Oh My God it's Brian

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I was looking through some older writing and I came across a short piece about Brian. This happened in 7th grade, first time wearing a jock, including a jock check by the PE teacher. We had to pull the waistband of our gym shorts down so he could see skin, jock, skin. All these traumatizing events when I was just starting to wonder who I was. So we were given lockers in the locker room based on our student number in class. Those numbers were determined by height. So #1 was the tallest and #26 was the shortest. I was #25 and Brian was #24. Brian was a pretty wild fellow and seemed to have no sexual hang-ups and good for him.

It started at the beginning of one class when Brian took his tighty whities off. For whatever reason, he decided to try and slap me with his cock. He did not just focus on my he went after #26 as well. So it was weird but ok. When we came in to take showers he did it again. I guess because he got a response out of myself and #26 he decided it was fun to do it. At the beginning and end of every gym class, Brian would run around the two of us and try to slap us with his dick. He would occasionally threaten to pee in our lockers too. What started to get interesting was about half-way through the semester, before he would pull down his shorts, he would reach into his briefs and rub himself so that when he took his shorts off he was pretty nearly hard. So now he was running around trying to hit us with his boned up dick.

At some point, I started to realize he was actually kind of cute. About five years ago, I saw him again for the first time at dinner. He was awkward around me at first. He made a point of sitting next to me. I felt like he was coming onto me a little. I knew he was married and had kids, but I also know that means nothing. That entire evening he was very attentive to me. He hugged me when the evening was over. I drove home trying to figure out what his story was. I have seen him more times since then at class activities and he treats me the same way all the time. He is incredibly handsome now - just my type of guy. I would like to wish he and I will hook up at some point, but I doubt it will happen. I still can see him running around threatening us to hit us with his dick.

I know not very interesting really - just an odd experience for me when I was young, confused, and beginning that walk through the years of massive horniness!!
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