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  1. I chatted the other day with a guy on Grindr that I did not recognize. Seemed like an okay guy at first. He was very good looking in the picture and his profile looked good. But the longer the conversation continued, the more red flags I saw.

    At first he talked about how he could never meet a guy that he had met online. But then he kept complaining about how people found him unattractive. I realize everybody has their own tastes, and I like to make my own decisions. And then he went into great detail about a guy he had over and how hot this guy was. He had the perfect body. He did send me a picture of the guy, and he had a nice body. But then he told me how he kept messaging this guy every time he saw him online. Then he told me how the guy had blocked him.

    After chatting for about 15 minutes, I finally realized I knew him. About 20 years ago, he tried to pick me up at the local gay bar. At the time was when I was dating my 1st boyfriend. He was disappointed that I wasn't single at the time and he stopped acknowledging me when he would see me at the bar.

    A few years later, we ran into each other again at the bar and I let him know I was single. He let me know that he was interested and gave me his phone number. A few days later, I saw him online (probably AOL at the time) and made plans for me to go to his place. We never did discuss what we were going to do or if it was a booty call. But I went over to his place at the time we had discussed. I knocked on the door, which he opened and told me that it wasn't going to work and I needed to leave. I never made it inside, I never even got a hello. I was pretty pissed off, so I blocked him.

    All of the sudden, I realized how messed up this guy is and I couldn't get out of the conversation fast enough. Each time I saw him online after that, he would message me. At first I was polite and would chat for a minute, but finally I had to block him. The problem I am having now is he seems to delete his account after a couple of weeks and then he creates a new one. And then the messages start up again.

    Have you ever dealt with a guy who just won't go away???
  2. Just a quick post about last night. I wasn't planning on doing anything, but Otter messaged me and wanted to know if he could come over. He went from coming over once every other month to wanting to come over once a week. And with his beautiful cock, I don't mind him coming over.

    He shoved his cock through the gloryhole right after he arrived. It was still soft and had a slight hint of his musk. But as much as I wanted to suck it, my mouth went right to his balls. I have learned that he loves having his balls sucked on for long periods of time. So last night, it was all about sucking his balls. They are big enough that it takes some effort to get both in my mouth. After I had sucked on them for about 10 minutes, it started getting easier to pop them in my mouth.

    After about 30 minutes of working on his balls (with the occasional quick suck of his dick to get his precum), he asked if I wanted to try something. I asked what he had in mind and he told me to lay on my back. So considering this was still through the gloryhole. I spun around on the little stool I have. I had my head hanging out the gloryhole cut out of the sheet and I was holding on to the sling frame poles that hold the gloryhole up. With that, he started "tea bagging" my face. I must say, this is the first time I have ever tried it. I enjoyed sucking on his balls more and having him rub them on my face. But I could only stay in that position for about 10 minutes before I had to stop. Next time I need to try using the bench.

    But I worked on his balls for about 60 minutes when he asked if he could shoot his load on my face. I told him that sounded fun. but I still wanted to taste his load. So he started giving me a facial and then I put my lips over his dickhead and caught the last few shots of his cum.

    I know he really enjoyed it because about an hour after he left, he told me that was super hot and he horny again thinking about it. I told him he is always welcome to come over for a repeat. He said he will be back over very soon.
  3. I first met W, about 15 years ago. One day I stopped into a new adult bookstore that was located about 30 miles away from where I live. This bookstore had been built by the owner of the bookstore I had worked at before. He had gotten into a financial problem and ended up selling the old bookstore to a corporation. He took the money and built this new one. It had about 20 movie booths, 2 of them were private and the other 18 had big gloryholes between them. There was a huge movie selection and the place new so it was super clean.

    So on this particular day, when I went into the booth area, I noticed the only guys back there were a couple of regular guys. These are the same regulars that frequent the adult bookstores in my town. They don't bother me and I don't bother them. Since I had worked for the owner, I knew he was really big on not having guys stand around in the booth area. So I went into a booth (with a big gloryhole) and put my money in the machine. I flipped through the movies until I found one that looked really hot. I undid my pants and was playing with my cock while keeping it in my pants.

    After a few minutes, my cock was rock hard. I had pulled my jeans down a little bit and was jacking myself. But not knowing who or when somebody would walk into the other booth, I kept underwear tucked right under my balls so I could easily tuck my cock back in if necessary. After a few minutes, I heard somebody come into the booth next to me. Knowing that most of the guys will look through the gloryhole to decide if they want to stay or not, I made it obvious that I was playing with my cock but I had turned my body so the most they could see was the head of my pierced cock. When I heard them put money into their machine, I looked through the hole to check them out. This is the point that if I don't like what I see, I zip my pants up and find another booth. But when I looked through the gloryhole, I was surprised to find a younger guy, with a nice body and that his pants were down exposing a really nice cock. So I put more money into the machine to make it known I was interested. He then added more money to the machine and he then turned towards the gloryhole and pushed his cock through. His dick was a little over 7" long but it was super thick. I got down on knees and started sucking it. I grabbed his balls and pulled them down as I was busy sucking his cock, going all the way down. I had sucked on him for about 5 minutes when he pulled his dick out of the hole and motioned that he was wanting to suck my dick.

    When I push my pierced dick through a gloryhole, I am always cautious. Sometimes the piercing can turn a guy off or scare them (and yes, I have had a guy run out of a booth while screaming like a girl when he had seen my pierced dick). But sometimes it really turns a guy on, and this guy seemed to be really turned on by it. He gave me one of the best blowjobs I have ever received. He was pulling on my balls, running his tongue over the piercing and then sucking all the way down to my balls. He was good! I could only let him suck it for a few minutes because he was going to make me cum and I wasn't ready for that yet. So we took turns sucking each other's cock, only stopping each time we noticed the other guy was getting close to cumming. We did this routine for awhile until I felt him stop sucking my cock. Not sure what he was doing, I didn't pull back because he had kept jacking my cock with his hand. It felt good but not as good as his mouth. But I then felt him spit on my cock and work his saliva all over my cock. And then I felt him back his ass on to my cock. Damn, he had a nice tight ass that felt so good. I fucked him for about 10 minutes, but it felt so good it was making me get close to cumming. Since I wasn't ready yet, I had to pull out. I think he was disappointed, but when I motioned for his cock, he put it back through the gloryhole. I sucked on it for a second, getting it really wet, when I turned around and pushed my ass down on his thick cock. So instead of trading blowjobs, we started taking turns fucking each other's ass. This lasted for a little bit until I didn't pull my cock out in time and I ended up cumming in his ass. As soon as I shot my load and pulled out of his ass, he turned around and pushed his cock through the hole. I couldn't resist that thick cock, so I gave him my ass and he returned the favor by shooting his load into my ass. That was a very hot gloryhole experience.

    I left the booth area and walked to the front counter to get the key to the bathroom. After I got the key, I was walking towards the bathroom which was located back towards the booth area. That is when my gloryhole buddy was leaving the booth area. I knew it was him because I recognized the shirt he was wearing from seeing it through the gloryhole. He was maybe 10 years younger than me and a hot lean, muscular body. He also had premature gray hair, which gave him a young but very mature distinguished look. He was very handsome.

    He recognized it was me and got a big smile on his face. He was headed towards the bathroom, so after I unlocked the door, I held it open for him to join me in the bathroom. As soon as we closed the door behind us, we started making out in the bathroom. He is definitely a hot guy. He introduced himself, said his name was W and I told him my name. I told him that I had to take a leak and he said he did too. He asked if he could join me, so I said Sure. I unzipped and aimed at the toilet (which the piercing came make it difficult). He came over and joined me. His pee flow started first (I can get pee shy) but when mine started up (luckily it was aimed perfectly at the toilet), he reached over and held my still half-inflated cock. Not wanting to miss anything, I did the same to his cock. After we were done, we shook each other's cocks before we put them away. We made out for another minute before he said he had to go.

