Off-Camera Inspiration?

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Browsing LPSG and seeing the rampant boners so many guys are sporting in their pics, I found myself wondering whether they turn themselves on, get off purely on showing off their big cocks to the camera; or whether there is someone/something just off-camera that is arousing their lust.

Are they looking at pics/vids that get them hard? Or is there a BF/GF (or both?) present for them to focus on in order to produce such solid, world-beating erections?

This is not me - this is Kell Fuller, and I like the way he is showing off his ass to the photographer:

kell fuller 17.jpg

Below, Mark Smith getting off on showing it off!

Mark Smith -BentleyRace-00023.jpg

Me? Just turning on the camera gets my dick twitching and itching to be free. I am always alone when I photograph myself - no distractions. Just me, my dick, and you:


Let me know how you get yourself up 'n hard for LPSG...

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