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  1. It was noon and the Emperor had finished his lunch and proceed to get busy with a few letters here and there. He looked over on his desk to see a painted picture of his Queen. He mournfully touches in and closes his eyes. It's been six years since her death and advisers filled his room with portraits in to get him to remarry or at least take a concubine. He had four wonderful children with one and the eldest is currently training with Lord Katsumaru.

    He returned to his work. He grunted and thought it could wait for a little while since it wasn't important. He takes his sword and expose the golden blade which was purposely forged by Hirokaru by the request of former Shogun Sounkatsu Wataku. It deem the name of Suzaku or the Emperor's sword and it was one of four blades made by the same titanium ore, Hirokaru made the Emperor Daisho from an alloy of gold, copper and titanium. Trimantium. It was precious and like it's sister daisho Byakko or the Shogun's sword which is currently held by Lord Katsumaru. It could cut through anything, Except Byakko. Byakko's blade is made tougher then Suzaku as a symbolic gesture to protect the Emperor.

    The Emperor proceeds to exercise with his blade. Due to the density of Trimantium, it is slightly heavier then Byakko. This did not deter the Emperor to wield it. The weight isn't too much off and he wields it with superb skill. It was perfect for the Emperor to exercise his frustrations. He sighed as he felt much better after the workout. After releasing his pent up energy. He could go back to work.

    He got done when suddenly his 3rd General Ichimaru Tachibana barges in the door.

    "Sir some foreigners have invaded the eastern shores. It is wise of you to stay here. Inaya and I shall vanquish them!"

    The Emperor nodded and waved Ichimaru to take care of the issue. In the shadows lurked his bodyguard. Hirokaru Tsukeru. Being Emperor, he hasn't seen much battle in his lifetime. Only when he was a prince. However he has skill to overcome this. He was trained to have the most accurate and deadly strikes. Solekari was highly accurate with his attacks and anyone who try to fight with him would end up dead. Some call him Eagle Emperor or Phoenix Emperor for being extremely endurant and resiliant.

    He is currently residing at the Eastern edge of Kokurko. A large city named Toyosho that surround a castle. Inaya runs in and catches her breath.

    "They invaded the city! We need to get you out of here!"

    She said. Men barged into the castle. Hirokaru goes into action by slaughtering a path for the Emperor. He took the painting of his wife and runs out with Inaya. Inaya, his 4th General was the first female General in Kokurko. She is what lies between the enemy and her lord. At all cost she fought and killed enemies that attack the emperor. The Emperor himself uses his deadly abilities. For Inaya, it was the first ever that she witnessed him using them. They all become stunned at the Emperor's precise attacks. Inaya runs out first with the Emperor behind.

    Outside were archers to shoot at the two. Hirokaru darts behind and slashes through the arrows and attacks the archers. He then runs behind the emperor. They finally got to their horses and ride off.

    The smell of storms filled the air and the cool wind blows by and cooled the hot trio. Off distance were a unit of men blocking their path. Instead of running the other direction, Solekari glares at them and pulled the golden blade out of it's scabbard.

    "It's only a small few lead by a captain, we can take them."

    Solekari said, Inaya looked at her Lord like he was insane. Of course there are only a few but him willing to ride into battle was insane. She steps ahead going with his choice.

    "Alright. But let me lead you in M'Lord."

    He nodded and Hirokaru covered his other side. All three horses rear up and then gallop torwards the small group of foot soldiers. Only three verses fifty. A cry of battle was heard from the three. The display of courage caused some of them to flee. Hirokaru flys by the unit to catch the cowards. While Solekari and Inaya clash with the few that stayed. A shower of blood fly as Solekari hacked through the people. Inaya also does the same. Both of them then had their blades at the captain. Hirokaru returns covered in blood.

    "Hirokaru. Take this man for questioning."

    Hirokaru nodded and ties the man tightly to his horse.

    "Will you be ok here M'Lord?"

    Hirokaru asked in concern. Solekari nodded.

    "I have to take you to the Capital. Anyways that was a foolish thing you have done! What would Sounkatsu say if he was alive?"

    Inaya said with anger. Solekari nodded and smiled.

    "He'd probably lecture me for that. But then again we would of been killed anyway if we ran."

