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  1. So I posted earlier about the Superbowl party I'm having. Some friends came over -- mostly manly man types but there's a couple "queens" here, as they prefer to be called.

    Anyway, we made a bet. If your team wins, you top. If your team loses, you bottom; or if your team wins, you get to choose. If you don't have a team but you're just there because the Patriots aren't playing, you also get to decide.

    Anyway, my team lost so.. I'm going to be taking it up the ass for the first time. Knowing this group of guys (some of them are new and we just met hours ago) we'll be flip fucking all night lol but yeah I just wanted to quick get on and mention this because I'm not out and so this is the most daring thing I've done, being on this page. None of us are as angry about our team losing as we would be haha because we're excited about what we're doing instead of watching the postgame show. It's hot seeing so many hard dicks in my living room and everyone talking sports while they undress.

    If anyone wants to hear more later, I can tell you how it goes lol. Just wish me luck. My hole is tight and I'm pretty nervous.
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  2. Me and the guys are hanging out. We decided to make it a little more interesting this year. If your team loses, you bottom. If your team wins, you top. If you're just there to have fun and you aren't cheering for one team specifically, you can do whatever. The reality is, regardless if someone's team loses or wins, knowing some of these guys (some of them are new friends), we'll be taking turns playing vers. ;)

    Happy Superbowl Sunday y'all.
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