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  1. My dilemma, If (and that’s a big “IF”) a good looking worked-out guy ever appeared to be interested in me...I kinda have to assume he’s probably imagining that I have a big dick, which is not the case. I know I shouldn’t assume; but when I see a good looking guy, when my brain creates that mental picture, it doesn’t just naturally slap-on a small gives him a moderate to big penis. So I think it’s a fair assumption that a guy would be hopeful and expect that I was hung.
  2. I think my cock size has led me down a path where I’m somewhat afraid to have sex...the whole act is just high anxiety- getting naked, exposing myself, worrying about performance, and will that person tell someone else about my lack of size. Online I’m this faceless, small-dick black guy...real life I have a face, a small-dick, and I don’t want anyone to know about it. Folks say “it’s a non-issue, shake it off, not that important”- Okay, I’ve tried...but there’s always something that comes along and triggers it...just reminds you that you’re not the ideal size. Then you’re back at square one, feeling not the best. So Ignoring it doesn’t work, feeling bad about it sucks, and accepting it- for some reason is just not an option.
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  3. Every day or anytime I handle my dick, there's always this ever present feeling that I've been robbed of something. You'd think, I'd have to have something in order to miss it; but that's not the case. In a way I know it's selfish or spoiled to feel like I should be entitled to something. We all get what we're given. Some days it just hits you harder, like it's a cruel joke.
  4. I'm mad that my dick's not enough...You Lucky Big Dick assholes- you suck.
  5. F* you that the front of your underwear looks so full and heavy.
    F* you that your dick can touch your navel.
    F* you that your dick is thick as a wrist.
    F* you that you can wear a watch on your dick.
    F* you that it won't fit in a TP roll.
    F* you that your dickhead's the size of a doorknob.
    F* you that you do Penis exercises-you're dick's big!
    F* you that your dick is as big as a: cable remote, beer can/bottle, soda can/bottle, sports bottle, water bottle, vodka bottle, wine bottle, Shaving cream can, air fresher can, Pringles can, or banana.
    F* you for jerking off using your whole hand or two.
    F* you if there's enough room for a third hand. Lol.
    .F* you that I cannot NOT look when your huge dick is flopping around.
    F* you and your "mindfucking" abilities when you show-up another guy.
    F* you with your egos, your confidence, and your "who gives a fuck" attitudes.
    F* you that you get SO much attention because of it.
    F* you that you get gifts, perks, and sex because of it.
    F* you that you're admired, adored, and worshipped because of it.
    F* you for setting the bar so high, to where I'm viewed as a joke and less of a man. Ha.
  6. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for you hung guys, but some days you can't help but to think...Fuck you-you lucky Sob's! Ha.

    F* you that your dick hangs so big.
    F* you that you can use two hands or self-suck.
    F* you that you have a big bulge and a big soft dick
    F* you for making lockerrooms and showering a stressful place.
    F* you that you get the reactions you get just by pulling it out.
    F* you with your amazing big dick pics and vids.
    F* you for having large boners that pipes down one leg or lay across your thigh.
    F* you that being big is just a normal everyday thang for you.
    F* you that society, and damn near everyone, seems to adore and embrace your good fortune.
    F* you that it's such a desired quality that lacking it can mark a person instantly undesirable or undateable.
    F* you, that you don't fit regular size condoms.
    F* you that you have a definite and undeniable advantage when it comes to having sex.
    F* you for sleeping with folks and turning them into Sizequeens/kings
    F* you that YOU got a big dick...and not me. Ha.
  7. I think one of the most depressing truth is knowing that I will never be able to stir up that specific rush of arouse in someone...that excited, amazed, eyes big, heart racing rush from seeing a big dick. I can spend my free time browsing sites, pics and vids, and experience that rush looking a hung dudes. But the fact is: That level of visual sexual stimulation- that's just a level of attraction that I'll never possess. It really can give you that "being lesser than" feeling. For the most part, My dick's not gonna make girls wet or guys bone up, like a hung guy's could. It's not gonna draw an audience of admirers, or inbox full of emails, or numerous chat requests. My dick is good at making things uncomfortable...sexual situations, nudity in general, other
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  8. It's embarrassing, frustrating, and I must be ashamed of it as much as I try to keep it hid. Folks seem to always assume, or are obsessively hopeful that's like I'm false advertising without doing anything- a walking billboard for BBC (and not the British station). Those brothas who are hung must luv it. Basically it's like the bar is set so high, that sexual attempts are doomed before I get started. Who would want to be known as the exception to that rule, proof that all black guys aren't hung-It'd be like being the poster child of some new type of erectile dysfunction...SBDD-small blk dick disorder. So I'm definitely not gonna be that nude guy parading around in the gym locker room. On some level it kind of alienates you, where you feel like your not society's standard of a "true" black man. Do I care what society thinks? No. Is it affecting my sex life? Yes.
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  9. Accepting a shortcoming is not always easy....I've gotten thru being short and bald/now shaved head...but being smaller endowed is way harder- maybe because its not a public thing where you're forced to face it and cope/adjust. I hide it in my everyday life...and just like any shortcoming- you tend compare to other guys...and I just don't feel "good enough". It tends to effect my sexual confidence- and I find myself opting out and not even trying to have sex with anyone. So what are others doing to get past this? Is sph the way to go? Or just live in denial- tell myself it's not important...until I run into a hung guy and reminded how much a lack of size bugs me. Honestly between a big one and a small one, who wouldn't choose larger. So maybe that's it- choosing is not an get whats there- nothing more, nothing less. What's the secret when you have a smaller size, that gets you to accept it and finally be happy? Go out publically and tell folks I'm on the smaller side, haha??!
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