To shave or not to shave? That is the question.

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Not talkin bout the face, talking down below. I'm not against shaving per se. I do a bit of man-scaping myself but, to my eyes, most guys' dicks look better with some hair at the base and around his balls. Not necessarily on his balls - I shave my own - but nearby. I guess, for me, it just accentuates his masculinity.

Body hair on men is a passion-rouser for me. That doesn't exclude guys with a trimmed bush. I once saw a passable imitation of a Charlie Chaplin mustache that kind of tuned me on.

Away from the groin...a young guy (18+) with some hair on his chest can be devastatingly sexy, particularly if his face still has traces of boyishness in it. It's the contrast, I suppose, that turns me on so much. Add some hair on his legs and, oh fuck, I'm gone!

I don't fully understand why some guys go for the totally bald look at their groin. Perhaps it's because it makes their dick look bigger, but there is a slight risk of looking like a pre-pubescent plucked chicken.

Just my own view, of course. Our bodies are our personal canvas on which to paint whatever we want.

Here are some hairy delights from my collection:

courtesy LPSG member SolidGentleman.

matheus henk 5.jpeg
this awesome dick is credited to matheus henk

The guy above is one of my all-time favourite LPSG posts. Perfection.

young hairy guy.jpg

View attachment 1840392

bearded stud.jpg

cocky boy.jpg

Zane Malik.jpg
Zane Malik (probably a fake)

cock n thighs.jpg
That cock, and those fucking thighs again. Can't get enough of them.

See what I mean?
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