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  1. I am back posting so a few new guys asked about my size given my recent postings. I guess not everyone has "access" to my photos. So I am posting my accurate, not photoshopping or cheating measurements. This is pretty revealing . . .


    At least 6 inches in length:


    Although often I think with hang and all I am even bigger:

    _aaa_soft n2.jpg

    And close to 6 inches around:

    I generally say that I am 6 x 6 soft. I get alot of comments in person about my size soft.


    I am 8 legitimate inches in length when erect:
    (not the "8" is visible; it is not hanging down over the head)


    I am a solid 6 inches around in girth when hard:


    I am told that in some photos it looks bigger:

    lpsdg_photo biggest1.jpg
    But I have generally not measured above 8 to 8 1/8" since I was at least 15.

    So this is very personal and revealing info. Would love your feedback, questions or comments. AND be bold enough to share your measurements and photos. DM me
  2. 4AF3D89C-6FBD-41D4-AA5F-84E92DECD5CB.jpeg so whenever I talk about my size soft (see entry no. 46), I get fun comments about comparing to guys hard.

    I love hearing/talking about it. Since I’m at least 6 inches long soft and close to 6 inches around soft, I do wind up being bigger than a lot of guys hard. Here in college I have (unintentionally) humbled a few guys who realized I was as big or bigger soft than they were hard.

    My buddy @runstoprestore has done a photo to make this point:

    I’d love to hear reactions, thoughts, challenges, your experiences b
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  3. So...a long over due follow up to post no. 45.

    Background: To remind people, I had four job interviews on campus. Two were by companies that selected me. Because this is America, damnit!, two were forced (required) to interview me in order to be allowed to interview the other candidates they wanted. Think of it as "job hunt/little league" where everyone gets to play. Hey, don't yell at me. I did NOT invent this game; I just play it.

    Those who want me. Well, as you might expect, the interviews with the two companies that actually wanted to interview me went great. Great questions; asked for my views; got along great. Nothing weird, sexual, odd or surprising. I felt really great.

    And those who didn't. Well, it turns out that forcing people to interview someone they don't want to interview isn't the best way to create collective harmony in the job sphere. The first "required" interview was a disaster. Old dudes who had no use for, much less interest in, me. They were rude, arrogant, condescending and dismissive. It was awkward and unpleasant. The only thing that bugged me was they acted this "process" was my fault. Nonetheless, I was nice and pleasant. You never know, right? (Actually, I did know. I got a rejection email the next morning prior to 8 am PST).

    But then . . . Depressed after that first "required" interview, I went to the bathroom (on campus interviews are in the Career Center, third floor). There, I stood next to a really hot guy. You could tell he was well built, about 25 and neatly groomed. I didn't know if he was a student (seemed a bit too old) or an interviewer (seemed a bit young). But in any event, his eye caught mine and mine caught his. He looked over the stall divider and widened his eyes upon seeing my dick urinating. I liked that...he was clearly impressed with my size. I checked his out...cut but small to avg from the looks of it. He finished first and grabbed my butt firmly; and said "I will find you." He then walked out . . . . I finished, zipped up, washed my hands and went out but he was gone.

    I then noticed that I apparently had been very turned on by the public encounter with him and my bulge was much, much more noticeable. I realized I had about 60 seconds to get to the next interview and buttoned my jacked and headed to the interview room.

    Best for Last--Interview No. 4: So I came in, shook hands with the two guys and sat down. Some introductory BS took place next. Then I realized the following: My jacket did not hide my crotch when I sat down. My bulge was very visible and to the side because of what had happened. And one of the interviewers had a clear shot of it all!

    Bulge Background: I think this is known from my blog and photos, but I am pretty big soft. So I have to place my dick a certain way to obscure the bulge. Top avoid the "log down the leg-style bulge," I have worn briefs since around 9th grade. Me showing the "log bulge" I got with boxers (it would snake down the side):

    I have posted a few times on this subject. I am bigger soft than a lot of guys are hard and that has generated alot of comments and emails. I'd love to hear more about that. Let's say you're 5 inches (not bad, average right?) well this is how we compare:

    lpsg_comparing sizes.jpg

    So to get to this point (bulge discretely obscured):


    I have to jam this damn thing (I told you I was big soft):


    into a pair of briefs and stick in down and under:


    You can see that the waistband actually pulls out a bit due to the bulge.. This is because it does create a "ball like bulge:" If I turn to the side, you can see it:


    and then over that bulge, you jack up your pants lol:


    And that is how I was for the first three interviews. This is the suit and briefs I wore. Photos are from the morning of my interviews. I looked professional. Discrete. Non-sexual.

