talk about "boyfriend dicks"

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do you know what a "boyfriend dick" is?

it's the good-bye to the old fashioned "bigger is better" culture of the last century - now say welcome to the boyfriend dicks age!

i see it as a nice approach to change our minds. in my own case, it helps a lot to think that my penis is somewhere in that range of "just right" which my marriage and 100's of intentional bi-escapades confirm clearly throughout my entire life.

So what's a boyfriend dick? Here's some answers:
  • The kind of dick you can ride every night because it fits just right.
  • His boyfriend dick makes me feel like Goldilocks. It's juuuuust right.
  • a penis you could settle down with — or at least see three times a week. It’s a dick you could metaphorically take home to meet your parents.
  • Boyfriend dick is that perfect size where you could fuck for hours. It’s big enough to be pleasurable but won’t wear you out.
  • With boyfriend dick, you don’t need to prepare before taking it. You can take it anytime, douched or not.
  • "you have a boyfriend dick" is a compliment.
  • I think the term boyfriend dick is a great way of making people with average size dicks get a term that’s not demeaning," she says. "Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, especially in the sack.”
More about bfd, read this article:
It's Time to Kill Off the "Does Size Matter?" Debate for Good

Let's make a mind set change guys!
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