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He was 6'2, Lightskin, Tatted, Nice Lips And Judging By The Print In His Pants A Big Dick. He Was Out Of Me League And I Knew It Before My Eyes Came Back Up From His Package But Still I Wanted Him. He'd Just Gotten Arrested For Family Violence And I Was Booking Him At The Jail I Worked At. He Had This Whole Bad Ass Attitude But I Knew He Wasn't All Bad. I Couldn't Even Do My Job Because I Was So Focused On Him. After He Was Booked In He Was Taken To His Cell By A Fellow Officer. I Had To See Him, I Had To Have Him So I Took It Upon Myself To Serve Him His Dinner Chow. I Called His Name But He Was Sleeping. As He Lay On His Back In Only His Boxers With His Hands In His Underwear Grabbing His Big Black Dick My Mouth Began To Water. I Took The Keys Out Of My Pocket And Opened The Cell Door. I Sat The Food Down And Called His Name. "Sky" I Said But He Never Budged. I Reached Over And Went To Shake His Shoulder When He Grabbed Me And Fell On Top Of Me. I Could Feel His Erect Penis Perfectly In The Center Of My Fat Juicy Ass.

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