**************** NIPPLE LOVERS & 69 lovers ***************

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When I was dating my husband, I noticed he seemed obsessed with my nipples. He likes breasts, but his interest seems focused on my nipples. During foreplay, he wants to touch, lick, suck and pinch my nipples for a long time. Then during sex, same thing. Sometimes if sex lasts a hour or two, he will have sucked on my nipples that entire time. Often, he will stop intercourse all together and he would watch me play with them.

He got really hard. His dick head got so big. I love a big cock head make me go crazy to suck it. We would dtop to play again but this time we did "69". Him sucking my nipples, and me sucking his hard dick make us both get so ready to fuck. We will fuck a long time as we both will get off many times. For me I lost track and he did cum three times.

Nothing is better then sucking and fucking a nice hard dick. I do love sucking it until he get off, and love it. I guess I am sex crazy as I LOVE SEX> My nipples are Big and you can view my pictures and get a nice BIG HARD ON>
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