    A few weeks after that encounter, W messaged me on gay website (AOL,, A4A, etc.) We chatted for awhile and I learned that he was a bartender at the local gay bar. I went there a few times and noticed that he was very popular with the younger guys. I saw many hot guys flirting with W, some even flashing their dicks or ass at him. I also learned that W spent a lot of time working on his family farm. I think that is where he got his hot muscular lean body. But our sexual routine, which happened about once a month, was we would message each other and then I would go over to his place. At the time, he lived by himself a few blocks from me. We would always take turns sucking each other's cocks, switching each time we would get close and then we would change over to anal sex and take turns fucking each other.

    Eventually, I met my current partner and my time with W came to an end. I didn't see him again until about 10 years when I ran into him at a different local adult bookstore. He still looked really good. Same lean muscular body, his hair was really gray by now. He still looked really hot. I noticed him right away, but it took him a minute. I could tell, because all of the sudden he got a big smile on his face and nodded towards one of the booths. We jumped right into our routine, just like we always did. After we both came, he said thanks and he left the booth. I left right behind him and when I got to the parking lot, I saw him drive away. He had a nice car and it had a very identifiable bumper sticker on the back.

    I hadn't seen him for a few years, but one day I headed towards that bookstore and saw that same identifiable bumper sticker on that same car. Hoping to have some fun with him, I was going to look around the booth area for him. This bookstore kept the booth area very dark and since I just came in from the bright sunlight, I was temporarily blinded. I just stood at the movie selection display while I waited for my eyesight to return. While waiting, I noticed it sounded like nobody was back there. So after my eyesight slowly started coming back, I quietly walked around, checking out some of the booths. There were lots of dark corners, and I didn't see the trash can as I barely hit it with my foot. It made enough noise, that suddenly I heard tokens drop on the other side of the booth area. I walked over there to see one booth with a red light on (which means the movie is playing). This booth had a gloryhole, so I went to the booth on the other side. I looked through the hole, but they had a channel on that wasn't playing anything and the screen was black. It made their booth very dark and I couldn't really tell who it was. But as I was looking through the gloryhole, I got a glimpse of them standing up and their pants dropping down. I know he couldn't tell who I was because I always keep the movie selection on that same channel that was a black screen. No lights on my side either. Suddenly I saw W's dick coming through the hole. I sucked his dick and it got fully hard. The gloryholes in this bookstore are on the smaller size, in fact, they were just barely bigger than W's dick. The gloryhole was restricting the bloodflow to his dick and it was acting like a cockring. It actually made his dick a little bit thicker which made it impossible for him to pull it out. So I sucked on him some more, got it really wet and then backed my ass up to his dick. He wasn't expecting that and let out a moan of ecstasy. I worked his dick with my ass and it didn't take long until he came. After he came, I got dressed and watched his dick as it slowly deflated. As soon as he pulled it out of the gloryhole, I left my booth. I stood in one of the dark corners where I could see the entrance/exit to the booth area and the bookstore. I watched as he left his booth and went directly to the exit.

    A few weeks later, I went back to the bookstore and saw his car there again. This time, I went directly to that booth and sure enough it was occupied. The problem was the adjoining booth was occupied too. So I waited, and when the other guy left, I went in and looked. This time, he had a movie playing so there was some light in the booth. I looked through the gloryhole and saw it was W. I motioned through the hole for him to stick his dick through. He didn't do it, but he did motion for me to put my dick through. So I stuck my dick through and he started sucking it. After a few minutes, I pulled out and tried to get him to stick his dick through. He still wouldn't do it. He was only there to suck. Basically, when I go to a bookstore, I want to do the sucking. If a guy is hot, I will let him suck my dick so I can suck his dick. But I really don't let a guy just suck me dick. I want to do the sucking. Since he was only sucking and wouldn't let me suck his dick, I left the booth. I was in the booth area for probably 3 hours that day, I sucked plenty of other dicks, but he never left that booth. I did see one guy stay in there for about 15 minutes. I am guessing that W sucked him off. But every other guy I see go into that adjoining booth, they would leave after after a few seconds. Towards the end of the 3 hours I was there, I heard the lock on the booth door that W was in. I quickly ducked back into that corner where I could see the entrance/exit. W left the bookstore.

    Over the next few months, I noticed he did this a lot. I would go there, see his car, find him in that booth and he was only sucking dick. I let him suck my dick a few times, but he would never stick his dick through. It was then that I realized I didn't have my PA ring in when I went to the bookstore. So the next time I went there, I made sure to bring my PA ring. When I saw his car, the first thing I did was go to the bathroom and put my PA ring in. When I went to that booth, I didn't check to see if somebody was there, but I could tell somebody was waiting. So I dropped some tokens into the machine, found a movie, dropped my pants, got my dick hard and stuck my dick through the hole. Once again, I could hear that moan of ecstasy noise he makes when he was excited. He was going to town on my dick. I let him suck it until my time had run out on the machine. This time, I grabbed more tokens out of my pocket, then I sat down as I put the tokens in the machine. I saw him lean forward to look through the gloryhole, but I put my finger up to the hole and motioned for him to put his dick through. So he stood up and pushed his dick through. This time, he let me suck, but when he pulled it back through, I noticed that the gloryhole had been enlarged just a little bit. It was now bigger than his dick. We exchanged blowjobs a few more times when I decided to see if he would fuck me. So I bent over and put my hole up to the gloryhole. Sure enough, I felt the head of his dick enter my ass. He fucked me and then a little bit later I felt his rhythm get sporadic and his dick start to spasm. After he came, he pulled out and I turned around and stuck my dick back through. This time, he started sucking it again. I just let him do his work and didn't pull out as I started to cum. He swallowed it down. This time I waited in the hall until he exited his booth a few minutes later. He smiled as he thanked me and I did the same. He told me he would see me again as he left the bookstore.

    I think we hooked up 2 or 3 more times at that bookstore until the hours at my job changed and I couldn't go to the bookstore at that time. A few years ago, when I started hosting at the gloryhole setup at my place, I started using Grindr for most of the hookups. I noticed that W was on Grindr and actually lived pretty close to my place. I've chatted with him a few times, but I never once told him who I was. When I did send him any dick pics, I made sure I send him the ones that didn't show my PA. He is always curious, asking many questions about my gloryhole in particular. But never curious enough to show up. I'm sure part of the reason is because my profile says "I'm only interested in sucking and getting fucked. No recip necessary."

    Last Friday, I was super horny all week and when I got home from work, I signed into Grindr. W sent me a message within a few minutes. He asked the same questions again. But this time, he told me he was very horny and very curious. I asked what he was interested in and he replied he wanted sucked and an ass to fuck. I told him that if he came over, I would gladly offer both of them for him. He asked when and where, so I sent him directions and told him to show up at 8pm. Sure enough, at 8pm, he said he was on his way. He came in and before he even had the front door shut, he had pulled his sweats down and his dick was hanging out. By the time he walked over to the gloryhole, he was half hard. It didn't take long for me to suck him to his full erection. By then, I grabbed his balls and went all the way down on his dick. I did this a few times before I did it again but held my mouth all the way down. As his dick was being held in my throat, I worked my throat muscles around the thick dick head. I felt him stick his hands through the gloryhole and grabbed my head. He then started fucking my face. He could only do this for a few minutes before I could tell he was getting close and he would pull his dick out. After we repeated this about 5 times, he told me he wanted to fuck me. So I turned around and he started to finger my hole. He got it really wet and then I felt that thick dickhead start to push against my hole. I took a hit of poppers and it opened my hole enough for him to push in. He worked it slowly, back and forth. He kept this up until he pushed it all the way in and held it there. I could feel his pubic hair hitting my ass. I took another hit of poppers and then he really started to fuck me. He grabbed my hips and began pounded my ass. This made me moan and I started to jack my cock. At one point, he reached down and grabbed my cock. His hand found my pierced dick head and once again, I hear that moan of ecstasy. And with that, it only took a few more pumps before I could feel his thick dick swell up and start to spasm as he shot his load inside me. As soon as he pulled out, I turned around and he had kept his dick in the gloryhole. I tried to suck the remaining cum I could see hanging from the tip of his dick. But he was super sensitive and he jumped backwards. I thanked him as he pulled his sweats back up and left.

