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Its been a long time I havent used this function on the site. Tough I like to write things down...
Nothing much changed by the years - except Ive gained back some of my weight what Ive lost due to healthy living. Im getting older - my body is changing. And as a metafore -my relationship is changing too.

Last month my partner told me - he wants something else. He started to date with a guy next to his city. Much closer than I live. He said - Im loving him too much. He need some air. Im choking him.
Well tears brought in my eyes - he wants someone else. I felt awful - and Im still feel undesireable. But after 2 weeks of moderate silence....my partner send me a message. He wanted to meet me.

Turned out that the new guy who lives near to him is a jerk. He missed me - even in bed. That is very kind.
So Im in the relationship again - but Ive lost my faith in myself. I feel Im falling apart. Ive started to notice that Im controlling every action of mine. Thats not good in either way.

So - Im falling apart in some way.

I feel uncomfortable now.

Hope it will vanish.

Spring is coming.
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