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  1. Cum, Baby! (a short, short story) | LPSG
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    Goodbye to all of my friends and the list is too long to list each one of you here; you know who you are.
    Because of my difficulties standing and walking, I am devoting most of my time for now to extensive exercise. My very close friend Allan S. will represent me for now and will keep me posted on what is happening. If any new pictures should arise, he can post them for the present.
    Thanks for your love and support for 13 years. I love this site and each one of you!:heart:

    Bye for now,

    Update: 3/29/19 Am juggling my walking, biking and swimming times a bit to allow me a small window of time on site daily to answer pm's and other exchanges.:)
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  10. They tell me basque9 will be 85 on October 4, 2017. Tell me truthfully, surely this is not so. The man has more the demeanor of a young stud ; they say, he is hung and he chases after the young. It can not be so.There must be some mistake in calculation. Why only yesterday he married a young French beauty and they had their daughter , ah yes, Nicole. Nicole was the belle of Paris. Sadly, yes, they did divorce and there was that terrible scandal that he was sodomizing Mr France, but that was only yesterday and no one in Paris could prove his guilt. Those awful reports that those sordid little film cannisters of a man fornicating with himself and other men and even performing auto fellatio were never proven to be of his making, were they? Anyways, basque9 was a true man of science ; they say he was destined to be the first man to the moon. Did he make it? That was just yesterday wasn't it. They tell me basque9 is going to be 85; I can not believe it.

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