    I hope to hear back from W really soon. But if not, I am sure we will run into each other soon enough.
  4. All day Tuesday (Election Day 2020), I was a range of emotions.
    I was excited for the election to be coming to an end.
    I was anxious for the end of Trump's dictatorship to get closer.
    I was nervous of another 4 years of
    And most of all, I was just exhausted from everything.

    When I got home from work, after having to listen to Fox News drone on all day (not by my choice), I did not want to hear anything else about Trump or Biden. I did watch the local news to see the local election results. They were a 50/50 mix of good news and not-so-good news. When the local news was over, I watched the latest episode of the Great British Bake Off. Then I just relaxed while listening to some music.

    Feeling horny, I checked Grindr. Immediately, I got a message from TD (thick dick) that was over last Saturday. He was hoping for a repeat. I loved sucking on his dick, it was so thick that it barely fit in my mouth. I told him I would love a repeat. I told him I needed a shower and to get the place ready. I told him to show up in an hour. He didn't respond right away, so while I was waiting, I did a quick cleanup of the place, got the gloryhole ready and then I took a shower. When I got done with all of that, I checked Grindr. He said that time was great and he would see me then.

    I still had about 30 minutes, so I put on a porn and checked Grindr a few minutes later. This time, I saw that a guy (let's call him Otter) who had been over before was in my area. He is about 6', very narrow waist with 6pack abs, wide shoulders, and a hairy chest. He is HOT! The best part, he is geeky looking and I love the nerds! It also helps that he has the perfect dick, thick 8" that is veiny and gets rock hard and sticks straight out. I love sucking his dick!

    It has been a few months since Otter had been over. I knew TD was coming, I was hoping Otter could come over later. But when we first started chatting, he said he was horny and needed sucked off, but it had to be now. UGH! I sent a quick message to TD, hoping to get him to come over later, but when I looked at his messages, he said he was on his way. UGH! So I sent a message to Otter telling him I would need about 30 minutes. Not wanting to seem slutty and that I already had a guy coming over, I told him I needed a shower. He responded "Why do you need a shower to suck me off?" I told him that I just like to be clean when I play.

    Right then, TD said he was almost there. So I told Otter that I had another guy that was coming over in a few minutes. That is why I needed a shower. At first Otter seemed disappointed, but then he asked if he could join. I didn't know how TD would repsond, but I really liked the idea of having 2 thick dicked guys to suck at the same time. I asked TD what he thought about a 2nd guy for me to suck. TD told me he was walking up to my door, but unfortunately he was only up for some solo action. I told him ok, just come on in and I would gladly suck his dick. I was disappointed but 1 thick dick was better than none.

    When TD came in the door, I did ask him another question. Would he be willing to stand behind the sheet with me while I sucked off Otter. He said he could do that. So I messaged Otter and told him to come on over. This was completely new to me. Even though I have thought about it many times, I have never had another guy behind the sheets with me. So I lifted the sheet up and invited TD back there with me. While we waited for Otter, I started sucking TD. His thick dick was already hard and I really enjoyed deepthroating it. He wasn't as aggressive as he had been on Saturday, I took it that he was just waiting for Otter to show up. But he did grab my head a few times and fuck my face.

    Luckily, I heard the phone notification letting me know somebody was walking up the driveway. I told him Otter was here. Sure enough, the front door opened up and Otter walked in. I quickly turned to face the gloryhole and I was greeted with Otter's half-hard cock. I grabbed it and put the big head of his dick into my mouth. I worked my tongue around the head and started sucking. Within a few seconds, it was fully hard and felt so good in my mouth. I started going all the way down, with his dickhead stretching my throat open. I did grab his balls with my hand. I forgot how much he loves his balls played with. He would pull his dick out and he told me to suck his balls. His balls were the perfect size to get both of them in my mouth at the same time. I was sucking on them while he started hitting my face with his rock hard thick cock. I definitely felt that! This became our routine of my sucking his balls, him hitting my face with that big log and then me sucking him for a few minutes. He loved me sucking his balls so much, he started avoiding putting his dick in my mouth, it became me sucking his balls and then he would slap my face a few times with his dick. I was lucky if I could suck the precum off the head of his dick before he would push my head down to his balls. As much as I like sucking his balls, I love sucking his dick even more. I could tell he was getting close, his balls were pulling up and his breathing was erratic. The the next time he pulled his balls out of my mouth, I grabbed his dick and went all the way down on it. I used my hands to grab his ass and hold his dick down my throat. He knew what I wanted and he started pumping his cock back and forth. And when he froze with his dickhead in my throat, I felt his dick spasm and shoot many shots of his cum into my throat. I pulled his dick out a little bit so I could suck on the head and taste the rest of his cum. He is one that doesn't get sensitive after he cums and he enjoys me sucking his dick for a while after his orgasm.

    I did suck it for a few minutes, but I remembered that TD was standing behind me. I thanked Otter and told him we needed to do this again soon. He agreed and he left. I turned around to see that TD had disappeared. I keep all the lights off, so I knew he probably couldn't go far. Sure enough, he was sitting in the recliner just behind the sheets. He was sitting there stroking his hard dick. I got down to my knees and sucked him. As before, it was so thick it completely filled my mouth. But with him in this position, I could get a little bit more down my throat. At first, I could get it all down my throat except for the last inch. He kept offering to change positions, but I told him this was perfect, I was going to get that last inch in my mouth. So I kept working on it. I would go all the way down, turn my head slightly and I could get a little bit more in. I worked my throat muscles and I could feel a little bit more slip in. I would then push my head down more and sure enough, my teeth/gums were touching the base where it meets his body. I got it all the way down. My mouth/throat were full! We kept doing this for a few minutes until I was able to do it easily. He then grabbed my head and fucked my face with his dick. He said he never had anybody get it all the way down like that.

    At some point, my knees were killing me. So we switched to me sitting down and him standing in front of me. I sucked him for awhile and then he would fuck my face. We did this for another 10 minutes when I started getting a cramp in my neck. I really doubled down on trying to get him off because I didn't know how much longer I could go. He tried to slow me down, he was getting close. But he stopped fighting it. He grabbed my head, shoved it all the way down and held it there. He started shooting his load, spurt after spurt hitting my throat. He shoots a lot but it goes right down the throat. I pulled back a little bit to get a taste, but unlike Otter, he is super sensitive. I got a taste before he pulled out. I stroked his dick, pushing the cum to the tip. I got another taste but he jumped away. He just couldn't handle it.

    Before TD left, he make plans to come over on Friday night (tonight). He did ask if he was too rough for me. I told him no, just the opposite. I wish he had been a bit more forceful. He asked how rough, I told him to just go for it, I would love to learn my how far I can go. It should be fun tonight!
  5. For the last few months, I have been a good boy. Because of covid19, I have been obeying social distacing and not hosting at my gloryhole. So lately my right hand has become my best friend. At first, I jacked off to porn, but that became old quickly. So I started jacking off to memories of past sexual experiences. But I ran out of those after a while. I was getting horny with not outlet.

