Russ Date 3rd and Final installment!

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He got up on his knees and undid his pants, and this gorgeous dick popped out. It has a high curve to it, and he had quite a mushroom on the end of his dick. It was perfect. I found myself salivating over my need to lick that mushroom head of his. He rolled back on to his back and told me to grab his pants and pull them down, which I did. He came back up again and started kissing me while we were now flesh to flesh. I could feel the flesh of his cock sliding against mine. By this time, we were both leaking badly and out dicks started to slide against each other with more ease. Honestly, I had not ever had sex like this. I had a little sex when I was a senior in high school, but I kept thinking about how does this guy knows so much and is so good.

He scooted around so that we were face to dick. Thank heavens I was not a complete moron and knew we were going to 69. He leaned in and took me straight to the base. Russ’s dick was thicker than mine but not a lot longer, so I could do the same thing to his cock. I just took it straight down to the base and buried my face in his pubes. Then the fun began. Whatever Russ was doing to my cock, I did back to his. We licked, slurped, and sucked our way into oblivion. I was so hot by now that I was sweating. Russ was making me feel things I had never felt. I guess Russ could feel my legs squeezing and pushing. He knew I was getting close to cumming, He just started to suck me harder and faster and put his hand on the base of my cock, so he was taking in the top 3rd of my cock. I did the same to him. We both started to try to keep sucking and breath heavier until I felt his first red hot blast hit my tongue and flow down my throat, and as soon as I felt his, I let loose with mine. It was difficult for me to cum and not groan because I still had Russ’s cock in my mouth because he was still shooting.

We kept each other’s cocks in our mouths until they had basically gone back to flaccid. Russ moved, and now we could look at each other in the eye. He started to kiss me again, so deep and passionate. Russ began to kiss my neck too. Suddenly he just stopped and snuggle up against me. There we were lying naked on a blanket in a field in Valley Forge Park. We must have stayed like that for a half-hour before Russ sat up and asked if I wanted some lemonade. He told me to get my blanket, and we put that over us from the waist down and sat there bare-chested and drank lemonade. Finally, we talked. I asked him where he got so good at what he did to me. Russ said, “I have read a lot about it.” He asked if I enjoyed it? I said, who would not enjoy what you did to me. He was quick to say, “You were doing the same things to me, and it felt just as nice.” He said, “I was not 100% sure you were gay, and I am still not totally sure, but you had no trouble having sex with me and swallowing my cum, so I guess you are probably pretty gay. I laughed and said it sure looks that way.

We got some more lemonade, and we slid closer together as it was starting to get a little bit chilly out in the field. I asked what made him think of the Park. He said that he had always wanted to have sex in the Park, thinking that it would be really kind of Zen- you know doing nature in nature. As the sun started to go down, we both got dressed and got our stuff together and started to walk back to my car. On the way home, I asked if he wanted to get together again? He flipped it and asked me if I wanted to? I said sure I did, and he said good because I want to as well. He said, “You are so cute and petite.” I was not sure how to take that, and when I asked, he said it is a huge compliment. When we arrived in front of Russ’s house, he thanked me for an enjoyable evening and gave me a kiss before he got out of the car. He got out and went inside. I sat in my car and tried to process everything that had happened.

I finally started the short drive home. My mom asked if Russ and I had a good time and I said, yes we had a great time. She smiled, and I said good night and headed up to bed. When I hit my sheets, I started an instant replay of the evening and started to get hard again. I realized that unless I jerked-off, I was not getting to sleep. I rubbed out a quick one because I was thinking about Russ. I cleaned up my belly, rolled over, and went to sleep. This was the beginning of what turned into a four “on and off” relationship between us.
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