    He defended. She sighed and thought he was right.

    "Come, we got to keep on going."

    They walked on horseback for ten miles before thunder started echoing the sky. Both were still angry at each other. But what was anger started to turn into understanding. Inaya stops and thought it was a good time to make camp.

    "I hope Ichimaru is alright."

    She said as she was pitching up tents. Solekari who was helping her looked at her.

    "Im sure he is, he's strong after all."

    He said to try to calm her down a little bit. She smiled. He also smiled back. More thunder echoed the sky. Drips started to fall and drips turn to full rain. Both Inaya and the Emperor were getting wet and cold. They both crawled into the tent and started to shiver. Solekari scooted closer to her and try to huddle with her for warmth. She laid her head on his shoulder and he held her head.

    They both look straight at each other. So close, eye to eye they feel each other breathing. They lean forward to each other. Solekari tipped her chin upward and kisses her. Both close eyes as they did. She felt her heart racing from the kiss. She'd always had an infatuation with Solekari and vice versa. However she didn't want the Queen seat. But none the less she gets a little aggressive and pushed her tongue into his mouth. He done the same with her. While their mouths locked his green hues of fire stared into her fiery blue eyes. He laid her on the floor of the tent and moves on top of her. She slips her hands into his royal dark red robes and pulls them undone from his waist. Her hand slips downward and grabbed his groin while it was still in the fundoshi.
    He growled as she gripped him.

    She knew he hasn't had it for years since her sister died. But in all she is glad he still had it. He loosens the ties to her armor and kimono. To expose her body to him. She even aids him by pulling her boobs out of her wrap and pulled her panties down just a little. She slipped her hand inside his fundoshi and pulled out a throbbing hard penis. She strokes down to his testicles to get a grip of the royal jewels. His penis bobs from the squeeze. She proceeds to grip his penis in a tight grip and started moving her hand back and forth. He growled like an animal.

    She then stopped and spread her folds to him with her fingers while her other hand pushes down his penis. He then proceeds to push himself into her. He filled her up and even stretched her a little. As a childless woman she was quite tight. Almost tight as a virgin, but he knew she had lovers. But that didn't matter. He feels her adjust to him. He aggressively pushes into her and thrusts his hips into her. He pulls out slightly and thrusts back into her. Her hands wrap around his back and her legs around his hips. Pulling him as he pushed. Her hands gripped his shoulders and aids this motion. She then reverse her motions against him and increased her pleasure.

    Her hand reaches down and started to stroke him and squeeze his testicles each time he thrusts into her. She threw her head back as he went faster and harder. With each thrust rubs into her spot and each time he hits that spot she moaned loudly. It wasn't long before her body gave into him and started squeezing him and she started oozing with her fluids. The feelings intensify in him. She squeezes his dick hard as he pushed into him. He moans just as loud as she is. His body tingles and tenses up. It wasn't long until his own fluids shot right into her. His cock pumps and pumps. She felt him pump into her. It wasn't his intention. Or hers. He pulls out and pump the last bit into her hand. She then licked the salty gelatinous ooze into her mouth.

    He rolls onto his back beside her. She looked to the side as she intends to marry Takahiro in a month after he comes back from getting water from Temple of Jinkomei. But in all this was worth it. She rolled over to her king and kissed him on the chin. They both dressed up and then gone to sleep.
  2. It was late evening and Katsumaru is in his favorite spot in the tea room drinking his sake and enjoying the evening. His third wife walks in and decides to join him. He didn't mind her company. He loved how she could sit close. Her touches on his body made him feel good and relaxed. She was quite a sensual person to him anyways. She sits beside him and starts to cuddle with him. He held her close and even shared some of his drink with her. Even through his mouth he drinks and then kisses her to share what's in his mouth. Somehow the sake tasted better in his mouth.

    She touched his lips while looking at him in his eyes from his chest. He reaches down and pulls her leg up onto him. Then he reaches down as she reached up and they kissed passionately. She then noticed his cheeks were a little red from the sake. She reached up to touch his hair. She ran her fingers through his soft white hair.