    Early Saturday morning, I was going through my storage shed when I came across my gloryhole equipment. It had been a week since I had last jacked off. I had been horny for a few days and at the time my dick was half hard. I really needed to get off. So I set the gloryhole equipment up in the house. I opened up Grindr and started checking on the local guys. I took a shower and got cleaned up and ready for some fun.

    After I got out of the shower, I had a bunch of messages on Grindr. I chatted with some of the guys and a couple of them looked promising. One guy had a blank profile. Unlike most of the guys on Grindr, I enjoy chatting with the blank profiles. I like to try to keep it anonymous, I am just interested in sucking dick! I don't want face pics. I don't want their relationship history. I don't care what they do in their free time. I just want to know what their dick tastes like, how big it gets and how much cum they shoot. That is what is important to me.

    So I was chatting with this guy and he told me he was 24. As long as he is over 18, I don't care. But he did intrigue me by asking if I could deep throat. I told him I was pretty good at it and I asked how big his dick was. He sent me a pic, it looked like it was 6 to maybe 7" in the picture. I told him that it looked really nice and I would love to deep throat it. I sent him my address and he said he would be there in about 15 minutes.

    While I was waiting on him, I started chatting with another guy. He was wanting to fuck a tight ass. I told him it had been over 6 months since I had been fucked. I was definitely tight. He sent me a few pics of his dick. It looked nice in the pics, but it wasn't hard. I asked how big it was, he told me 9". I let him know I was definitely interested. He said he was going to get ready and would get back to me.

    So the 24 year old messaged me that he was ready to come in. A few seconds later the door opened and he was pulling down his sweats before he even walked through the door. By the time the door closed, his sweats were down to his ankles and his dick was rock hard. I grabbed his balls and pulled his dick through the gloryhole. He had a thick 7.5" dick. And it was rock hard and didn't bend at all, hard as steel. All of his pubic hair had been shaved off and held onto his smooth balls as I went all the way down on his dick. I think he was amazed that I had no problems, but I thought he had the perfect dick for deepthroating. After a few minutes, he was really getting into it and grabbed my head and started to fuck my face. It took him a few minutes to realize that I was enjoying his face fucking. He finally started fucking and not worrying about me. It didn't take him long, and he shot his load down my throat. Amazingly, he let me continue to suck his dick after he came. I kept working it all the way down and it never did soften up. Finally after 5 minutes, I could tell he was done even though it was still fully hard. (I remember those days, I would stay hard for about 15 minutes after I shot my load.) So I gave him a towel and thanked him. I told him he had a beautiful dick and it was perfect for deep throating. I told him to come over again.

    As soon as I left, I checked Grindr again. The 9" guy sent me another message letting me know that he was ready to go. So I told him I was ready. He said it would be over in 20 minutes. I told him I would take care of him when he got here. So I checked Grindr and DL. Started chatting with a guy. After about 5 minutes, I checked on 9" again, he was not online but it said he was still 5 miles away. So I checked 5 minutes later and 9" was still offline and 5 miles away. A few minutes later, 9" was back online, but he was still 5 miles away. I sent him a message asking how far away he was. He read the message but never responded.

    So I waited a few minutes, checking Grindr. I got a message from another guy. No pics, and very little info in his profile. I saw that we had chatted once before but we never hooked up. At that time, he had sent me a really hot pic. It was his hard dick in front of a blindfolded guy. The blindfolded guy looked like he was 18 or 19 and it was his first cock. The dick looked like it was probably 8". He said he was wanting to get his dick sloppy wet. I told him I would love to take care of him but I was waiting on another guy to show up. When I checked on the 9" guy, still no reply from 9", so I told the new guy to come on over.

    5 minutes later, he was at my front door. He was a big guy, 6'5" and 250, muscular. He pulled his dick out and it was about 8" very thick and not even fully hard yet. I started sucking his dick and got all of it down my throat. As I worked my mouth back and forth over his thick dick, it became even bigger and thicker. By the time he was fully hard, it was a little bit over 9" and super thick, it barely fit in my mouth. I had to work really hard not to get it caught on my teeth. I think this is the thickest cock I have ever sucked. He really enjoyed grabbing my head and fucking my mouth. He would even tilt my head and push another inch down my throat. I was not able to breath with his dick completely stretching my throat. It was hot! I would hold it down as long as I could while he fucked my throat, but I would eventually start to gag and have to tap his leg so he would let go of my head. This was my cocksucking dream! After doing this for about 15 minutes, I had to take a break. I was covered in sweat and had tears running down my face. I was giving him the best cock sucking job I could. And he was loving it. At one point, while his cock was all the way down my throat, he pinched my nose shut. I've had guys do this before, it makes you try to breath through your mouth when it is full of dick. But his dick was so huge, I wasn't breathing anyways. I kept reaching up, playing with his nipples. He kept fucking my face and his thrusts were getting faster. The faster he got, the more his body started to jerk. I knew he was ready to shoot when he grabbed my head and shoved it all the way down. He held my head and I could feel his dick swelling and his cum squirting in my throat. I felt 5 big globs hit my throat when I finally pushed back a little catch the rest on my tongue. He quickly pulled out and he jumped when my tongue got the last drop of cum on the tip of his dick head. I tried to suck it again, but he was super sensitive. I thanked him and told him he had a very nice dick and I would love to suck it again. He said sure and shut the door as he left. The more I thought about it, the more I really want to feel him fuck my ass sometime.

    I only got 2 cocks, but I was super happy with both of them. I hope either one (or both) is online tomorrow night, that is the next time I can host.
  6. No good news to report. It seems like all the bad things that could happen have decided to happen at the same time.

    It all started when the boyfriend called his mom to take him to the emergency room. He was having major pain issues. He was put into the intensive care, his pancreas was inflamed and infected and his kidneys had shut down. He has been there for a week and I am not allowed to go visit him. The hospital has a rule (because of covid) that a patient can have 1 visitor and nobody else can come visit. His mom decided it was going to be her. So I just get to talk to him on the phone.

    I have 2 cars. A big SUV and a little 4 cylinder car. Even though it goes through more gas, I usually drive the SUV. But a few weeks ago, the front wheel bearings on the SUV started getting really loud. They need replaced. Not a big deal because I work at a car shop, so if I buy the wheel bearings, I could have the mechanic replace them for me. But last week the mechanic walked out and quit. Okay, I would have the boyfriend do it, but he is in the hospital now. Not the end of the world, I will drive the 4 cylinder car until we can replace the wheel bearings.

    Nope, cannot do that either. Friday I went to lunch and on the way back to work, I rear-ended another car. I will admit that my mind was worrying about the boyfriend and the car in front of me started to stop for no reason. So I went to change to the other lane and didn't see that the traffic in that lane had stopped. Luckily I wasn't hurt and the lady in the other car wasn't hurt either. She was actually super nice and kept apologizing even though it was my fault. The cop was nice. I didn't get a ticket, so I feel lucky for that. But the 4 cylinder car is totaled and not drive-able.

    I have a friend that works for a local small car dealer. Since we are both in the car business, we help each other out sometimes. I called him about getting a car and they had 1 car that I would consider. We worked out a deal and I told him I wanted to think about it over the weekend. He told me I could drive the car over the weekend and let him know on Monday. Not even 5 minutes later, a girl came in and wanted to buy the car. She didn't have the full down payment but she really wanted the car. While I thought the car was okay, it wasn't something I would have usually picked out. I was just interested because I need a car. So I told her she could have the car. But they told her they had already promised me the car for the weekend, but she could get it on Monday. I was upset that I would have to find another car, I got over it really quickly when I drove it home and realized the transmission sucked in the car. I told my friend about what it was doing, he said he would have to look at it. I took the car back on Saturday. I am glad I didn't buy that car.

