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  1. I am taking a long vacation from LPSG!
  2. I just graduated from college and moved into an apartment with my two best friends Jesse and Tyler! We all hang out nude in our apartment because we're all more comfortable that way, and we've put up lots of posters of hot naked girls!
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  3. My young teenage cousins and I go to our local community center and show off our erect dicks in the locker room before and after swimming in the pool. While wearing our cock rings that make us fully erect, we shower nude, pee in the toilets while nude with the stall doors open, and wash our hands at the sinks while nude. We take our time while changing in and out of our King Style erector briefs, and in the showers, we soap our dicks to make them reach super high arousal. For swimming, we change into soccer shorts that are slightly see through and that have no inner liner, and we swim in them while commando with our cock rings underneath.
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  4. The King Style erector briefs are great. You all should at least try some. The erector briefs are safe to wear indefinitely; they give you continuous erections throughout the day (fluctuating between erect and semi-erect & beginning a new erection as soon as your dick is only semi-erect), but they won't cause priapism. You can safely wear the erector briefs for 168 hours, which is an entire week. I know this because I've done it before; it was highly arousing and totally worth it, and it didn't damage my dick at all.

    I'm Angel (age 19), and my cousins are Daniel (19-3), Salvita (19-6), and Andrew (19-9). All of us like to hang out while wearing just our King Style erector briefs. We decided to consider Andrew a teenager since he's in "double digits," so that we can include him in all our naughty boy activities.

    The erector briefs have a small sizing, so Andrew fits into the 28-32 inch size even though his waist is a little smaller than that. His dick and balls don't fill out the pouches yet, but he is totally able to fit his man parts into the underwear, so he insists on wearing the erector briefs in order to be just like his big brothers Salvita and Daniel. Andrew gets lots of dry erections, and they are so cute.
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  5. I am in college, and I wear King Style erector briefs as my regular underwear. They show a slight bulge by secretly keeping my penis in a natural, erect position. I have worn them for a couple of years, and they have done a great job of supporting the growth of my penis by giving me frequent erections. They always keep me erect or semi-erect while stretching to accommodate my penis, and they often give me well over 60 full blown erections in a day! Another advantage is that my girlfriend thinks they're hot.
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  6. In college, I often wear the King Style Balls in One Erector Briefs. They house your balls in a mesh pouch and hold your penis erect in an upward tubular compartment. Sold at International Jock, they leave a comfortable bulge. Underneath jeans, it's also not obvious that I am erect.

    Only my younger cousin knows that I wear the erector briefs. He found out about my erector briefs when I took him swimming this summer. While putting on our swimsuits, he saw my erector briefs and asked about them. When I told him that the erector briefs were a special type of underwear designed to keep boys erect, he said that he wanted some, so we ordered him some in his size from International Jock. Now, he likes to wear them a lot. He told me he feels like a big boy to wear the underwear I do.,8358.html