wants to have another guy do this to him, but he also wants that too and it will happen and yes, I wish it would be me doing it.

I want to experience watching him watch me reveal my cock and him doing the same for me, watching each other move our hands down, across our bodies to our cocks, watch them stiffen and bounce, watch us touching and stroking for each other, wishing we were doing that in person, cocks close to each other, touching occasionally. I think it will be his first time stroking with another guy, on cam, but still together with another guy, watching each other, stroking for each other. It will be with me ... and that has me so excited and horny. Writing this has been hard, because I have been very hard the whole time and have had to type one handed a lot, my other hand paying attention to and lightly stroking up and down my cock, feeling my foreskin's wetness from my precum and teasing it back.

I am going to cum soon doing this and am feeling my cock twitch right now at the idea of me cumming with and for him, him watching me and knowing what I am experiencing and that I am cumming because of him, wanting him to see me cum, wishing he could be holding my cock, his hand feeling my pulses and the sudden surge and swelling and then the cum pulsing up through me and shooting out, covering his hand, maybe his face or maybe into his mouth, feeling it's warmth, tasting it, savoring it.

But he will only be watching me, yet he will be experiencing more, so much more than just the lust of watching me. I will be watching him too, wanting to be holding his cock too, sucking on it and pleasing him the way he is wanting to and actually is pleasing me. We are both going to cum so hard together, with and for each other. And I know it will happen and be even better than I can imagine or write about and I am also sure he is going to have that first time experience of touching another cock and doing everything and more that he has been imagining and fantasizing about and jacking off and cumming so hard to. And he is going to experience another guy doing the same to and for him. I wish it was me, but for now I just can't wait to stroke with him. And cum with him. I just had a really hard nice long cum imagining it. My cock is actually still swelling and bouncing as the cum is dripping down my shaft to my balls, some was shot out and landed on my thigh and a little on my stomach. And tasting it now too, imagining I was tasting him or him me. I so want it for him and for me.
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