    But the bathroom incident messed up my careful placement. I do not have a photo of how I looked but here is another different one of me showing what I looked like. At one point, I noticed the ridge of my head was visible.

    lpsg_why I switched to boxers.jpg

    Oh right, this head:


    My head is embarassing big and the ridge can show in almost anything

    Back to the interview: So one guy, who was mid 30's was staring right at it. I was a bit self conscious but afraid to do anything to call attention to it. I could tell he was looking at it but I couldn't adjust it. He was a bit tongue tied in all of the interview while the older guy just basically asked meaningless questions. Because, after all, I wasn't their pick....

    Codicil: I told my roommate what happened and he laughed. He said that if anyone could get a callback based on their dick bulge, it would be me. And, sure enough, he did email me. No, no job offer but did say he would love to get together for a drink and hear about my "career plans." We have since texted a bit but what does the group say: do I meet up with him?

    Oh...and no, I wasn't hard. This is hard. bbb11.jpg
  4. Well, first rounds of interviews are done! See Blog Entry #44.

    It goes like this: I had four interviews. Because this is America, damnit, you get two interviews were the interviewer chose you and two "forced" matches. It is sort of like Little League where everyone gets to play.

    But i dressed my best and went forward with America's greatest parlor game -- the job interview. So what I wore:
    _z_suit copy.jpg
    I thought black was stylish....I am interviewing for part time at architect firms so I have to show some flair. . .
    Now, this is LPSG and not Homme Vogue so I know what you're wandering ---- so, what about:
    Well, I dressed conservatively, wore briefs and packed it down. Like this---
    You can tell from the side, I am sort of packing it in there:
    _z-side bulge.jpg
    I worked hard to not show anything overtly too noticeable. So nothing to the side. Placing it to the side makes my bulge stick out and makes it look like I am hard with a normal size erection:
    And, of course, up is not much of an option:
    You say I am fudging? Passing off a hard on as me soft? Ha! I wish. Compare with the real thing:
    DSC02669.jpg DSC02670.jpg

    I got carried away.... so the for the two interviews where the employer chose me went well. They were excited; asked lots of questions and my interests/skills/work habits and I got to engage them in their business and vision. Bam! Went really well. I think I a dazzled them in my cool suit. LOL. Nothing sexual or weird.

    Then came the first employer-mandated interview. Two old (white) guys. They did not care for me; did not want me and could have cared less. Hey, if I want that kind of rejection I will go to a sorority party. Man, it was awkward and painful. I was depressed when it was over.

    I went to take a leak before my fourth interview . . . another employer-mandated one that I was dreading.

    And . . .now jump to Entry #46 for the finish up of my life the interviewing student.
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  5. School is great. I’m in a five year architecture major. Summer is around the corner and I need that coveted internship/job. I have to do some on campus interviews today. One reason I’m up early. I’m a bit nervous of course.

    My roommate teased me, “Did you put you have a big dick on your resume?” Ha ha. No, I did not. But it did get me wondering....maybe I should dress accordingly:
    And then give hem a side view (a guy once commented that I “stick out past my hip.” I never thought about it that way but I guess I do):
    And if no one notices? Just play it straight up, ha ha:
    Anyone ever got hard in a meeting? How’d you handle it?
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  6. So someone sent me an email saying "tell me something new and unknown about yourself." I liked it! I get into talking about personal details from my anonymous perch here. If we sat down for drinks face-to-face, I could never say this kind of stuff! But, here it is fun. And I love the deeply personal or even highly intrusive or even embarrassing questions or comments!

    Note: It is slightly different from SPH or you short guys who get off on confessing your, er, hum. "shortcomings." You guys get off on letting me know how small you are (particularly when compared to me) but my personal revelations are not necessarily intended to be bragging (if that makes any sense). It is just that I never got to talk to anyone about any of this until this site. The ability to be free, share my darkest/sexiest/craziest thoughts and questions is fun/liberating/exciting.

    With all that pyscho-babble in mind, here are some new, never-before-told details about me. Your challenge is to (a) comment; (b) question and (c) reveal.

