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  1. Hi Ya'll :)

    i won't bore you with the whole story.. In (very) short, my dad has always been a HUGE comic fan (not marvel and dc things btw!) and (at that time)had 800+ often hard covered comics and as a kid i could "dream away" in them for hours ans hours..
    at the age of 12/13 i stumbled on a collection of about 250 comics i didn't know he had. the reason why was pretty obvious.. ;-) . the are HARDCORE pornographic often having "pervy/kinky" story lines, but nice artwork! the serie is called "de zwarte reeks" and the publisher was sombrero. "de zwarte reeks" wich translates into "the black series" (more or less..not a native english speaker here as you might have noticed reading my txt haha).

    ANYWAY.. that started my love for XXX comics and got LOADS (on digi format!! ..)

    anyone out there who loves them 2 and wants to see or trade
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  2. BB69Ds First Cock

    This story is totally true!

    I sucked my first cock when I was very little and at summer camp. All the other boys had big hairy cocks and I was the last one with a teeny hairless weenie. One guy actually bragged about fucking his girlfriend. I didn't know exactly what fuck meant, I had been told, but didn't really understand. I kept my mouth shut, because I was embarrassed.

    One day at the lake swimming, a lot of the boys were joking with a counselor about fucking and "jacking off". When we were alone, I confessed to the counselor that I didn't even know what "jack off" meant. I don't think that I had ever even heard the term before. The counselor offered to show me what it meant and I eagerly accepted his invitation. I figured that he was an outsider who could tell me what I wanted to know, and none of my friends would ever know I didn't know!

    It was a coldish rainy day. We went to the rifle range way back in the woods where there were thin mattresses on a wood deck under a roof. My counselor told me to drop my swim trunks. I did. He told me to step out of them. I looked down and they were around my ankles so I just stepped out of them. I was completely naked! He was wearing only Speedos and this HUGE cock came springing out when he lowered them. I was startled! I said "Dang!" (Really). It looked like more cock came popping out than could possibly have fit in those tiny Speedos. It was gigantic!

    He was a full-grown adult. His cock was enormous and he had pubic hair and tight, hairy balls. He showed me the stroking motion of jacking off. He had me do it on his big cock. I remember feeling how smooth the skin was and the way it moved along his thick hard shaft. He stroked my cock too, but nothing happened. My cock was as small as it could get. I hadn't entered puberty yet and I literally had a hairless little baby’s cock. He said he thought he saw it getting a little bigger, but he was just saying that. He told me that if I jacked off a lot, it would grow really big.

    He told me to put his cock in my mouth, so I did. His cock was so huge that the head would barely fit in my mouth. I remember how warm and smooth it was, it was actually hot! I remember the feeling of my tongue massaging the underside of his cockhead. I stroked his shaft like he showed me, with just the tip of his cock in my mouth. It filled my mouth so full it couldn't move in there. My fist wouldn't fit around his shaft. I remember how wet and shiny the purple head was when he finally took it out of my mouth.

    We laid on top of each other with his cock between my legs. He told me that was what fucking felt like.

    I sucked him and he sucked me but I stayed limp. He was huge and hard but didn't cum in my mouth.

    I think he started getting the feeling he was doing something wrong, having sex with a little boy, because he suggested we leave.

    I remember how cold my wet swim trunks were when I put them back on. I was wishing I could stay naked, it was nice and warm with no clothes on, and my damp swim trunks seemed freezing! I thought about sucking him more... but I got dressed and walked back to my campsite and tent.

    Today, I am a total bottom. I love to suck cock and be assfucked, but I don’t particularly like being sucked or fucking. My dick still stays limp when sucking cock or being assfucked, but when a big hard cock goes in my ass, I usually start cumming right away, My cum just flows from my little limp weenie instead of shooting. Also I have long continuous orgasms that start almost as soon as someone starts fucking me. I think they’re like a woman’s orgasm, but I can't be sure... Many times, while being fucked from behind, I’ve been surprised to look down and see a long string of cum flowing from my little cocktip all the way to the bed (or floor), like a long single strand of a spiders web! My anally induced orgasms feel so incredibly good!

