Naked at work AGAIN! And Abstinence makes the hard go fonder

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Been way too long since I made an entry, and there's a lot to talk about so here goes.

Let's start with today. So I got to work and realized no one else was going to be coming in for at least 2 hours, and after a short internal debate, I stripped naked and started my daily routine. Was largely the same as last time. Felt fantastic getting things done while completely naked at my workplace. Which was how it felt last time. However, there was one big difference. Whereas last time I stayed naked for more than an hour without getting aroused, this time my dick got hard almost the moment I got naked. So I was running through my morning routine naked with a full on hardon. I'd give it an encouraging tug now and then, and figured it would eventually subside. It did not. In fact, it started leaking just a little bit.

Now, I enjoyed working with a hardon a lot, and the risk of being caught naked is very slim, almost zero, but it's one thing to be caught naked, and quite another to be caught naked with a dripping hardon. So even though I could have stayed naked another 45 minutes (actually, as it turns out a full hour and a half more before anyone else arrived), I cut my naked time short after only 40 minutes. My boner didn't subside until I'd tucked it back into my jeans. I did leave off the underwear and freeballed for the rest of the day. I continued to work for another hour in just the jeans. No shirt or shoes. I'm always barefoot at work, and in the summer I frequently work shirtless after a sweaty walk, so though it's not quite the time of year for it, my being shirtless is a fairly common occurrence before we open, so even if someone walked in at that point it would not be a big deal. No one did.

But back to this irrepressible hardon. I think that might be because I haven't had sex since shortly after Thanksgiving. As I've mentioned before, my husband had a liver transplant in September. He was doing well, so the first week of December my buddy Cole and I decided to take in a Bear Party. And it was a pretty good one. Not the best, but certainly not the worst, and probably a good solid 60 out of 100. Got fucked at least 5 times, sucked a lot of cock, and fucked a few guys as well. As usual, my buddy Cole was one of those who fucked me, and (a first for us) I reciprocated and fucked him as well. So a good time was had by all.

But over the next few days, I got a little tickle in my throat. It went away before I really got sick, but my husband wasn't so lucky. He got a cold. A bad cold. Which in his immunosuppressed state was very bad. He was sick from that week, through Xmas and New Years (we had to cancel our Xmas plans because he was feeling crappy), and only started feeling better mid-January.

Now, in all fairness, there's no way to tell if someone gave me a bug at that party, or equally as likely someone on the subway (downside of public transport), or even if it was indeed me who got him sick, but I decided I couldn't risk taking in another party during cold/flu season, until he comes off some of the drugs that are suppressing his immune system. Which is mid-March. Liver wise he's doing very well, and they've already cut back on some of his drugs, but in Mid-March we expect a larger reduction and his immune system should bounce back. So basically, I'm celibate until April. Which explains, I think, the persistent hardon.

Anyway, so that's why there have been no Bear Party reports for such a long time. But in April, look out! Because in April, I plan to make up for lost time. I'll be going every weekend. So stay tuned.

Be well, stay warm, have lots of sex. And feel free to write about any encounters in the comments, because I'm living vicariously through y'all until April.
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