    While the boyfriend has been in the hospital, I have been staying at his house to take care of his dog. On Saturday, I went home to do laundry. I took the boyfriend's car to my house and I was going to take the SUV back to work so it would at least be at the shop. When I got home I saw the front tire was flat. UGH! So tomorrow I am going to take the air tank and air the tire up.

    I'm hoping the bad energy stops sometime soon. Some good luck would be nice.
  7. Have you ever had a guy share too much info with you and it turned you off?

    I was on Grindr the other day, and there is a guy who lives reasonably close. His profile said he has a jockstrap/cup fetish. I used to have a bunch of jockstraps and cups. I always find them very hot. So I sent him a message that I was quite turned on by guys in jockstraps and cups. He sent me 15 pics. Every one of them was of a jockstrap. Some were of guys wearing a jockstrap. Some were just a jockstrap with no guy in the picture. Some were very hot, but some were just overkill.

    I was polite, I told him those were some hot pics. He then sent me another 15 pictures. Once again, most of them were of guys wearing jocks and some were just pics of jockstraps. A few were repeats from before. I definitely didn't want another round of those. So I changed the subject.

    We chatted a few more minutes, and I told him I was only interested in sucking dick and maybe bottoming. He said that sounded hot. So he then sent me 10 pics of his dick (at least I assume it was his). I told him it looked great and I would love to suck it. So he sent me 10 more pics. A couple of those pics he was wearing a big metal ball stretching ring. I told him that was really hot. So he sent me 10 more pics of that.

    Not wanting more pics, I switched to how hot his dick looked in some of the pics. The veins on his dick were really sticking out. So he sent me another 15 pics of his dick. I was getting really turned off at this point. He had next to none in conversation. It was almost all pictures. The problem, the pics didn't look like they were all of the same guy, so I don't know what to believe.

    So I asked him a few questions about his dick. Hopefully he would chat at least. He told me he wanted his balls to be pulled on, stretched from his body, gotten roughed up. I told him that sounded hot and I would like to do that to him. So he then started sending more pics. UGH!!!

    I stopped talking to him, I am not a picture collector and had seen way too much. About 30 minutes later, he sent me a message to let him know if I was interested. I told him I could host that afternoon and he immediately started sending me a bunch of pics again. All the interest I had in him earlier was long gone. So instead of getting another barrage of pictures, I blocked him. I hope he finds the picture collector he needs.
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  8. Have you ever had a guy share too much info with you and it turned you off?

    I was on Grindr the other day, and there is a guy who lives reasonably close. His profile said he has a jockstrap/cup fetish. I used to have a bunch of jockstraps and cups. I always find them very hot. So I sent him a message that I was quite turned on by guys in jockstraps and cups. He sent me 15 pics. Every one of them was of a jockstrap. Some were of guys wearing a jockstrap. Some were just a jockstrap with no guy in the picture. Some were very hot, but some were just overkill.

    I was polite, I told him those were some hot pics. He then sent me another 15 pictures. Once again, most of them were of guys wearing jocks and some were just pics of jockstraps. A few were repeats from before. I definitely didn't want another round of those. So I changed the subject.

    We chatted a few more minutes, and I told him I was only interested in sucking dick and maybe bottoming. He said that sounded hot. So he then sent me 10 pics of his dick (at least I assume it was his). I told him it looked great and I would love to suck it. So he sent me 10 more pics. A couple of those pics he was wearing a big metal ball stretching ring. I told him that was really hot. So he sent me 10 more pics of that.

    Not wanting more pics, I switched to how hot his dick looked in some of the pics. The veins on his dick were really sticking out. So he sent me another 15 pics of his dick. I was getting really turned off at this point. He had next to none in conversation. It was almost all pictures. The problem, the pics didn't look like they were all of the same guy, so I don't know what to believe.

    So I asked him a few questions about his dick. Hopefully he would chat at least. He told me he wanted his balls to be pulled on, stretched from his body, gotten roughed up. I told him that sounded hot and I would like to do that to him. So he then started sending more pics. UGH!!!

    I stopped talking to him, I am not a picture collector and had seen way too much. About 30 minutes later, he sent me a message to let him know if I was interested. I told him I could host that afternoon and he immediately started sending me a bunch of pics again. All the interest I had in him earlier was long gone. So instead of getting another barrage of pictures, I blocked him. I hope he finds the picture collector he needs.
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  9. Dead night. Mr. 9" was wanting to come over again. I do like sucking on his 9", and while I do enjoy some male body musk, his smell is bad. He has been texting me about 5 times a week but I have been avoiding him. Yesterday I put up a new ad on DoubleList. I got a message that I thought was from him, but when I asked if he had been over before, he told me he didn't think so. So I told him to show up at 8pm, but I never gave him directions. Sure enough, at 8pm, guess who shows up.

    I think part of his body odor is I think he smokes pot. And I mean he smokes a LOT of pot. His body has that skunky pot smell to it. I don't smell it on his clothes, but I smell it on his skin. But last night, while sucking him, I had a skunky taste in my mouth. YUCK!!!

    I did my best to get him off. His cum even has that skunky taste. I decided that next time I am going to have to tell him.

    A little bit later, I got a message from a really good friend of my ex. His name is S, he is short (5'5"), hairy and a bottom. He isn't bad looking, but not what I am looking for. I don't know him personally, but I know he hangs around my ex and the ex's boyfriend quite a bit. They have made trips together and they go to the movies, dinners and bars together.

    S and I have chatted a few times. At first it was about the gloryhole and things we both liked to do. But then it became him inviting me on walks with him or going over to his house. I told him I was only interested in anonymous sex through the gloryhole. And he stopped talking to me after that. I was okay with that, he seems like a nice guy but once again, not what I am interested in.

    The other night, I had an interesting chat with my ex. He was holding a decent conversation with me before he finally told me he had been drinking. I guess that is what it takes to chat with me. Not even 60 seconds after I finished chatting with the ex, S started chatting with me. Too much of a coincidence for me.

    Last night, S started chatting again. He wanted to come over to get sucked off. Thinking my ex is behind this, I told him sure. So S came over, I started sucking his dick. I was having a hard time, he is so short and I am tall (6'2"). But we found a rhythm. Then he was wanting me to rim his ass and play with it. I told him that I am not into that and he said that was fine. He told me to get him off, I would have to grab his balls, squeeze them hard and pull on them. So I did that and I guess I did it too hard because he jerked back and yelped. But when he was getting close, he was telling me to pull and squeeze harder and harder. He did finally cum and I let go of his balls. He was happy.

    After he left, I was talking to a few guys on Grindr, but nothing looked promising. And then I got a message from a guy using the eggplant emoji for his name and it said he was 5 miles away. His profile was blank except for his age of 27. He sent me a picture of his dick, it looked to be 8" to 8.5" and thick. So I sent him a picture of my ass. He said he had to have it. So I told him to come over. I sent him the directions, which mentions the gloryhole twice (it is also mentioned in my profile 2 times). He freaks out about the gloryhole. Since I was horny, I told him we could do a dark room setup. He was happy with that. He looked up my address and said it was far away. I'm guess he was about 10 minutes away. I told him we could do it another time, but he insisted he had to have my ass. So we agreed that if he came over, he would walk in and find me ass up at the front door. He said he was on his way.

    So while I was waiting, I was chatting with a guy I find him to be very handsome. I would even call him stunning. He told me he wanted to come over but he was high. I told him as much as I would like him to come over, I don't want him doing it while he is high. So we had a nice chat. He really is a hottie.

