***** SEX IN THE POOL *****

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I enjoy sex, and love trying different ways. Last night after a few drinks we decided to go for a swim nude in the pool, Very private area for us. He come from behind me and put both his hand and my breast. My nipples got so hard and so did his dick. We kissed in the water and did lots of body touching. Yes I did get so horny and wrapped my legs around him. As he entered me we both were ready to fuck, and fuck until we both finished together, With my pussy still wet we were outside of the pool, and with him sitting in the chair I sat on his dick facing him so he could suck my nipples, as I did the fucking on his once again hard dick. Oh it was like being in heaven as the juices come flowing out all over his dick, I love fucking him, and he love fucking me, Its crazy but we love sex and enjoy each other 100%. Quarantine has been fun, with the best part of it is all the sex and fucking many times. He loves my BIG HARD NIPPLES. Check them out guys many in my gallery if you need help to cum. I LOVE SEX <kisses>
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