What my Neighbor's See

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I am not shy about showing my body. If you have read my blog posts and stories in the forums you know I am a nude model for artists and students. That has desensitized me so I probably feel less awkward when someone I know sees me undressed than they do. Likewise, when dressed I am not ashamed to show a bulge. I am a man and I have a penis. I think the majority of the population knows that about us guys. I am not blatantly trying to highlight my junk, but don't go out of my way to hide it either.

During this pandemic time my wife and I have spent a lot of time walking. When we stroll through our neighborhood I generally freeball in gym shorts. Some shorts show VPL and others simply show movement underneath the fabric.

I run several times a week also. Then I wear Lycra running shorts that help support the boys and conforms to my body. As I run I can feel my shaft moving so I know others can see it to. For me it is more about my comfort than shielding other people's eyes from seeing something.

Several people in our neighborhood go to the same gym I do so some men have seen me nude and women have seen me in my Speedo or Lycra workout shorts. Several years back my wife, kids, and I went to a nude beach during a family vacation and another family from our neighborhood was there. It's amazing when you raise kids to be comfortable nude, even a surprise encounter like this when they see school friends out of their clothes, it is no big deal. A couple of women in our neighborhood have been in art classes at a community art center when I was posing nude. After their initial surprise, it is fine.

It's very liberating not to be shy about my body. As I mentioned earlier, for me it is about comfort, not about showing off. I am not the type to sit wearing shorts and letting my dick falls out "accidentally" to expose myself. That is kind of creepy.
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