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As we walked out of the restroom together, I remember telling myself that I did not want to have sex with him, I just wanted to compare dicks. However, I was a little low on male friends, so I figured I would do whatever I needed to make a friend. I walked back to my buss and found out the show was called and would be Monday night. I was happy because I thought I would see him again on Monday night. Because the contest was a school night, we went and performed and left. I never got to see him Monday night.

I was going to their practice on Tuesday, so I figured I would get his digits then. I know I have only described his huge dick. Mike was probably 5'6". I would never guess his weight, but he was a brick shit house of a young man. Mike was cracking with muscle. He had this beautiful blonde hair that barely moved. His complexion was radiant, and Mike only had a little stubble on his chin. It was funny that he was Italian and looked more Scandinavian. When I discovered Mike was Italian, I could not believe it. Mike had great control of his body, so he knew how to be sexy and flirty when needed.

After practice on Tuesday, I hung out on the practice field, waiting to see if he would approach me. He played a little hard to get by going and talking to a couple of other people before me, but he ended up with me. The flirting started. We laughed about how we had seen each other for almost a month and never really talked. He asked me if I wanted to go out for pizza. At that point, I would have followed him off a cliff since his smile produced dimples with sparkling green eyes.

A couple of others joined us at the pizza place, but we sat across from each other, giving us a chance to continue flirting. When we finally finished eating and headed outside, his sister went to the car, and he and I stood at my car. We talked about getting together to get to know each other better. Let me tell you he had a cock I wanted to get to know better for sure.

During the fall, Mike and I began spending a lot of time on the phone or at each other's homes. We lived probably a good hour away from each other, so we wanted to see each other bad driving that far. After a few weeks of traveling back and forth, I talked to Mike about spending the night at my house. He said he thought his parents would be ok with that. I asked my parents, and they were excellent. He spent more time at my house than I spent at Mike's home.

My bedroom was in the front of the house (I had the master because I also had a drum set). My parents slept in what was the middle bedroom. You had to walk through it to get downstairs. Mike and I went to the attic and brought down a roll-away mattress on which he would sleep. We made his bed and put our gym shorts on, so we were ready to sleep. I am stopping today's installment here, so it is not too long. I will post on another day. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more.
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