Russ Date Part 2

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I was sitting at dinner with my parents when the phone rang. I quickly answered, and it was Russ. He wanted to know if I might want to go to Valley Forge Park tomorrow night to just hang out. I promptly asked my parents if that would be ok and they thought it was ok, I just needed to be home by 10 PM. I told Russ I could go. He asked if I could drive, and I told him I could. He asked me to pick him up around 7 PM. He also told me to be sure to bring a blanket with me. I had trouble concentrating the next day because all I could think about was what might happen tomorrow night. My dick seemed to have a pretty good idea of what was going to happen. I had trouble not getting hard all day long,

I left about 6:30 for Russ’s house. I was not sure which one exactly was his, but I knew where to park. As I pulled in, he bopped out of the house. He jumped into my car with lemonade, some pretzels, and a blanket. I asked if we were having a picnic? Russ said I suppose you could say that.” We drove to the Park, which was only about 15 minutes from his house. We parked in one of the designated parking areas and then got out. Russ said, “Let’s find a perfect spot .” Since I had no real idea what we were doing, I mean, I thought I did but was not sure, I just followed him. We found a spot out in the middle of one of the fields. We were parked far enough from the parking area that we could have been seen, but not clearly.

Russ opened up his blanket and sat down on it. I sat down too. We talked for a while, but the conversation drifted over to being gay and then gay sex. Once we started talking about that, I became aroused. Russ moved closer to me, and I saw him begin to move his mouth towards my mouth. We kissed, and it was delightful. Russ was a charming guy. We kissed again and again—each time with a bit more passion than the one before it. Russ starts to kiss me again, and while he is kissing me, he begins to lower me onto the ground, so now I am on my back looking up at him while he is having a field day on my mouth. Once he gets me on my back, he starts to kiss my neck and ears and back to my mouth. I was for sure hard and beginning to leak, and Russ made sure I could feel that he was hard. Russ slid over on top of me so that our dicks could rub against each other. While all that was going on, he took his hands and started to move them up my shirt. He picked at my nipples, he moved so he could kiss and lick my belly button. I was no longer sure what planet I was on. The fact that we were out in the open did not even cross my mind.

Russ finally was able to get my T-shirt off me, exposing my chest to him. He was now straddling my cock while he ripped off his T-shirt. When I looked at his very muscular chest, Russ had this indent between his pecs. He said it was some kind of birth defect. Russ said, “It had been worse, but they cracked his sternum and reset the bones, so it was not so bad. I ran a fingertip into the little valley, and he shuddered, and then he laid back down on me and went to work on my pecs and belly. All I could do was help with the dry humping. When he got down to my belly button, he started to run his tongue all around it. As he was doing that, he began to undo my pants. He looked up at me and said, “Damn, you are really excited about this, aren’t you?” I said, I sure am, no hurry and take them off. He very quickly got me to raise my butt off the ground and in one fell swoop both my jeans and my boxers came off and there I was naked, hard and wet for him to see. He went back to licking my belly button, but my dick kept rubbing against his ear or face or hair. He very slowly brought his mouth and tongue around to my balls, where he basically gave them a tongue bath. He moved the tip of his tongue up and along the underside of my cock. He got a taste of my pre and told me it was delicious. He kept swirling around my cock and doing all kinds of mind-blowing things with his tongue.
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