Out Of Your League

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I have just commented on a forum on the BiAustralia site we use to find friends to have sex with.
Following is my comment :
I didn’t know there was a league? Is it a decency league? An intelligence league. A hygiene league? A creativeness league?

Where is the league table kept? Who scores the people on it? Where would I sit? Not too high I hope. I’d hate to have people worry I am unobtainable. I want to seem ‘gettable’.

Sexy is what sexy does, not what its appearance is.
At times in my life, even though I have never fitted a current model of attractive, there were probably people who thought I was ‘out of their league’, and so to my loss they didn’t approach me for fun.

This is why now that I am smarter than I ever was before, I am happy to put out images less cropped and filtered of myself, so that people will look at those and think ‘Hey, I can be comfortable about myself with him.’.

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