Paris Las Vegas Rest Rooms

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In general American rest rooms are designed for privacy. Most urinals have privacy shields between them and even those without shields have urinals that allow shy guys to stand up to it and never show skin.

I like the rest rooms at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. They are very much the Eiropean style with low urinals and no privacy shields. Shy guys can go into a stall, but if you use a urinal, your dick is visible. In addition one of the rest rooms in particular has the urinals on a wall so when you enter you see the side view of any guys standing there peeing.

I am neither pee shy nor body shy so if the first urinal in the row is available I always go for it. It feels good to unzip, pull out my penis, and let the piss stream fly and be fully visible to any guys who are interested in taking a look.

Anyone else uninhibited like me? Where are your favorite rest rooms?
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