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  1. Once there was a big outdoor MMA event and the organizers ordered several paramedics to monitor it in case someone gets hurt. I signed up voluntarily because I was pleased by the thought of checking young and muscular men’s bodies – this was quite something different than daily duty involving a lot of internal ailments of mature people. I talked Chris, a 35 year old gay colleague, into it. Chris was a bit shorter and smaller than me, but very fit and very hairy and a barbell piercing was decorating his right nipple. Even though he shaved daily he had stubbles whenever I saw him, which kind of turned me on. We needed a third guy to accompany us, because each station had to set three people. Luckily none of our remaining (straight) paramedics wanted to do that event so I was able to invite Mike. I knew Mike from paramedic school but he served in another district. Mike was 19, tall, lean, blonde and smooth, not exactly my type but after sharing a room with him during school and certain ‘urges’ we ended up sleeping in the same bed and realized we were matching sexually quite well.

    So there we were: three gay paramedics (though no one else knew) were watching half nude guys wrestle and fight on dusty ground all day long. The smell of sweat and the palpation of those men, did quite some job in giving us some boners. When the duty ended we still had to clean the ambulance and I joked with the guys about making it even dirtier before finally cleaning up again. Mike answered with a fat grin: “I thought you’d never ask!”. So I drove the ambulance to a deserted parking lot near a forest.
    When Chris and I entered the back side of the ambulance Mike was already laying on the barrow still wearing his uniform. He looked at us and said: “I think I need an ‘intubation’.” while grabbing the buckles of our belts. Our pants dropped revealing our hard uncut dicks and as we were playing with our nipples and nibbling on each other’s neck he started sucking both of us.
    After a while I told Mike: “ok, it seems your mouth is fine, but I need to check your other body parts, too. And as you know: No diagnosis through pants, so undress please!” and he replied: “I’m shy! Just if you undress, too, but keep your uniform jackets and boots on!” So we did as he asked and while Chris got his cock worked on by Mike’s mouth again. I was palpating and rubbing his body until I reached his hips and hard 5 inch dick. He wasn’t exactly big but standing at attention all the time. The picture of naked Mike sucking on Chris dick made my mouth water, so I started to suck Mike, too, while palpating and circling around his anus. He tried to moan but his mouth was full of Chris’ package.
    Judging by the amount of precum oozing in my mouth he really enjoyed that I worked on his backside. “I need to examine your anus and prostate further, so please turn around!”, I ordered him and he obeyed and swapped onto his knees giving me a great view on his hole. Almost naturally I started to lick him and stick my tongue into his twitching hole.
    I lubed him up with that intubation lube, sticked my finger in and was massaging his prostate. Mike instantly began to moan even louder while still sucking Chris but Chris said: “I think you need a bigger tool than just your finger. Let me take over!”
    Chris got to his the other side of Mike, climbed on the barrow and started fucking him. I pressed my face to their backs and swapped rimming both of them. Chris almost screamed: “FUUUCK if you don’t stop I’m gonna treat him with some sperm injection! I don’t want to be first!” and popped out of Mike. “your turn! Do as I learned you!” so we swapped positions. Chris did a great job loosing Mike up, the butt felt incredible and I began to fuck him a little rougher while Chris guided my strokes with his hands. After a while Mike moaned: “This feels so good but I think I’m the one to cum first if you don’t stop!” so we swapped again and Chris leaned back to me grunting “I need backup!” bending forward over Mike exposing his hole. I accepted the invitation, climbed up, too, and began to fuck Chris who was fucking Mike.
    Chris unloaded with a loud moan into Mike while his whole body, and especially his hole was trembling. I did some last strokes and injected Chris with my cum and on my final stroke Mike added his onto the barrow.

    We cleaned the mess up before arriving at the station again. The boss came along and asked: “Weren’t you supposed to be here again two hours ago?! And oh wow, that ambulance is dirty (though he meant dusty), just like the three of you. Seems you had a lot to do there.” I repeated suppressing a grin: “You have not the faintest idea. We were late because there was so much to examine and treat!”. He answered: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear. I’m having the other shift, shall we clean the ambulance for you?” and Chris replied: “Nah, it’s okay, we aren’t in a hurry, we’ll do it.”

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  2. It was a relatively mild sunny day in fall when I finally turned 18 and as my birthday present my family gifted me an Accord Type R – man I really loved that car and the sound and vibrations of the powerful engine were electrifying. During the whole day at school I couldn’t think of anything else than driving. Anywhere. Aimless.

    I was so focused on it that I skipped the last 2 lessons of that day. It was just arts anyway and I was already finished with my drawing. So I hopped into the car and drove. At first I was just driving across country roads but when I passed the “Autobahn” sign I felt like I needed to test it.

    After about an hour I had to take a leak, so I stopped at the next rest stop. The area was inside a forest so the whole theme was rather gloomy. There were trucks parking at the left side and the restroom cottage was in the center. When I approached it I realized they had the urinals in a separate room. Even though it looked and smelled pretty clean there was a lot of graffiti on the walls with various personal ads, various numbers and sexual offers. On the left there were 3 urinals in between a relatively small wall. I chose the center one as both the left and the right ones were pretty close to a wall. I really had to piss so I just let it go and meanwhile I was reading those ads. They got me a semi.

    I wasn’t finished pissing when another guy entered the restroom. He was slightly shorter and but still quite muscular, about 45 with his naturally black hair slowly getting grey. He was stepping next to me and unzipped. I was still fascinated by those ads and when I got to those at his side I realized he was checking me out. I instantly looked down at my own urinal. I was fully hard now, which was turning me on but was also kind of awkward but then I realized he wasn’t pissing at all. In fact he was playing with his boner. He wasn’t really hung, a bit smaller than average and a dark powerful bush was around his cut dick. It was fascinating me and when my glance on his pole was maybe just a bit too long he slowly moved his hands towards my crotch.

    All of a sudden the door opened and we turned back to our urinals when a third guy entered. He was way taller than me, lean, blonde. Older than me, sure, but I’d say he was still in his 20s. The whole day was so exciting I was still hard, and couldn’t lose the erection either. So as that guy stepped to the other urinal he caught a glimpse on our hard cocks. He turned towards the walls and just unzipped and presented his smooth cut dick. He was a bit longer but not by far, maximum half an inch but at the same time also a bit thinner than mine. The older dude reacted and grabbed my dick while I was grabbing his. We then got closer and jacked our cocks side by side while also moving our shirts up and the pants down and heating each other up. After about 10 minutes our cum was just shooting everywhere almost synchronized.

    I was still perplex with this whole situation when the older guy grabbed his pants and got some tissues out handing both of us one. I was rubbing some cum – and I really couldn’t tell which one’s it was – off my dick when the younger dude told me with an American accent in English: “you missed some here” and wiped my face with his tissue. The older guy laughed and answered in AE accent: “oh and here, too!” and wiped my belly button. I thanked them and we left the restroom and headed to our cars when I just turned to them and said: “thanks guys this was the best birthday present you could’ve made me!” They laughed and congratulated me.

    When I took a seat in my car I realized that I just had a quasi-threesome. On my birthday. In a public restroom. With 2 American soldiers stationed at our city. I was grinning all the way back home.
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