    Anyways, I check on the eggplant, it still says he is 5 miles away. Grindr is pretty good about updating the distance regularly. Him and I were chatting back and forth, so I know he was signed into Grindr. He sent a few messages that made no sense and I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say. So I ignored those messages. That got him going, he would start sending me a bunch of messages with only question marks in them. I told him that I am waiting on him to show up. Finally I sent him a message asking where he was. His profile said he was still 5 miles away and he should have been there 15 minutes ago. Nothing. Grindr said he was now 1 mile away but he wasn't online anymore. DAMMIT! So I told him he had 5 minutes and then I was locking the door. He didn't reply back, so I locked the door.

    Later on, I got a bunch of messages from him. He was pissed off, said he showed up, nobody answered the door and he left. I told him I had been there the entire time and he never showed up. He said he had been there, he left because he was afraid of the cops being called on him. He then said there was a red car in the driveway. UGH! The directions I send clearly state I have a silver car and a dark gray SUV at the end of the driveway, right next to where I live. The red car is my neighbor's car, not mine. So he had been at my neighbor's door trying to get in. Luckily it was very late and my neighbor should have been asleep. I told the guy off for trying to get into my neighbor's place. The directions I sent were simple and clearly told where to go. He obviously did not read the directions. He admitted he was drunk. I told him we could try it again when he was sober. I'm not interested in drunks.

    With that, I turned the lights off, locked the door and went to bed.
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  10. Friday night, after I got home from work, I signed into the usual Grindr and other apps and websites. On one of those websites, I had a message from a guy, TD, who I haven't seen in a while. TD is 30-ish, 5' 10", 180 (just a guess), 6-pack, all muscle, no body fat. He is a very sweet guy, always super polite, always calls me "baby". He is nicely endowed, 8" and one of the thickest dicks I have ever seen. He loves to fuck and he is very good at it.

    The only downfall is TD is always wanting money. I usually give him $10 (gas money). I don't like giving him money, so many times I will tell him no, I don't have any cash. He will still come over and we will fuck, so I know it isn't just about the money.

    He lives both here and Wisconsin. So when he was here, we would meet up once or twice a week. But he was only here for a few months at a time and then he would be back in Wisconsin for a few months. He is also married with 2 kids. I'm pretty sure his wife and kids are in Wisconsin. But part of the reason I haven't heard from him, shortly after his last visit, he was arrested for domestic battery. He disappeared after that.

    So I was surprised to see TD online Friday night. Of course, first thing he does is ask me for gas money. He said he was in Wisconsin but was wanting to get back to here. He asked for $30 at first but then upped it to $40. I didn't reply back for a while, but he kept telling me things to get me going. How much he missed me. How much he missed my ass. That feeling of my ass around his dick. Watching his cum when he pulls out. And of course, how much he missed me again. I thought about that thick dick of his and I broke down and sent him $50. Stupid, stupid, stupid me.

    I messaged to make sure he got the money. He replied back that he got the money and that he was on his way. I asked where he was, and his response was "On my way". Okay, that doesn't really answer the question. But a few minutes later, he asked if I could send more money. Now I was getting pissed off. I already sent more than he asked for but now he wants even more. He said he was hungry and needed something to eat. I told him I already sent more than he wanted. He said he put all of that in the gas tank. I don't believe any of that, but I told him that I already sent more than I could afford (not true) and I might be able to give him more when he gets here but I only have a little cash on me (I had no plans on giving him more). So once again, he said that was okay and thanked me for what I had sent. And once again, he was on his way.

    An hour later, I checked the website, no new messages from him, but his distance was shorter. I thought there might be hope. But when I messaged him, no response. So I was really horny after thinking about his dick. Last time he was over, I got a cheap hotel room for the night. He came over and fucked me. After he left, I got online and had a few other guys come over, including Jason. Jason is a very hot guy that I have flirted with many times over the years but we hadn't hooked up until the hotel room night. He had a very nice dick and he fucked me for over 2 hours. It was a very hot night! Recently, Jason and I have been talking again online. I would love another ass pounding by him and he says he wants my ass again. So I thought what the fuck, I wanted another hotel night. So I went ahead and booked a room at the same hotel. I checked the website and still no response from TD, but the distance was back to the original distance. So he wasn't any closer than before. Not happy!

    I decided that I wasn't going to waste the night, so I packed up my stuff and went to the hotel. It was actually pretty busy at the hotel, the parking lot was pretty full. The room was in the back corner of the hotel, far enough from most of the other people. Right outside the room was a semi cab and another 20 feet away was a semi parked at the hotel next door. Between the 2 semis was a group of men at a picnic table under a street light. I did a quick look and most of them were good looking. It looked like they were 30 to 50 years old and had nice bodies. I was feeling good about the night.

    In the room, I did a quick clean up, got the room ready and went online. I said I was in a hotel room for the night and gave the basic location. There are 5 hotels at that location and another 4 hotels a short distance away. I started to get lots of replies. Quite a few of them wanted me to pick them up, but I told them I was traveling with a friend and didn't have transportation. So they weren't interested. I did have a guy who wanted to come over, so I gave him the hotel name and room number. I told him the door would be slightly open and I would be on the bed, face down, ass up. He messaged to tell me he was very close. So I left the door open a crack. I did check the picnic table, they were no longer at the table. One of them was walking around on his cell phone. Another one was checking on his semi cab right outside my door. I knew the guy was on his way over, so I got into position on the bed and a minute later, I could hear the door open. I had left lube and a towel on the desk, he got behind me and started to fuck me. He was okay, but he used a LOT of lube. He fucked me for close to 30 minutes. I got tired of waiting, so wiped his dick off with the towel (still a lot of lube) and sucked his dick for a while. When I thought he was getting close, I got back on the bed and he started to fuck me again. This time, it took him about 5 minutes before he started to cum.

    I got back online after he left. I had a few messages. One of them was from a trucker who was staying at a hotel nearby. He had a bigger body, but he was super hairy and it looked like his body was solid. He sent a picture of his dick, it looked like it was short and really fat. He was close but not that close. He also wasn't mobile, but we chatted about the guy before. He said he wanted to eat that guys load from my ass. Damn, that was hot, I told him he really needed to come over.

    Another message was from a 32 year old guy, said he had just moved here for his master's degree. He loved to rim and fuck. He sent a picture of his dick, a thick 7" dick and it had a huge curve in it. It went straight out and then sharply curved up. He said he would be there in about 15 minutes. I said perfect, I would leave the door open slightly. I was on the bed, reading Grindr, with my ass up and no lights on in the room. 10 minutes later, I heard the door open. When they open the door, the street light above the picnic table would shine into the room. I heard his approval when he said "Fuck yeah". He shut the door and got behind me. I immediately felt his dick in my ass. He started pounding my ass, going at it quickly and hard. He was pounding as hard as he could. I was glad the guy before had used too much lube and his load, because this guy just went right at it. It didn't take him long, he shot his load within 2 minutes, zipped up and left. I checked Grindr to see if there was anybody else when the 32 year old messaged me and said he was pulling into the parking lot. WHAT??? I have no idea who had just come in and fucked me. I'm guessing it was one of the guys at the picnic table. Maybe the one that was on his cell phone or maybe the one looking at his cab outside my door. Either one would have seen the guy before come in and leave later. The door was open a crack but you couldn't see anything unless you opened the door.

    I didn't have time to think about it, I heard a car pulling into a parking spot. So I made sure the door was open a crack and I got into position on the bed. I heard the door open and close. He came in and started rimming my ass. He was good, I could feel his tongue in my ass. He was moaning, I am sure he had found the loads of the 2 guys before. He rimmed me for about 10 minutes when he stood up and started to fuck me. The amazing part had just begun. Because of the curve in his dick, his dick head was hitting my prostate perfectly. It was driving me crazy. I was moaning and I grabbed my dick and felt the precum dripping from my dick. He fucked me for about 10 minutes before he came. It was amazing!