    New No. 1: How old was I when I got to my present size? 15. After I got back from wrestling camp one summer (where I got teased a bit about it), I actually measured myself fully erect. I was basically at my current size (it did get a tad bit thicker). I was about 5' 6" in height and was wrestling in the 132 weight class. Did it look big? Yeah, in retrospect, very much so. At the time, though, I was simply trying to hide it and avoid any embarrassment. It is when I switched to wearing briefs to avoid the "hanging log bulge" that boxers gave me and was struggling to learn how to handle the "over the waistband" boners. This can be hard to hide:

    New No. 2: What do I jack off to? This grew out of my question wondering whether guys were jacking off to my photos. I got some great responses (the smaller guys in particular). So, for me, I am currently focusing on four things: (i) measuring photos on here (big or small) -- for some reason, these just get me off. (ii) videos on pornhub with guys comparing or big/small combos (I envision myself in the middle). (iii) guys with great abs flexing. (there are tons of muscle guys my age or thereabouts flexing and showing off their abs; the amateur quality and nature really gets me going). (iv) DickDorm and HazeHim videos. Enough said.
    01.jpg 07 (1).jpg _me saw abs.jpg

    New No. 3: What is something sexy I have done recently? What is something embarrassing? Sexy? Easy. I get fully erect; point it up (over the waistband of my underwear and pants); be somewhere with a guy and lift up my shirt while standing to reveal several inches of hard dick. Better than having six pack abs! lol. Guys love it. Something embarrassing? I was with a guy in his dorm room on his bed and he was jacking me off. I said "Oh shit, I am going to cum and he pointed it away towards the room. I came hard and it flew far enough to hit his desk and some books he had there. He was super pissed and I was super embarrassed.

    Yeah, this shit will show if you let
    DSC00621.JPG 01.jpg 0723090340.jpg 07 (1).jpg DSC02174.JPG _me saw abs.jpg
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  7. One fun thing for me on this site is seeing comments about my or getting asked personal questions. I enjoy discussing very intimate, personal stuff and I think the reason why is because I don't have any real close family.

    So here is your chance to ask me anything -- no matter how personal. You can message me or do a comment here. Here are a few to get you started:

    Question 1: What is your dick size? Well, I am pretty open about this. I typically say 8" x 6". I know I am right lengthwise . . . place a tape measure on top of my hard dick and you always get right at 8":
    me measure2.jpg
    But recently in a few photos, I wondered if my girth is actually 6" or slightly under:
    _b length3.jpg
    But look here:
    _b length4.jpg
    So I think I can say 8 x 6.

    Question 2: What's it like being that size? There are many advantages to being so hung. Guy's expressions when I drop my pants is still fun . . .particularly if I am bigger soft than they are hard. How would you react if you didn't know and I dropped my pants and you saw this:
    There are downsides. Clothing/pants fit when you're this big soft.

    OK Ask away
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  8. Until I started messing with guys, I wasn't really sure how I compared in terms of my cumshot. Did I shot far? Not very far? A lot? A little?

    In high school, a guy told me that guys with "small dicks" shot the farthest because it "didn't have as far to go." He was unaware of my size (it was 11th grade) but it made me wonder. He said "big guys are dribblers." I wasn't sure because I didn't really "dribble."

    Anyway, by college guys had begun to comment that I had a pretty powerful cumshot. I usually -- but not always -- shot father than the other guy. So, I wanted some feedback on my typical cumshot.

    Number of "shots." I posted my "best" video (11 solid spurts, several hitting my face and constant dripping of cum in between each sport). If I must say so myself, it is a pretty impressive display. BUT I am not tossing out 11 spurts every time lol. I am usually about a 5 to 7 spurts sort of guy. Two nights ago, a friend jerked me off and counted 9. Three hit my face! See (red arrow, green arrow and yellow arrow)
    _b face1.jpg
    So, how do I compare in terms of number of "spurts?"

    Volume: I tend (as my video shows) to have long, thick "strands" of cum. Also, I tend to leak considerably in between shots. So, I think the volume is pretty big on my part. I get these big cum splashes on my chest or shirt. See? The arrow shows the distance/splash:
    _b spurts.jpg

    Distance: Ok, so I can hit face lying down . . . so 2 to 3 feet at the farthest . . . .How does that compare? I hooked up with this guy in college who could easily double that . . .it would go so far if he didn't block it with his hand. It was really crazy. He was about 5 inches long.

