Sex Diary - 13th January 2021

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Interlude: I started today fantasising about part of a conversation I had with Hot Scholar (last entry) where the topic of Latin men and sex came up. In my imaginary dialogue I was telling him that I was trying to suspend judgement against millions of men based on the stereotype that they are sexually aggressive . . . well, that was an odd premonition.

Today's story: I received a message early from this guy. We'd been chatting for a few weeks on Grindr. He has an athletic, trim body with no hint of fat, a deep dark tan, shaggy black curls and an impressive uncut penis. He told me he was basically just a top, so that was where my expectations sat, and how glad I would be to receive that into my body.

So, while I had an offer for daytime sex with another guy (now scheduled tomorrow evening), I took a gamble that this guy would become free in the window of time I gave him noon to 3:30pm. He messaged me after 1 and said he could be free soon. I popped into the shower and had a quick rinse and check-in with my backside. Seems good.

In my selection of sexual partners - I generally try to get the guy to chat, to disclose something of his mind. So I typically end up excluding one-or-two-word sentence type of chaps. This dude wasn't quite that bad, but I knew that I was making a small exception based on how beautiful he appeared. He text me about pot - but thankfully, he didn't bring it up in person; my idiot stripper brother kept coming into the garage to access the freezer - even though I told him I was having company.

I brought back two glasses of water (it's a 27/80 degree day here), and told him to come into me bedroom.

The kissing was really hot. He was slightly aggressive, but not too bad. He kissed me passionately with a lot of tongue and he spat into my mouth - which I find really hot sometimes. He sort of held me in a way that asserted his physical presence - holding my head and grabbing my ass.

I took off my top and he his. He relaxed the drawstring of my pants and loosened his belt. We kept kissing, touching each other's bulges. My pants came off (no underwear), and he removed his. This was one of those exhale moments - to see him standing there in plain grey briefs with the large downwards arc of a semi-erect penis and washboard abs.

He would go from spitting in my mouth to spitting in his hand and stroking my cock or playing with my ass. I got to my knees and started sucking on his dick. He sat on the bed and would thrust forward pushing it to the back of my mouth.

He had me stand up and turn around, I could tell he wanted access to my butt, so I bent over. He kissed my ass-cheeks and licked me a little. He stood up and teased me with his dick, holding me and leaning against my back. I propped us up by placing my palms on the wall. I turned back and we kissed more.

He'd only put spit on us both, so I added lube to my hole. I got on the bed and he guided me down onto my belly. His penis rubbing up and down my ass-crack. He mumbled something I couldn't quite make out - maybe he was saying he didn't want to cum too quickly. He wriggled his head forward and under my left armpit, kissing and licking me there.

I felt the tip of his penis move into position against my entryway. Then he fucking shoved his cock all the way inside me in one single agonising action. Fuck!

I lurched forward and off of him, clutching my backside and and intoning that it was too fast and hurt like hell. But also reassuring him that it wasn't too bad I just needed a couple of minutes. Thankfully no blood, no tearing, as I touched my anus and checked my fingers for pink or red.

In only about two or three minutes I felt okay again and said I'd sit on him to start with. Straddling him I got his cock in my hand and pointed it at the right spot. It had lost a little rigidity but I got it in, no pain. It slipped out of me moments later, deflating.

I totally get that our initial hiccup included enough shock-value to shift a man out of arousal. I tried a few minutes of sucking his cock. Then we stood up, dick-to-dick and kissed and he played with my cock some more. He started to get hard again, but after lying back on the bed with his hands touching me. We didn't resume fucking. He slipped a thumb inside me and jerked my cock for a while, but it was a tiny bit too forceful to be orgasmic for me (which isn't saying much, I don't masturbate much with my hands so most styles would be rough).

Finally he said it wasn't happening today. I drew him onto the bed so I could hold him briefly, kissing his body and reassuring him that now we'd met we'd gotten over the hardest part. He told me next time he'd go slower.

Haha, I mean he is fucking hot and must have a lot of sex so I really wonder - are the majority of men he meets physically capable of being dynamically entered like that? I don't know, but I have my suspicions.

I just tried to keep things warm and friendly as I led him to the door and we kissed twice quickly. He had friends to meet in another twenty minutes. That's all good.

Why do men have to buy into a sexual motif of the top as forceful? I am so gentle when I fuck, so it seems a bit alien to me.


Epilogue: I'm now sitting on a sheet of tissue paper that I'll recheck for any sign of blood. Feeling mostly okay. No matter how many times I replay the event in my mind there is virtually nothing I could do to have steered things in a different way. Laying on one's stomach, unable to see what is happening - I felt pretty good that his teasing was really measured. I had no idea he would just fuck me to the hilt in one go. I guess I will tell future tops, "Please just go easy to start with, let me warm up to you." But at the same time it just seems so obvious.
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