Sex Diary - 14th February 2020

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13th Feb

:emoji_high_brightness: Tall personal trainer (Grindr, his apartment)

Went out and saw a movie with this chap. We held hands a little. I didn't feel any great chemistry or desire, but it was nice to just spend time. He walked me to my car, and then another weird tight lipped kiss. He texted me later to say he enjoyed it and to see how my day was going. I am a bit ho-hum about this one.

14th Feb (As mentioned 11th Feb)

:emoji_blue_heart: Young psych student (Grindr, Restaurant booked)

He made a booking at the perfect place in Parnell. The food was amazing. The staff fantastic. He was animated. Really fun to see in real life versus just a few photos (sometimes it is very much the other way around). We had a few funny things in common that were unexpected. Conversation was effortless. He definitely had some traits of youth that were a bit, hmm, almost erratic. But he was courteous, we shared most of our food, but he doesn't eat pork. Went for a walk. Kissed twice and he grabbed my ass a few times. Just a really pleasant little evening. Will likely hang out again.

:emoji_8ball: 18 year old redhead (Grindr)

Still sharing a few texts, no great progress.

:emoji_high_brightness: Latin true dad-bod ISFJ (50, Squirt, my bedroom)

Been texting with him too, might be looking to meet up again very soon.

:emoji_8ball: Nice arms late forties (Squirt)

Been chatting to this guy over a few weeks. Trying to make a time Sunday to meet him, but I'm hanging with my high school pals for live music in the late afternoon.

:emoji_8ball: Scruffy open relationship (38, Tinder)

See screenshot:


Both Grindr and Squirt offer a range of other potential contacts but both platforms SUCK as contact management apps - it's very easy to lose touch and to forget who is who, who's said what. Gets a bit taxing.

At this point I'm still being a little experimental with the use of emojis - but basically from now on:

:emoji_8ball: denotes unknown potential
:emoji_anger: denotes a fail or bad experience
:emoji_blue_heart: denotes a slight warming up
:emoji_high_brightness: denotes we've had sex with orgasm

The selection of emojis here is pretty slim, but I'd welcome any suggestions to better delineate men.
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