***** My nipples are so hard today *****

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** I was cooking ham and eggs, and my husband walk behind me and put his arms around me with his fingers playing with my nipples. Yes that started the juices making my pussy so wet. Between my nipples being so hard, and my pussy so wet he started lick my pussy giving me one "O" after another. I was so ready for that. Then I got on top on him and put his hard dick in me. I just loved it watching his face as I was riding his dick. I was get more "O", as I was so wet, and so hot the juices flow out.

I started moving faster looking down at his face as he picked his head up and started sucking my nipples, and playing with my breast. My nipples get so hard as you can see in my gallery, and so big since I was young. I just love my nipples sucked. I also love my pussy licked and tongue fucked. His tongue sure has a great wiggle to it. I love it when he tell me my juices taste so good. I have a good fuck to end it, My nipples are still hard now. If you haven't yet view my photos, might get you hard and ready also, <I LOVE SEX>
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