    I checked on TD, still no reply, still the same original distance away and now it said he was offline. I was not very happy. I checked Grindr and had a few more messages. One of them was that trucker again. I told him what happened and he was really turned on. I asked where he was staying and he told me a hotel on the other side of the hotel right outside my door. He was really turned on an said he would walk over. He arrived and I started to suck his dick. His body was solid, hairy, huge nipples. I was having fun with him. I got his dick hard, it was 6" and super thick. I got up on the bed and he started by rimming my ass. We had already talked about the guys who had fucked me, so he wanted to taste. After him eating my ass for a few minutes, he got up and stared to fuck me. His dick was so thick that it felt really good. At first we had a problem of finding the right position. He kept slipping out, but finally I flipped over on to my back and we got my ass in the perfect position. He found his mark. He started pounding me ass and getting his dick all the way in. It felt incredible, he was stretching me open. It didn't take him long before he shot his load.

    After he left, I checked online, TD was back online. I asked him where he was and why his distance hadn't changed. No answer. I checked Grindr, I was hoping Jason would be online, but still no sign of him. Had a couple more guys who wanted me to pick them up and bring them back to my room. I kindly declined. It was getting late, but I wanted some more. So I got back on Grindr and had more messages. This time I got a message from a black guy that I had talked to before using my gloryhole account. I know he has a big dick and loves to fuck but we had never hooked up before. We talked for a minute when he wanted to come over. He was really close, so I sent him the hotel and room number. 5 minutes later, I got a reply back from him. He said he had a friend that wanted to join, so I said sure. And then he said he had 1 that wanted to join for sure, maybe another one. I told them to come over, the more the merrier.

    15 minutes later, I heard the door open. I was in my position. My face was down in the bed and my ass was up. To my left side, I felt a guy get on the bed. I lifted my head and then I felt a guy get on the right side of the bed. I started sucking the guy on the left while I played with the guy on the right. The room was dark with only the bathroom light on and the bathroom door only open an inch or two, so I couldn't see much, but I could see the guy on the left had a decent body. His dick was 8" and had a nice thickness. I was guessing this was the guy that I had talked to online. The guy on the right, his dick was about 7" and average thickness. Somebody was behind my ass, eating my ass. His tongue was great, it was working on opening my hole. I could feel is slip inside and work the hole. I was switching between the 2 dicks on either side of me. Finally, I felt the guy behind me slip his dick into my ass. Oh my, he was really thick. He slowly just worked the head in and out, and it felt great. After a few minutes, I felt him push the head and hold it. He asked if I was ready and I stopped sucking the dick on my left and told him hold it there for a second. I found my bottle of poppers and took a hit. As soon as I put the lid back on the bottle, I felt his dick slide in all the way. Damn, he was thick and long. He pushed it all the way in and held it there for a few seconds. He then began to pull out and push it back in. He was working my hole deep. It felt great. He started picking up speed and then he would slow it down. I was in heaven. 2 nice dicks on either side of my head and a big one in my ass.

    The guy behind me pulled his dick all the way out and he started to rim my ass again. I was so glad I had cleaned deeply earlier. They switched positions and the 7" guy got behind me and started to pound my ass. I had no problems taking his dick. I did keep squeezing down, I was afraid I was too open after his friend's monster had opened me up. I was sucking on that monster now, he was easily a very thick 9". In the position I was in, there was no way I could get it all the way down my throat. But a few minutes later, the 7" guy shot his load. As soon as he pulled out, the 8" guy was ready to fuck. He flipped me over on to my back and lifted my legs up over his shoulders. His dick found my hole and he went all the way in. When I got flipped over, I purposely hung my head over the edge of the bed. I first sucked the 7" guy, cleaned his dick off and got the last few drops of his load. He went soft and pulled his dick out of my mouth. The 9" guy took his position and started fucking my throat. It was easier to take his dick this way, but I still couldn't get him all the way down. I hunched my shoulders up and this opened my throat up. With that, he sunk his entire 9" dick down my throat. He started to fuck my face and I was loving it.

    I was having so much fun with the 9", I realized I hadn't been paying much attention to the 8" as he fucked my ass. So I started squeezing my ass as he was fucking it. It seemed like both the 8" and the 9" had found their rhythm and were fucking me from either end in unison. I knew I was leaking like crazy, I could feel my jockstrap getting soaking wet. I really squeezed down on the 8" in my ass. He really picked up his pace and I knew he was close. I did another big squeeze and he let out a loud moan. He collapsed on me as he dumped his load. The 9" pulled his dick out and said he wanted to finish in my ass. I stayed on my back as he lifted my legs and pushed his dick into me. He went all the way in and started fucking immediately. I squeezed my ass on to his dick and he moaned his approval. I kept up on squeezing and he kept going faster and faster. He was moaning and his hands pushed my legs back even further. This let him go deeper into my ass. He was really working it. I reached up and grabbed his nipples. This sent him over the edge. He let out a loud moan and with that he flooded my ass.

    I was wore out. I know he was wore out. 7" and 8" were already dressed and ready to go, so 9" zipped up and left. I laid there for probably 10 minutes while I caught my breath. I checked online, still no reply from TD (fuck him). I sent a message to 9" and thanked him, told him that was hot as hell. He told me that 7" and 8" were a couple. They were friends of his and in town for the weekend. They had been out drinking and were hoping for some fun. They were all glad that they had found me. I told him I was very glad that they had found me. I checked Grindr again and didn't see anything promising. I passed out.

    I woke up the next morning, no response from TD. Had a few more messages, but I was still wore out after the night before. I signed off and headed home. Later that morning, I checked again, this time TD had either deleted his account or blocked me. Oh, fuck off. I'm so glad I had a great Friday night, otherwise I would be super pissed off. He will be back and when he does come back, he won't be back after I tell him what I think. Right now, I am going to chalk it up to a hard lesson learned.
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  11. Interesting night last night. I had 2 different guys who were interested in coming over to get sucked off, but both of them insisted on wearing a condom. I've tried it a few times, but I absolutely refuse to suck on a condom-covered cock. I cannot stand the taste and I cannot stand the feeling of it.

    I'm sorry, you are willing to risk going out in public to a stranger's house during the Covid-19 crisis, but you insist that a condom has to be worn to get sucked off. No thanks. I refuse to suck on balloon animals.

    What hurt a bit was one of the guys has been over many times before. He has a nice cock and I really enjoyed sucking him off. He is always rude though. He is ALWAYS late. Sometimes it has been him saying "I am on my way" for 2 hours before he finally arrives. I could walk that distance in 2 hours. He also does something that pisses me off, but I always kept quiet about it. He would either smoke right outside my front door (I would find the cigarette butts the next day) or two different times he smoked inside my house. Seriously??? At least ask. I really wanted to tell him off, but I bit my tongue. I blocked him and remained pissed off for the next 30 minutes.

    The bright spot last night was I finally had a hookup from Reddit last night. After many failed attempts to host one of the many guys who have contacted me on Reddit, one of them came over. He first started chatting with me on about 4pm yesterday afternoon. He came over last night at 12:30am. We pretty much chatted the entire 8.5 hours. A majority of the chat was about the gloryhole, what would happen, what he would like to happen, other guys that come over, how it was setup, about me, about him, etc. He had a million questions.

    He is 22 and has never been with a guy before. I told him I was glad he was asking all the questions. I remember my first time with a guy and my first time at a gloryhole. Both times I was freaking out. I think all the questions helped him.

    He originally wanted to come over at 1am. I told him that was too late. So he said he could be there by midnight. I said that would be okay.