    Being assfucked makes me salivate a lot too. Cock in my ass makes me need cock in my mouth. I just can’t help it! I love sucking cock, I love making cocks all wet and shiny and feeling them get hard and making them cum in my mouth, and I love making the guys all excited! Cock is the perfect creation, warm and rigid, hard as steel, but at the same time as smooth and soft as velvet. I love the taste and the feel of a cock in my mouth. I like kissing and licking and sucking the smooth soft cockhead and the way the soft skin slides over the bumpy hard shaft! I like to take the whole shaft of a really long cock down my throat and just suck with my nose in his pubes! Nothing smells as good as cock! I feel like I can smell his cum inside! Almost every time I see a cock, I end up trying to suck it. I want to make all cocks shoot their jets of cum into my mouth and ass!

    It is perfect for me to be on my hands and knees with everybody’s cocks level with my mouth and ass. I want it to be convenient for anybody and everybody to put their delicious cocks in me anytime they want. I love the feeling when my ass is up in the air and somebody else's hands are on my hips, pulling me back as they thrust forward, shoving their big hard cock inside my wet ass, then pulling it almost all the way out, and ramming it back in, as hard and as deep as it can go!

    There's nothing better than a hard cock! Nothing! I love to feel cum shooting in my ass. I like the wet feeling of cum dripping between my butt cheeks after a long hard fuck session, it makes me want more cock in my wet cummy ass! I also like it when a man pulls out of my ass at the last second, shoves his throbbing big wet hard cock in my mouth and shoots all of his hot cum down my throat!

    I like laying on my back and my lover is holding my ankles in his fists, lifting my legs high and spreading them far, far apart as he stretches my douched anus wider and wider as he repeatedly plunges his monster meat all the way to the hilt inside my ass! I love to feel him hammering my hot hole with his huge hard throbbing hot cock, ramming my ass with his thick meat as hard as he can! I like feeling my hole getting stretched as a big long thick fat cock pushes inside my gaping ass as deep as it can go!

    I also like to just be used, when a man throws me face down on the bed (or on the ground, wherever he happens to be fucking me) and holds me down by pressing across my back with one forearm while he pulls out his big hard cock with the other hand. Then he keeps laying on top of me and putting all his weight on me and holds my arms so that I can't move as he roughly shoves his cock in me any way he can get it in. I like when he fucks me as hard and as fast as he can till he cums. I don’t care about anything, except his cumming as hard and as fast as he can. I even lift my ass so he can fuck me deeper! I like that he holds me still so that I couldn't get away (even if I wanted to!) After he fills my ass with his thick load of creamy hot cum, he pulls out and leaves me laying exhausted, and sweaty and cummy and panting and breathless. Maybe he rolls me over and puts his dripping wet cock in my mouth and makes me suck it so he's nice and clean. Then he puts his cock back in his pants and just leaves and leaves me laying there.

    One of my favorite things is to lay on my back on a bed or on a table with my head hanging over the side, my mouth at cock level and being mouthfucked. I love seeing between his legs, holding an ass cheek in each hand and watching his balls sway as he thrusts his hot hard cock into my mouth and down my throat!

    I shave my ass every day and keep it smooth and clean and douched and ready to be licked or fucked or both. Many of my lovers have told me that fucking my ass is better than fucking any pussy they’ve ever had! I don't really need my cock and if I was a woman, I would be a slut in a short skirt and no panties, sucking cocks and being fucked in my ass and mouth and pussy all I could!

    I can never overemphasize how much I love cocks and cum. I need cock in my mouth and ass all the time. There is nothing better on this planet than a hard cock cumming! Nothing!
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  3. KakE COLLECTION #26 Oversexed-Office

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  4. ToF. cops edition #10 cops for you!

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  5. 3x - kopie.jpg 45[1] - kopie.jpg 63-28 - kopie.JPG 68-12 - kopie.JPG art_0110[1] - kopie.jpg art_0111[1] - kopie.jpg
  6. Hey there dear LPSG friend!
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