Size Queen With A Muscle Fetish?

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I've been going back and forth for a while with these kinds of thoughts and I want to just get off my chest. Maybe you can follow along and see where I'm going with this.

So my dick is of great size. Im 9inches long and 6inches girth. In my lifetime I top more because my dick is big and I like that. I love ass fucking. But whenever I bottom I'm always encountering men of great size like me or better. I love a challenge. Over time I've started to grow a fondness with big dick men like me. I've also noticed in that same breath that big dick men like me enjoy playing with dick of great size. I've come to the idea that having a big dick attracts other big dick men as well. Whether it was a hook-up on Jackd, social media, or sometimes cruise (I'm bad at cruising, idk what to do). It feels good feeling a big dick fill up my hole and me relaxing and allowing that big pipe to fill me. I don't take dick a lot. I've been abstinent now for almost 6 months.
I like playing with big dicks because they are so fun to grab, pull, jack, squeeze, lick, suck, bite, slap. The frotting that takes place, and the pictures just look so hot. I don't know. I just feel this way. I don't exclude men who aren't well endowed because they love focusing on me. They still get the same treatment. But my heart, mind, body, and dick get happy when we all see a big dick in front of us.

My muscle fetish started in college. I was a skinny thing. I weighed maybe 115. I started going to my college gym freshmen year. I had no idea what I was doing in there but I started to be consistent and six/seven years. My body has risen to be of a great size and I love the way I look now. I love the attention my body has created and the male gaze I get from men. My body has now become a lethal weapon when naked. But anyways. I have created this obsession with muscular men. I love men who have an adonis greek like body. Defined Abs, Pump Chest, Top Gun Arms, Chiseled and Defined Back, A Firm Ass, and the Quads are shaped and calves pointed. I love a muscle body. I like feeling on them. Visually during sex, it's so fucking hot when you are getting stroked and you see his chest bouncing up and down as he fucks you. Knowing the dedication and work it takes to get and keep the body is what does it for me. It lets me know that you have discipline and a strong will. I wish I could worship a muscle man and caress his muscles and thank him for having a body. Pleasuring him by giving him a hand job and psychologically making him cum through verbal cues.

IDK I just wanted to clear my head


A Size Queen and Muscle Fetish Man!
(check my pics to understand)
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