Reviewers for my new book needed!!

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Hey gents (and ladies)!

My first-ever book is coming out in just a couple months!! WOOO-HOO! Cue the violins!!

One of the things that is going to be tremendously helpful for it’s launch is to get a TON of people writing genuine reviews during the first few days it launches.

This is where you come in—I need people who would be willing to read an advanced copy of the book and then leave an Amazon review. I will provide the digital copy for free—and, if you love it, I’d be honored if you purchase it from Amazon before posting your review (and then it’ll also show “verified purchase”). But, either way, you will get a COMPLIMENTARY copy of Journey to the Ecstatic Self.

Please let me know your thoughts. If you are interested, please DM me here!

Peace and love! Kae

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