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  1. My first but miserable sexual encounter was at 19. A young man i was in high school with.
    That is a memory I won't bore you nice folks with. (Ewwwwww)
    I went into the N.A.V.Y. but I lacked the maturity to see it as an opportunity. When i went back home i got mixed up with a real douche bag, that only lasted one year.
    The thing is my mom's religion teaches us to be 'good and obedient' and i wosj now i had been more naughty and happy
  2. I am so irritated that thw supreme court weighs in on seizing property after i lose all my things.
  3. Half a century ago, when I was growing up, i was taught to be a good girl. A nice girl. Nice girls don't let boys touch their pee pees (yes i was 12 when my mom gave this lil chat) I believe its politely referred to as white ribbon nowadays or, in the words of Ron White, we were a little straight.
    My mother applied the 'God hates ugly' strategy with terrifying horror stories of what happens to girls who are promiscuous. (No laughing please.) A lady had the Devil climb into bed with her! (So i was gullible drop it, pre internet.)
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  4. My church group was my shool friends and we were encouraged to avoid the bad kids by all grownups and teens in my little bubble. On tv every show had married couples sleeping in separate twin bedstoo, you only buy a king size when spouse dies.( no divorce, it was unseemly)
    To be continued
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