    Leaking: For whatever reasons, I am a perpetual leaker. No matter, I am always leaking....I me _aaa leaker.jpg ntioned how going OTWB left a pre cum spot on my t-shirt in now you know why
  9. The thing about briefs and size . . .there is no hiding it. That's for sure.

    I learned that in high school shortly after I switched. Oh sure, the "hanging log-"style bulge fostered by boxers that made me so self conscious was now gone. But new issues arose. The basic challenge? How do you hide this in briefs?
    Interestingly, I did experiment with placing my dick up; down and to the side.

    Placing it up was simply not an option. Even soft, it would literally reach out over the waistband. It was actually a bit comical. So, when you get a hard on, doesn't it touch or even peep out over the waistband of your briefs/underwear? So, well what if I am close to (or even bigger) soft as you are hard? Well, then even relaxed I am in the same "bulge" state as you. No joke:

    Like I said, placing it up isn't very feasible:

    That's soft. How big soft? Well, I verified that. 6 "ish" inches (can be a tad bigger) soft in length. But the interesting part is that I am really thick soft. Here are the measurements:

    But what is interesting about me soft is the "width" and "girth:"
    DSC02608 (1).jpg DSC02609.jpg
    So, soft I am like 6" x 5.5 to 5.75". Not bad for soft!

    You can see why I had this "log like" bulge with boxers in school. At least briefs prevent this thing from hanging down the side of my leg and creating the "log" bulge in boxers:


    BTW, I'd really love to hear from you if I am bigger (or the same size) soft as you are hard. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. But, I can tell you that being this big soft can present clothing fit challenges.
    Now hard? It becomes comical:


    My friend who saw me one morning in that state, started calling it "going OTWB." (As in Over The WaistBand). If you could go "OTWB," you were a stud, lol. He was the first guy in school who really ever said anything about my size. But it was in a joking way. You were "normal" or you could go OTWB.

    So back to the briefs issue. How to place it? Up doesn't work. To the side? Ehhh...creates a definitely visible bulge. Funny, some guys mistook it for me being hard. So it wasn't very practical. To my right:
    And to my left!

    You say. . . wait . . aren't you hard there? Uh, no. This is hard:

    Yeah...quite a difference huh? It goes full "wrap around" as a guy once said to DSC00863.JPG me:

    Not so easy to hide huh?

    So, I opted with cramming it down (and under). This definitely hide the bulge about as well it could be but did create sort of a "tennis ball" bulge. An example:

    Two issues with this though. It made my crotch hot and sweaty lol. And getting hard was a mess. I would have to re-adjust and point it up and then let it extend over the top of the waistband and then hide it a baggy t shirt (which I often wore). The worst? I would have pre cum and and a small wet spot would appear up on my t-shirt. I was so mortified . . . Once, a guy in class thought I had drooled on myself. Little did he know that his fellow sophomore class mate was hiding an 8 x 6 hard-as-steel erection that was dripping pre cum in algebra class!

    Maybe though would have made him drool!

    I'll post more soon
  10. I am back. . . Occasionally I am asked about wearing briefs. Admittedly, I am a bit rare -- a college student who wears regular white briefs. The short answer is part anatomy and part Mom. You pie and a loving Mom and a perfect family?...

    The anatomy part -- Like most kids, I wore boxers. But between 8th and 9th grades, it became, how do I say this, awkward to do so. Not to brag too much, but my growth was rather prodigious at that time. While on this blog I have detailed my size down to the 1/4 of an inch, back then I was far more self conscious.

    Boxers gave me this large, uncomfortable bulge down the right side of pants leg. It was very noticeable when I sat down. I was petrified anyone would notice. So, as embarassing as it was, I asked my Mom to buy me some briefs but told her they were for wrestling. They were Jockey brand (see in the photos) and they helped control the bulge. I pointed it down and under.

    So that is how I got started with briefs -- my own anatomy and my Mom.

    Attached Files:

  11. After a violent and abusive relationship, I am back.
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  12. After a violent and abusive relationship, I am back.
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  13. Sorry for the disappearing act. Crazed family; school and a few misadventures caused my absence.

