Sex Diary - 12th February 2020

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:emoji_high_brightness: 12th Feb: Latin true dad-bod ISFJ (50, Squirt, my bedroom)

I really thought that this would be another of my sex-fail stories because forty-five minutes after he said he was leaving his place, which is only fifteen minutes away, he still was not here!


We had communicated quite a bit over the last few days. He seemed a little irregular, but in a nice way. Wrote many short messages. A little bit of internet English abbreviation. Really, really delayed sending his face pic which really had me suspicious. But his ass, cock and chest shots seemed very good so I remained interested. His face pick was pale, shy, puffy - not that great. But I was taking a chance because he happened to be free right when I knew the house would be empty (well, my brother sleeps all day and is awake all night, and he doesn't care).

When I'd given up hope and was starting to feel rejected and annoyed, I stood in the front yard under the sunlight and saw a car whizz down the street. The driver didn't look like him. I went back inside and then I saw a man part jogging back up the street. Oh finally. Greeted him at the door, shook hands, he slipped off shoes and left a knapsack in the foyer. Then he went to pee.

I kind of did this thing where I didn't look directly at his face for long, I just let that part of him linger a bit out of focus. I closed my bedroom door and we embraced and kissed. Quickly off with our shirts. I enjoyed his body - it really was what you'd get if you merged all the pics in my Dad Bods thread into one man. A bit older, reasonably athletic from sports, sun tanned, hairy - but without being bristly. His nipples had distinct little raised knobs. He took my pants down first, and then I his.

I could just tell from the way things started that this was going to be an alright hook-up. Even though he was bi, closeted, and not that sexually active he had a warm and open and easy-to-connect with energy. He lay on me for a bit then rolled to his back. His balls were fucking amazing, both bigger than mine - and that is an achievement, but they were also denser and heavier too - almost full egg sized. A real treat. His penis was uncut, smaller than my own and very easy to go down on.

He sucked me a little as well and the sensation was good. How is it bi guys can do this better than guys who have been cock suckers for decades? He bent over and made his backside available to me. Wow! The tan from his back ended abruptly into a nice shaped and shiny white ass, and his ass crack was deep and dark. I just love the contrast of shades and tones, it got me really aroused so I rimmed him immediately. His anus was a bit recessed in, I could get at it with my tongue but I don't think I really penetrated him with my tongue. We fooled around a bit more before I got a lubed finger in there, very smooth feeling, not too tight.

All the time we were together he kept murmuring "Nice" and "So hot" on repeat, he called me a greek god and expressed his appreciation in many ways. He had a bit of a latin accent.

He really wanted me to use a condom, so I put on a Lifestyle's Large. Touching him and stroking him. He sat on my dick and had a sting of pain, I told him to go slower. We kissed and he took me inside him. There was something just a little off with the angle of things in this position - and we were only just getting to know each other's bodies. He rode it happily for a few minutes. Then I fucked him on his back. I didn't have to hold his legs, I could stay inside him while holding him chest to chest and kissing his neck. Within about five minutes I was exploding into the condom.

I sucked him a couple of times and got him to have a partial orgasm - he later admitted he'd masturbated in the shower because he was nervous about cumming very quickly. He wanted me to fuck him again - and I got about 80% of the way to climax, but not quite, as the condom does still interfere a little with the feeling of connection there.

The time we spent together after sex was longer than the activity itself, just cuddling and talking. He said, "My ranking for you. The statistics. Is eleven out of ten", that was really sweet. I note that he is an ISFJ as we have very compatible feeling functions and find affection, giving and closeness very easy to achieve as well as a high priority in our lives. He talked five times more than I did - even saying "I love you/it" - I couldn't quite hear the last word.

He said he'd never had sex with a guy before that was good at showing affection. Said I was his number one lay. Haha. Bi guys are easy to please?? I told him he just got my standard package, and we laughed. His face by this point - I'd warmed up to. Masculine, a little gruff, not conventionally handsome or kiwi - but just fine - the face of a man and that's okay with me. The praise kept coming and the intimation about what future or compatibility we might have. I feel sorry for him that he is even more sexually deprived than me. He was able to read my silences and my words and settled on exploring fuck buddies.

I am excited to have sex with him again because I know that the experience will be quality, honest and warm. This is really the glory of men fucking men - we can set new standards for pleasure, acceptance, closeness and a hope for the future.

Of course I don't want a relationship and I am still a little heartbroken - but it's important to nurture good qualities and experiences when there is fertile ground for it. I kissed and sucked a little here and there wherever on his body I felt like going - and he was so open and receptive, never guarded, never controlled by a social notion that might close down the intimacy.

As we were getting dressed, up pulled a jock strap 2/3 of the way up. We embraced with our penises together. He didn't want to let go. I turned around and pressed my butt onto him, suggesting next time that he might fuck me. He liked the idea and did say he was more of a bottom - which I'm totally fine with.

"Beautiful. Hot. A greek god. My number one. You brought me such pleasure. I would like to be your boyfriend. I've never had someone like you. You're perfect. I like your chest, your ass...." over and again, the kindest most healing and affirming words to hear. Never given with the expectation of receiving something in return. Just a blessing between two strangers that fucked.
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