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The other night, I debated on whether I should host at my gloryhole or I should just play with my dildos. I went ahead and cleaned out (douched) because no matter what I decided to do, I know I wanted no surprises. After the cleaning out process, I went downstairs and checked Grindr. I chatted with a few people, but saw nothing promising. The longer I sat there, the less I wanted to finish cleaning up (shower, brush teeth, etc.) before somebody could come over, so I was leaning towards just playing with the dildos.

It has been a while since I have played with the toys, so I brought the play toys storage tote down and arranged them on the bench from small to large. I then got the lubes and poppers ready and picked out a few porn movies to watch and setup the Fuck Machine.

I began with my favorite way to start, the squirting dildo, Remote Cummin Cock. The dimensions are 1.5" circumference, total length 8.6", insertable length 6.6". I always fill it up with some lube so when I press the button the remote, it will squirt out lube in my ass, getting everything really lubed up for the big boys.

For the fuck machine, I picked out a medium-sized dildo, the Cyborg Aftershock 9.25. The dimensions are 9.25" circumference and 7" insertable length. I love riding this one because once I get it in, I can tighten my hole and it makes it harder to pull it out. It is an amazing feeling as it fucks the hole from the inside. It used to take me some time to open up for this dildo, but this time with some lube, a hit of poppers and a little pressure, it slid right in. I have never been able to take it that easily and it had been a while. It felt great.

After a while, I decided to move up to a bigger toy. I decided to go BIG! I have 2 BIG BOYS. One of them is the Cyborg Exploration 10.5 (a larger version of the medium-sized dildo I was using at the time). The dimensions are 10.5" circumference, 10.5" insertable length. But the other one is a favorite of mine, the Hung 12.5 Adult Black, that I got from Amazon. The dimensions aren't listed on the Amazon website but this is slightly thicker than the Cyborg 10.5, so I'm guessing it is close to 10.75" circumference. The sides are much smoother and once my hole can get the head in it, it will continue to slide in until it reaches the 2nd opening. I will slowly turn on the machine and let it do all the work. I will slide down until it reaches the 2nd opening. And then with the machine going slowly, I can feel the 2nd opening open up and then I can slide all the way down this big boy. I will start slowly, but when I know everything is good to go, I will crank it up and the machine will pound that opening.

The biggest complaint I have with the machine is that distance it goes is not very much. I'm guessing it goes about 5 to 6 inches, I really wish it would go a little bit further. But with that machine going full force, it was pounding the second opening nicely. I could feeling it pushing on the prostate which was feeling awesome. I reached over and turned the speed up all the way and it sent waves of pleasure through my entire body. Usually I can only take this for a few seconds before I either have to slow it down or I pull off, but this time I took another hit of the poppers and stayed right where I was and let the machine continue. I didn't want to stop what was happening, so I grabbed the sling frame and held my body up because the pleasure was making my knees weak. The scene on the porn was of a well hung guy with a dick similarly shaped like the dildo I was riding and he was starting to pound another guy's ass on the screen. I took another hit of the poppers and the pace of the guy on the screen was matching the pace of the machine. And suddenly, I couldn't take it anymore and I started to have an anal orgasm. Luckily I was still holding on to the sling frame, otherwise I would have fallen over. But I had to immediately get off the dildo, so without stopping the machine, I pulled off as my dick started pouring out a huge load of cum all over the floor. I collapsed into the chair that was nearby. I caught my breath and I did get up so I could turn the fuck machine off. But as soon as it was off, I did fall back into the chair where I sat for a few minutes.

The scene was still playing on the television screen but I was so out of it at the time, I just sat there and watched as it continued (the remote was across the room). All this did was made me horny again right away. So I decided to give it another go. First thing I had to do was cover up the huge mess I had made allover the floor. It was a huge puddle of precum and cum. I wiped it up with a towel, I didn't want my feet to slip while riding the machine. I put some more lube on the dildo, made sure it was slick and ready to go. I saw that the scene was almost over, but it was so hot I wanted to watch it again. I backed it up to right before the top starts pounding the bottoms ass with his big dick. I took a hit of the poppers and slid down on the dildo until I reached the bottom. I turned on the machine to a slow speed and positioned myself just right. Once I was comfortable, I turned the speed up a little bit and was really getting into the pleasure I was getting. The top was starting to pound the bottom's ass really hard, so I took another hit of poppers and turned the speed all the way up on the machine. The pleasure was so intense, the feelings were incredible and I knew I couldn't take much more. So I took another hit of poppers and grabbed onto the sling frame to hold myself up. The top continued to pound this bottom's ass and the rhythm was close to that of the machine. I took another hit of poppers and all of the sudden a rush of euphoria took over and without touching my dick, I felt like I was having another orgasm. I stayed in that position, enjoying this intense feelings. The top on the screen started to cum and he was flooding the bottom's hole with his load. I reached down and grabbed my dick. There wasn't a second load, but there was precum hanging down from my dick towards a small new puddle on the floor. As soon as the top stopped shooting his load on the screen, I reached over and turned the machine off. I just stood there enjoying feeling this immense dong in my ass with all the intense feelings that were still going through my body. It was incredible.

And then as the pleasure subsided, I got off the dildo, put the bottle of poppers on the table, wiped my hands on the towel and collapsed into the recliner. I was totally exhausted, my hole was wrecked and I still had precum dripping from my dick. It was an awesome night.

The next thing I want to attempt will be The Black Destroyer, another huge dildo I also got from Amazon. The dimensions on this are 16" long with 13 insertable inches. It says the diameter is 2.8", but I think it is a bit bigger than that. I have been able to get the head of this inside me a few times, but I am not able to take more than 3 or 4 inches before it gets really tight. I would love to be able to take it all the way, but that is my next adventure. Unfortunately this has a suction cup on the end and won't fit the fuck machine. That would be really fun when I finally am able to take more of this monster!

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