    Three things:

    1. Private Tumblr is up. Email me if you want in. I'll send password. You have to be cool...this tumblr shows my "progression" from freshman in HS to now...and a few encounters along the way. So, you have to be able to not complain about that. It contains some very intimate and private confessions. And, of course, it talks a lot about size.

    2. I spent the last two months in a "relationship" with a nutty, size-obsessed guy. It was a very different encounter.

    3. I have a new roommate. No sense of size yet but I am on the hunt. As for me? I remain a straight 8.
    me measure1 copy.jpg
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  14. So, I did my Dallas entry but totally did not realize that @vapar8tx was in Dallas. Man, I would have loved to compared with him. BUT my crazy-assed Mother and drunk step father insisted I be with with every waking second And it was HOT! The temperature. Unfortunately, it was a short trip and my crazy Mom wouldn't let me go anywhere. But there were a lot of boys at DFW wearing gym shorts and wha not and you could make out bulges. Two guys I spied on while waiting for luggage:
    _a bulge.jpg

    Man, I wish I had gotten to see @vapar8tx the boy is hot and he has been sending me emails and comments, which are very hot.

    First, he is really long:
    But also muscular:
    He likes jockstraps...which I occasionally wore in high school. I have some singlet photos I am posting on my blog from my high school matches where you can see my jockstrap lines. Him in a jock:

    But whats so hot is how he talk size to me: His most recent posting:
    vapar8tx Today at 11:05 AM

    Add me you kill me in girth.

    Would love to see that tumblr.

    Your new bulge vids walking are so hot.
    I love how he acknowledges I have better girth. (And I do). But also he sent me some measuring photos. You do that for me, and I will definitely so anything for you!

    @vapar8tx You're hot! Sorry I missed you in Dallas. I was in some place called McKinney(Sp?) And it was hot! Next time, we gotta hook up and compare. PS: what are the sizes like down there?
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  15. Three new things:

    1. Blog will be up....I know, I know! I keep promising that. But I loaded up so much that I hit my daily upload limit so I have had to build it over time. If you said you wanted in and told me your size, then don't worry you WILL get an invite. It's a fun mix of me and friends and sexual encounters and whatnots. Oddly, I found some photos I took of myself as a freshmen in HS. Damn was I skinny! Lol. And big. Even I was surprised how big it looked then. I added them. I hope that's OK.

    2. Shout outs over Size. Thanks for being so willing to share/talk/discuss size. So, far, I have meet guys ranging from 3.5" hard to claiming 9" or more. (At sizes 6" and above, verification helps and is a big turn on). I have really enjoyed answering size-related questions and comments and hearing about guys' reactions to mine and how they feel about theirs. A shout out to @hot showers who is upfront about his size and likes to compare his not-as-small-as-he-thinks 5 incher.

    3. Big D Trip. So, I had to make a trip to Dallas, Texas. Why? Well, my idiot "step father #3" is from there and wanted to take my lame mother with him on a trip. For reasons I do not understand, my Mom suddenly got maternal and insisted I go with them. Like after 20 years of bad mothering and and an endless stream of bad husbands and worse boyfriends, suddenly we are going to be the Brady Bunch with Weirdo Step Dad (literally, loser #3). But I am a nice person so I decided to go.

    Damn dudes. What is in the water down there? Check out these LPSG killers:

    @Humiliter01 showing a perfect shaped and very long but also rather thin dick


    But don't despair. If Girth is what you want, Big D has it aplenty.

    I think we all agree with @ThickIsGood 's name and he definitely shows us why:


    But boy this guy really shows what Big Girth is all about
    For starters it is as thick as his hand:

    OK so now we are all wondering, how thick? And he answers that:


    So we are close but he says he can get up to 6.25" when fully hard. But to give you some sense of his extreme
    width. Look how he can cover a Altoids can....
    Just how wide is that? OVER 2"


    What about his length? Well, he is BP at a tad under 7" so I am going to guess 6" to 6.5"? Your thoughts?


    He definitely has a "fuck stick" (6X6). Not quite my length; but as this comparison photo shows, we both sport decent bulges from a certain POV (although I am think I am bigger)


    By the way, Dallas appears to be a hotbed of briefs lovers and bulge showers. Here is @dallaswhitebriefs showing his soft dick and that side bulge I love so much:

    _a7-1.jpg _a7-2.jpg

    There's more if you interested....
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