**** Riding my mans hard dick ****

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The first thing I had to learn on how to ride my husband dick is amending my attitude, and learn how to do the fucking with his hard dick inside me, I wanted to wow him with this position, and I had to get the mentality right. My technique has to be right so we both can feel the pleasure of me fucking his dick. I love the control. I love looking in his eyes and watching the enjoyment on his face. The feeling is so great and we can both finish at the same time. LOVE IT. Round 2. Lots of kissing and touching goes on. By this time my nipples been so hard from me riding and fucking him. I do love as you all know by now MY NIPPLES SUCKED. I can get off so easy, and just LOVE LOVE the feeling, Hope everyone's sex life is good it not try to visit my pictures as you MIGHT find them being what you need now to cum... I LOVE SEX
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