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So since the precum blog entry and some of the great comments - I decided to embrace my precum. It seems odd to basically have damp briefs most of the day, but I am getting used to it. The other thing I have changed is when I wake up. So normally I sleep sans anything. I read along time ago that sleeping in the nude is actually really healthy! So now what I do when I get up is to take some time with myself. I love a very light touch with my fingertips or someone else's fingertips so I run my fingertips all over. Gosh, it feels amazing. I close my eyes and try to pretend that I don't know where my fingertips are going next. Of course, this little exercise in self-care creates lots of precum dripping on my belly. In the past, I would have gotten a tissue or towel to clean it off. Since I am embracing this now, I just rub it all over me and enjoy that feeling of the slick substance all over. I have actually awakened in the middle of the night and started touching myself before I fall back to sleep. This entire experience has been amazing - I encourage others to try this if you have not. Maybe I am weird, but I am a happy weirdo! If you like a heavier touch - go for it- whatever makes you feel good. Oh, and I have yet to rub one out due to this. Eventually, the touch is no longer really pleasant I know it is time to stop. Thanks for listening!!! Cheers!
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