    She gets a little naughty when that same right hand slides slowly down his body. With him wearing only a robe she could slip her hand inside and grab his soft relax penis. She felt a puffy uuh from him as a response. She moved further down and took a handful of his soft scrotum and what's inside it. She gives him a good squeeze. She massaged them and rolls them around her hands. The sensation felt wonderful to him. He closed his eyes and let her massage his genitals. It felt good and quite beautiful to him. She love the fact his breathing got deeper and quicker with the rhythm of her hands.

    She then stops and moves her hand upwards on his body slips her hand to his stomach and chest. She unties his obi and slips his robe aside around his waist. His penis now swollen and hard. She begins to lick his nipples and his stomach muscles. He proceeds to keep his hands back and let her play around. Her tongue gets down to his belly button. But it doesn't stop there. She crawls down backwards and soon enough her nose could smell the testosterone from his penis. She licks his inner thighs and his scrotum. She nibbles and tongue massages his testicles as she gotten them in her mouth one at a time.

    Katsumaru breathed deeply and rapidly from the pleasure. She then licks her way up to his shaft. Her fingers had a hold of his glans. She began to smear his copious amounts of fluids around the glans and his pee hole as she nibbles and licks the shaft. She moves her mouth where her lips are almost around the shaft. She them moves them side to side. Katsumaru then felt a warm and tingly sensation in his lower abdomen. The tingling spreads to his stomach, legs and throughout the body. She adds the tongue to the equation and causes him to moan deeply into his breaths. Her right hands massages and squeezes the testicles.

    As she make him give in to his pleasure, she couldn't help to feel so turned on by this. She takes his right hand and places it on her left breast. She moves her mouth around his penis and soon her tongue began to lick and taste the fluids seeping out of him. Her mouth then takes in the glans and let her tongue circulate around it. She pushes her mouth until the glans touch the back of her throat. She moves outward and then pushes him back in again. Her eyes stare into is as he deeply breathes in and out resisting to touch her. He starts to moan again. The sensation of her teeth grinding on his skin following the warm soft tongue washing his shaft and glans was wonderful. She slaps his scrotum and massages them into her hands.

    Eventually she removes her mouth and begin untying her obi to reveal her beautiful body while the robe hangs on her shoulders. She starts to straddle her legs around his waist to where her pussy is aligned with his spit wet penis. He watches and she moves upward on him. Her legs spread around him. She moves to where she could feel his penis with her pussy. Katsumaru helps her by holding his cock upward to his body and she pushes him inside her.

    He sits up some while staying inside and his legs sit with knees up high and spread out. His arms move around her. She then starts to move up and down his body. He moves against her motions and pushes inside her as she pushes down on his cock. Her mouth was open and taking in the cock going inside and going out. Both Katsumaru and Kasumei began to moan vigorously.

    "Oh man this feels so fucking good."

    He said to her. She smiled as to agree with him. Testosterone floods his body and he moans and groans like an animal. From the inside his muscles push and tense up. He grabs onto her and holds her tight. He then takes a turn and flips Kasumei on her back with him on top of her. He pushes himself back in her and began to pull out and thrust in to her. He sways his hips back and forth with her legs grabbing around his waist. His arms were firmly planted on each side of her. His sweat drips on her from the heat and energy he was expelling. His abdominal muscles push and tense up more. His groin feels hot. As for her she whimpers and moans. His fingers move and touches her clitorius. He massages it against her pelvic bone as he slams into her. She cries out and yelps. He smiles with teeth showing like an animal. She fights back by reaching for his testicles to give them a good squeeze.

    The walls of her vagina began to close around his cock and squeezing him as he pushes in. He groans and growls as those walls clamp down on his dick. His lower abdominal muscles push and contract. He tenses up and she could hear this through his breathing patterns. Then she felt him stop and freeze. She felt his waist and his cock pulse and pump. It pumps the first time a large amount of white viscous fluid squirts into her. He pulls out and he pumps again and again. It flies onto her body. Her hand grabs the glans just before a final pump. The sticky fluid falls into her hand. He then catches his breath as he enters the refractory period.
    She scoops up the fluid into her hand from her body and casually licks herself clean. He watches and touches her soft face. He the rolls over to his side right beside her. He then covers himself up. She does the same and rolls over to him and cuddles.