Oh the Pain!!!

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Again - no sex - only pain -

I teach color guard (the spinning and tossing of flags, rifles, and sabers). Tuesday night I was messing around with the saber (36" of steel for the blade and stainless(I think) for the handle. I have no idea what I did, but I hit myself on the side of my head with a good deal of force. My glasses flew across the yard, I saw some sort of figurative stars. I grabbed my ear because that was where the saber hit. I stood for a few seconds before I went to pick up my glasses. It was on the right side of my head so I was using my right hand to cover the ear and as I am a "righty" I went to pick up the glasses with my right hand. My hand was covered in blood. I was like "oh fuck! this is not good." I went in my house to look in the powder room mirror and what I saw was frightening. I had a slice across the top of my ear. It was straight as though I had taken a very sharp knife and just sliced it. Blood was spewing out of the corner of my ear and I was petrified that my ear was sliced through.

I got some paper towels to try and cut the bleeding and then I had to figure out what to do. I could not drive because I needed to keep my hand on my ear. I could not call my brothers because by the time they would have gotten to my house I could have bled out (probably not really, I took a bit of dramatic license with that one). It would have been a while until they arrived that is true. So I got my next-door neighbor to take me to the ER.

Everyone was wonderful and the doctor that stitched me up was super nice. I ended up with 5 stitches in my ear and this crazy bandage that made me look a lot like a pirate who had lost his earring. I am likely to have a bit of a cauliflower ear, but I did not slice through the ear and the slice I made was straight so it would likely heal nicely. I was 3 hours in the ER before being released. I felt very stupid, but I survived.

This morning I got up and had one hell of a headache. I finally went to the doctor and after a fairly extensive exam, it was determined that I had a concussion. I had to get a CT scan to make sure there was no bleeding in my brain. There was not! Tomorrow I have an appt. with a head trauma/sports medicine doctor. They will do further testing to determine what I can do and when I can do it and how long until I can resume normal activities. I have already been told to not watch TV and of course, I am to stay off the computer. So I am sharing this to say, I am not sure when I will be back on here, but I will be back. Thanks to all of you who chat with me, like my pictures/posts, and generally have been really great men.

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