Praisemarshh & Tayhollywood6 (Marshall & Gervontay)

Published by Marshall Wright Prettyboii_Marshh in the blog Marshall Wright Prettyboii_Marshh's blog. Views: 55

So Me and Marshall woke up in the bed i spend the night at Marshall's House we had the whole house to ourselves we both start kiss each other in the bed so Marshall got on top of me kiss me kiss me on my neck i wrap my legs around his ass so i got on top of Marshall then he put his dick inside of me and we both start to fuck we fuck all morning we had the music loud the bed start squeaking Marshall fuck me harder hard and hard and we both talk dirty to each marshall was like you like this dick gervontay i said yes marshall give me you me you dick marshall i want that daddy dick marshall give me that daddy marshall lol he was like yeah "fuck" so i can feel his nut inside of me and fuck me til i nut so we got out the bed and start fucking in the bathroom we fuck in the shower i bend over and Marshall fuck me good nice and wet and yes we a sextape together i want us to go viral so we can be the next gay pornstars yeah we both fuck each other marshall fuck me good choke me spread my ass wide deep had me moan and screaming marshall fuck me til he nut til he told me to open my mouth i swallow every inch of Marshall nut
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