Why We Like Mature Men

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Hello For the first time I write a blog since I am new to this forum where in addition to being able to see, Enjoy and Share information you can create beautiful friendships.

I have a fascination for older men, many times according to psychologists affirm that walking with an older person is a reflection of the lack of a father figure, but I don't think that is the case with me. I find gray-haired men very attractive, men who despite the passing of the years continue to have an attractiveness but not only physical but also something special. Older for me they are from a range of 40 years and older, it is true that youth (18-39) have a freshness but often not special, I love to see in older men who still retain that musculature they created in the years, I love to see when the hairs on his chest lightly peek out from above his shirts or without hair.

women and some other men who think of older men not for a sugar daddy (that's another topic) find them more attractive than young people or I just like them.

I await your comments and anecdotes with the days I will publish stories that have happened to me in real life
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