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  1. ME

    I've always been an analytical person, even when I was a child I could see and understand people only by observing them. People often say that I'm kind, smart, cute, communicative, sweet and bunch of these kinda compliments, never realized that this would bring me some new experiences in the future, though I'm very curious I'm very reasonable too.
    I was chubby but always positive, till my 13 yrs and even tho and Idk how, people find me attractive lol (my self steam is always up and down but mostly down). Had a lot of older and mature guys trying to hook up with me, teachers, parents friends, work superiors etc. But it really happens with guys at my age too... never thought that I was the one causing them to look at me with that predator look on their eyes :D
    I am... was very innocent with these things cuz I still like girls their pussies their breasts the way they stare at me makes my heart race but now I have a deep feeling for men too...
    My family is religious so its not a thing to talk with'em about this, but the feelimg is growing and I really wanna make out with a man too you know?!
    I mena it sounds ridiculous that a guy like me with all I am at my 21 years hadn't sex yet, yes Im VIRGIN, 1st Im scared 2nd Im nervous. Recently I had a mens hand touching me and it felt so fucking good, I really want more...
    I feel like I'm cheating myself cuz I never thought this things existed like being bissexual, but now idk anything at all. I wanna be top and bottom for men and I really wanna fuck a chick this is so surprising!:joy: never thought I would be capable of feeling it...
    Wish I had someone to talk with :pensive:
    Jeezz I'm sounding depressive but I swear i ain't I'm just reflecting. Hope this gives u a glimpse of how I really am :kissing_heart:
    Ps. Wanna receive a BJ so hard these days :p
  2. When I was a highscooler I had a bunch of sexy manly teachers, it was pretty surprising at the first day cuz my Geography teacher had us all doing greetings and our presentations like whats my bame age and all that stuff.
    I got nervous cuz he was shaking the hands of the boys after the presentation and hugging the girls, my class started their presentations individually one by one till it was my time one of the lasts to introduce myself, so I played my role and I sat down in my chair, he walks toward me and hugged me tightly as he was rubbing his dick on my shoulder, but okay I was sat down so it wasn't really that awkward (besides I never knew that someone would be attracted to me).
    My friend Ana called me out and she said " hey lucky one, he hugged u as he was horny!:p" and then it really hit me like "maybe he likes me". This was the first signal or not, that he liked me cuz Im not sure till today lol !
    We played a lot together, like we had our own jokes Im an artist so I drew him.
    At my second year the thing got serious he got really horny at the classroom I could see his dick clearly, he was looking at me like "Im gonna eat u" I got a hardon too cuz he was looking at his bulge and then he was looking at me. He ran to the bathroom right after this!
    Few weeks later we students were on exam week so we entered pretty early at school and left almost at dark. One of these days I had to go to the bathroom cuz first now I was feeling horny (as a normal male teen I got a hardon out of nowhere) and I needed to pee, he saw me going to the bathroom and shouted my name, I stopped in front of him with a hardon and I quicly thought to keep going, so I did,I went to the bathroom and for my surprise he followed me, I entered the stall and closed the door,pissed but I didnt empty my balls, cuz I was pretty scared ( idk why I shut the door till today) but he walks to the urinal and took a loong time to start pissing, when he got it he started to whimper out loud and moan like he was fucking somebody, we were alone at this bathroom so he was pretty confident.
    I was feeling so hot my heartbeat raced so much, we drove to the balcony to wash hands he stared at me and his HUGE bulge, I almost touched it as he whispered my name, (I confess that I almost fainted cuz he is so beautiful so manly and his voice is just wow) I didnt shoot my shot so I was REALLY in need to release it, I walked towards the exit and he grabs my arm, stopping me, but then he let me go, I walk out of the school drenched in precum with my brain melting cuz he made me fall in love with him even more.
    This is a true history of my life, I never knew that I was attractive, till today I still cant believe that there are really nice people trying to hook up with me its so awkward to me:D:p but now I guess I'm getting used to it :heart_eyes: Hope u guys enjoy !
  3. I was going to my internship(work) it was about 10 and a half I was at the bus station with a high thighted pants( I was horny af, my dick was hard as rock) did the signal to the bus and I got in, I always sit at the end of the bus cuz Im tall and my legs wont fit normal sit so yeah... put my backpack on my right side cuz I was sitting on the left side(window).
    About the middle of my normal trip this guy comes to the end of the bus too (detail the bus I take is usually empty) and sits on the other window, I was listening my songs at the time and my feet started to move with the beat, I guess he understood that as a signal and he come one sit closer to me.
    He spreads his legs wide open and starts to touch his crotch, I never done that in my life ( jerking off someone else's dick) so I got really nervous... but I drank my whole water bottle trying to calm down my dick was so hard, I was leaking so much, and when I thought ot was over, that I had take control of my own body, I (without thinking straight) called him out like: "get over here!" He made a hand signal like "wait" than he set right next to me.
    He started to touch my dick (with such a strenght that it was hurting md and my cock always stays over my left leg and he was on my right side so..) I without thinking started to tease his cock that was big af I could feel!
    Than once the bus got to a bridge I opened my pants and let him pull my cock out, he took it so desperately, he wanted to milk me( and I wanted to shoot so much) the was like " cum for me" I couldnt hold his warm strong hand stroking my dick so roughly yet passionately than I started to whimper as a pervy ass boy like "oh fuck im gonna cu... ohhh !!!!!" Made a total mess!...
    Couldn't realize that he made me that and didn't want me to make him cum too.
    I had to get out cuz I had reached my workplace and as I get down from the bus he looks at me with a sassy pervy smile on his face like a mean Monalisa.
    We took the same bus for a whole week after this but we acted like we didn't know eachother!
    But now I cant find him anymore...
    It was my first "time" with someone else ever, and everytime I think about it I get hard af!
    Ps. He was a very cute man around his 35 yrs, green eyes, big arms, rough hands. And I still want another encounter or with him or someone else like his age or older, but now I want a man to suck my balls dry this time! Who's up for this??
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