Still riding natural high from last nights bate, giving into my dick

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Last night I stayed up late tugging on my dick. I should have just gone to bed and went to sleep but I got into a conversation with @otter_pop on Twitter and I just got right into it. I gave into my hard dick and decided to play with him for a bit. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to make a mess. Posted a picture on here and something about the conversations that go on here are a big turn on and some of you guys are fast to react with what I was up to. That just pushes me to a point where I want to continue playing with him.

I edged my dick, for a bit over two hours and made a huge mess, it was hot seeing the conversations/comments knowing you knew what I was doing and wanted to help.

I know that washcloth is still drying out this morning but is going to be crunchy when it’s done drying.

I was not able to go to sleep fast, or stay asleep, but I continued to feel the buzz that comes from working to empty my balls from a hard edging session. The feeling is like that first time you went out late and got head, instead of being ready for the next day. Some sort of excitement.

I stayed up late Friday night and then again last night and was surprised by the amount of cum that came out last night given the huge amount that came out on Friday night. I am not sure how that happened. I am not always used to such massive loads, but two so close together makes me wonder if I just in overdrive or what.

This definitely is a natural high, somewhat like a trance. My mind is not exactly having random thoughts and my mind is not entirely clear or fast but keeps going over these bate sessions. Not sure I have even emptied them completely but will have to try doing that to see if it will help chop him down for awhile. Maybe giving the attention makes it worse but Spring does it to me.
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