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I have to say that as far as I'm concerned 33 degrees is the perfect running/jogging weather. I just got back from what was for me a pretty long run (for the winter) of about 2 1/2 hours. I even made an extra detour to run up to and around Time Square to see if its still as dreary and ridiculous as ever. Yeah, no surprises there. Still I'm never happier than when I've got patches of snow everywhere. This extra long excursion was partly to clear my head (I think) after the events of yesterday afternoon.

Sure, by now I've been fortunate enough to have fucked a good deal of pussy. And mostly fresh young, Grade A, cream of the crop pussy at that. Still I haven't had the opportunity to fuck more than just a handful of virgins. And it certainly isn't from lack of opportunity to have fucked a lot more. But when confronted with the reality of the size of my cock (and in particular the head which can swell to just over 2 inches wide when fully hard) most of the time sheer pussy panic usually sets in. Abort! Abort the mission - please! Fortunately yesterday afternoon's experience was a bit more successful.

There is a 20 year old swimmer babe who spotted me at one of the fitness centers where I've been working out for several years now. I primarily go there for the pool though. She struck up a conversation with me about 2 months ago and obviously has had her eye on "my bod" perhaps ever since. But in this she is no different from about a dozen other people I can think of from there (about half of which are men). Even though I always go to these places to friggin WORK OUT and not socialize, I'm in truth a pretty friendly guy perhaps so naturally maybe people want to talk to me. The fact that I have a cock that is both a shower and a grower and is always tightly packed into a speedo presenting I expect a rather jaw dropping bulge most of the time may or may not have anything to do with people seemingly always wanting to strike up a conversation.

But to make what could be a really long getting to know someone story short lets just say she'd really been throwing a lot of serious obvious signals that she was very interested in seeing me sans Speedo and maybe even getting to know me in the biblical sense for about the past 3 weeks. She's from the city and lives with her parents (not far from me or the fitness center as it turns out) and is going to school at one of the local major Universities. Unfortunately (or fortunately - I haven't decided which yet) - it's the same one as "Tigger"). She's majoring in "Research and Experimental Psychology". I told her I'm not even sure what that even is but that it's pointless to spend too much time trying to figure me out.

I was a little late for my regular swim on Monday night and had gotten several pretty anxious texts from her - all alluding to the fact that she was hoping that Friday could be the day! This was surprising on a number of fronts,first being that I know I hadn't given her my cell #,and secondly from the seeming implications. It was only a short time before that she'd even mentioned in a rather surprising conversation that she was a little embarrassed to still be a virgin at 20. By the time I got to the pool she seemed a little hysterical (not good considering her major) but all was explained soon. Both of her parents were away visiting Hawaii for 2 weeks but would be returning on Saturday. She knew that I'd mentioned I often only work a half day on Fridays. She been thinking things over quite furiously in her mind for sometime but had finally decided she wanted to lose her virginity with me - no strings attached! (whatever in the fuck that means).

So lets just say this Genie was happy to grant her wish! She has a killer,fucking body (which I'd already had plenty of opportunity to view most of) and is energetic as hell (as most swimmers are). She wanted all this to occur at her place in her own bed (which I had no problems with) although I still had a hell of a time finding her basically unmarked building in spite of it being walking distance from where I live.

Her pussy was a shock, being much plumper and swollen when the time came than I was expecting. As is my usual custom I licked, sucked, swallowed and just basically devoured her perfectly formed clit for close to an hour while she pretty much screamed from pleasure the whole time (which was a real treat!). I"m happy to say her pussy really opened up pretty wide while I did this. In fact I only caught site of just some thin folds along the opening. Although definitely the sweet tart smell was quite distinctive and can just cause a guys heart to pound with excitement over the tightness and special sensations likely to be encountered within.

Fortunately my cock was so covered in heavy precum that getting it inside (or at least the first inch then finally two inches) was not nearly the struggle I have frequently encountered before (and sometimes from babes who were far from being virgins). It became pretty clear very soon that I would have to be content with only about 2 inches of her pussy to work with for a good while. Work it over I did as much as my skills would allow, but at some point it just gets slightly absurd working over a pussy when you still have slightly more than 8 inches of your shaft being held in reserve outside of her!

At some point though after about 40 long minutes a magic moment happened and about 6/7 inches of my cock slid inside her. FUCK ME - I know I let out several audible deep guttural moans that were practically screams from the deep sensations of pleasure when that happened. Fortunately I was able to regain my composure and almost instinctively knew what to do. I pulled her ankles up to my shoulders (no problem since she has that swimmers great flexibility) locked myself in a firm pushup position on top of her and gave her about 10 -12 minutes of the kind of deep cock fucking I imagine she had been hoping for. It was certainly the type of indescribably tight, wet and HOT unexplored pure pussy pleasure that you only get just a few times EVER.

I seriously don't know which one of us was making more fucking noise! I was quite literally yelling near the top of my lungs from the sensations of pleasure. Then at one point I had to pull back and let her legs down. Her pussy was violently contracting and squeezing against my cock so hard I knew she had to be cumming. I pulled fully out at one point but she fucking SCREAMED at me to put it back in. The next time I pulled out (and I'll keep how long that was between us) she certainly understood why. Her eyes had pulled back into her head by then but she clearly saw it happening. As the heavy thick spurts proceeded to land high up on her body past her breasts (yet obviously continuing to splatter much longer than she'd anticipated) I watched her mouth slowly opening to form a wide "O". After what had to be close to 2 minutes of this she uttered "oh my god". The last time I came was nearly five weeks ago. You do the math. This is what happens. I'd even mentioned it to her, but I think maybe that detail just got lost in the general excitement. Anyway, welcome to my world. And thanks for the very fresh puss.

She managed to take a pic of me crawling on her little bed in her room NAKED (but still with my cock hidden from her) right before we seriously got things started. She sent that to me and I've taken the liberty of posting it just now on my Twitter. Anything else will need to stay private on this one.
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