Reaching the home stretch

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Yesterday I went to sleep early cause I didn’t want to think about cumming anymore. I woke up with him on heavy this morning (1st pic). Later in the day my cousin and I went to a spa to relax. When we were in the sauna I almost lost it cause of the heat and the feeling of the steam surrounding my dick.

We then had lunch at home and I had to excuse myself to do a check in with it. In the bathroom (2nd pic). It’s been on semi and escaping my underwear leading to my jeans becoming uncomfortable. My older cousin brought her friends over and quite honestly, my balls felt like they were about to pop. I went to my room to cool down for awhile before coming back out. My shaft is almost hard as steel and my head is starting to become more and more sensitive as we reach the end.

anything in specific you wanna see it in next (underwear, sweats, bathroom)

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