Thanks for the wink ....

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My wife and I have a guy we have been messaging on BiAustralia for years. We have never met him, but after he ‘winked’ us this morning we looked at these pics he has on there, and have decided we need to do that as soon as possible ....

So we messaged him with the proposal below.

We hope he likes it ....



Hey sexy. Great to see your profile again. Your stockings pics are hot. Wondering if you like sleeping with guys and being woken up in the night with a cock pushing into you? Being made love to by a man?

Oh and if you did come here some time for me to fuck in my wife’s bed, we would make her sleep on the lounge, where she could listen to you moan as I held you face down and fucked you, but we wouldn’t even let her watch. She would be able to finger herself tho. We would allow that.

X Hubbi

PS - After I have fucked my Ms. S, I like to just go back to sleep and leave her unsatisfied sometimes. Kinda keeps her in her place. I might do the same to you ... but if you needed to, you could go out to the longe with my cum in you and your cock still hard and fuck your cum into her mouth. She would like that. :)
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