    He messaged and said he would be a little late, maybe 10 minutes. I told him thanked him for letting me know and said I would see him then.

    Shortly after that was when I had the problem with the rude guy who insisted on the condom and I was pissed off. And then the Reddit kid messaged me and said he was running late and wouldn't be there until 12:30. I was pissed off and told him that we would have to reschedule for another day. He told me no. I started to tell him that is late for me, I have to get up early for work. But I realized I was pissed off at the other guy and I told him to get here by 12:30 or I would have to call it off. He said GPS said he would arrive at 12:29.

    He finally arrived at 12:35. He walked in and immediately pulled his hard dick out of his shorts (we had discussed what happens when he comes through the front door). He pushed his dick through the gloryhole. He had a very nice dick. It was 6.5" but very thick and it was ROCK HARD! He had huge nuts and loved having them sucked on. He was very vocal (he asked if that was okay) and he kept telling me what to do. But then he would stop and ask if that was okay. I told him he was doing fine. I did ask him what he wanted to try, since it was his first time. He said he wasn't sure, what did I want to do. I told him it was his time, we could do whatever he wanted. He didn't know what to say, so he said just to suck his dick. I sucked his dick for about 15 minutes. Before he finally got close. He pulled back and started jacking his dick and told me to get my mouth ready. And then he shot a huge load into my mouth. We had discussed whether I would swallow (yes) and would I clean his cock off afterwards (yes). He was so polite. He asked if he could use the paper towels by the gloryhole to wipe off. I told him that is why they are there. He then asked what to do with the used paper towel when he was done. I told him just leave it, I would throw it away.

    Of course, after I left, I got 10 more questions from him. He will be back over, he really enjoyed it.
  12. The weekend started as most other weekends start. All day at work on Friday, I had been horny and even though I know I probably shouldn't be playing around during the pandemic, I know that I have little contol over my hormones. So after work, I went home and made sure the gloryhole was setup and ready to go, just in case I decided to play. I went upstairs and did a good clean out. During the cleaning out process, I checked my usual websites/apps to see who was online.

    I chatted with a guy that I have been talking to for over a month now. He is 20 and really wants to stop by, but when it comes to him coming over, he has a million excuses. I already know he will never come over, but I have really enjoyed our conversations. We get along pretty good, so I have no problem chatting with him. We chatted most of the night on Friday.

    I did rewrite my profile on Grindr. I added that I had a sling and some toys to the profile. I thought it would be interesting to see who would respond to that part of the ad.

    At some point, I started hearing weird noises. It was coming from a tote I kept some of the toys in. I quickly discovered it was the rechargeble squirting dildo. The batteries in it had been dying slowly for the last month. I could charge it up and it would be dead within 5 minutes. But for no reason, it started squirting and vibrating. I tried to turn it off, but the buttons wouldn't work. I found the remote for the squirting dildo and tried the buttons, nothing. So I took the battery out of the remote, nothing. It wouldn't stop. So I grabbed a sharp knife and ended up cutting the rubber coating. I was hoping there was something on the inside I could unplug. When I did get the rubber outside cut off, the inside was a hard plastic vibrator toy with a hole at the top and the 2 buttons. There was nothing to unplug or remove to make it stop. By this time it had been going for 10 minutes and I knew the batteries would run out soon. The annoying part was the sound it makes as it squirts. I realized that it if I put water in it, the pumping squirting noise got quiet. So I found a bucket, filled it halfway with water and threw the toy in there. It was quiet. I couldn't even hear the vibrator but I could see the lighted buttons were still on. I checked again an hour later and it was dead. Goodbye squirter, you were fun while you lasted.

    I woke up at 4am on Saturday morning. Way too early for me. I quickly realized that I had fallen asleep with Grindr still running. I did have a few messages. Unfortunately, the guys who had sent those messages were no longer on Grindr. While I was checking out those messages, I received a new message. This guy was about 25 miles away and was wanting to know where to go. I sent him a message telling him were I was without giving the address. Once most guys are not interested once they realize how far away I am located. He replied back that he needed the address. I asked what he was looking to do at my gloryhole and he never responded. I blocked him, it was too early in the morning for that.

    A few hours later, I did receive a message from a 20 year old. I hadn't seen him on Grindr before, he didn't have a face pic but his profile looked new. He was really interested in the sling and the toys. So we talked about what he was interested in doing, the gloryhole, the sling, the toys. He was going on about fucking me in the sling, said he loved fucking guys in a sling. He also wanted to use my toys on me. He was into leather and very much about being in control. I told him I need about 30 minutes to get ready. I wanted to make sure I was cleaned out if we were going to do that kind of play.

    30 minutes later, I got back to him and he said he was ready. I have the directions listed out saved as a saved message on Grindr. Part of the directions says "the gloryhole is located right inside the front door". He said that we hadn't talked about a gloryhole. I told him he had mentioned it twice, so I copy/pasted his gloryhole comments. He then said he wasn't interested in that. He was only interested in fucking a guy who was face down and ass up. Um, you were going on earlier about loving to fuck a guy in a sling. What the hell! He immediately got blocked. It was at the point that I realized I knew who he is. I went to some of the other websites and I looked at my blocked list. Sure enough, he was on other websites and I had problems with this guy. I had blocked him on those websites. Good riddance.

    So I was worked up a bit, but I realized I was really turned on by the thought of what this kid was wanting to do my ass. There had been a new guy on Grindr, his faceless profile sounded really promising. He was looking for bottoms that know what they are doing. He was online, so I sent him a message. After our introductions, I told him I was cleaned out and hoping to find some fun. I asked him if he was interested and he said "Possibly". So we exchanged some pics. He sent me his dick pic. Whoa! He looked to be about 8" and super thick. I sent him my ass pic and he said that looked great. I told him I had a sling and some toys, my hole was stretched out from the toys. He liked that the hole was stretched but said he wasn't interested about the sling. He loved to put the bottom on his back, push his legs back as far as he could and then push his tongue into the hole. He loved to get his tongue so far into the hole that he could reach the 2nd hole. DAMN, really got me going. He said he couldn't play right then, but he would get back to me later.

    Grindr was dead, so I went out and ran some errands. One of those errands was I needed to get some new sheets for the gloryhole. I stopped at the nearest Wal-Mart, only to find they were sold out of most of the sheets. I prefer the full-sized flat sheets. They fit perfectly without having to be folded or trimmed down. They did have 3 queen-sized flat sheets but in 3 different colors. The current gloryhole was black and gray. They had black, gray and dark red. So I bought those 3 sheets. I was wanting to find some kind of lights for the gloryhole, they did have an indoor/outdoor 8 light set that was dimmable. The lights are plastic and LED, so they don't get hot. So I thought I would try them out.

    When I got home, I took down the sheets and I wound the wire of the light set around the gloryhole wires. I then rehung the sheets and replaced the sheet with the gloryhole. I tried to cut out the hole but did a horrible job..again. Oh well, it is going to have to work for now. Since I had redone the gloryhole, I thought I would add some new pics to my Grindr ad. It is amazing how many people will look at your ad when you add new pics.

    With the gloryhole back in business and looking good, I got back on Grindr. I received a message from another 20 year old. Still no face pic, but he stats were different. He was looking for right now to get sucked off. So I sent him the address and waited. He showed up and was tall and skinny. He pulled his dick out and he was already hard. It was a lovely 7" and thick. I started sucking him and he started moaning. He was really enjoying it. At one point I was grabbing his balls with my hand. He reached down and pulled on my hand. I wasn't sure if he didn't like his balls played with or he wanted them played with more. He answered that by telling me to pull on his balls. So I grabbed them and pulled harder. He told me harder again, so I pulled as hard as I could. So I decided to try something I have only done once before. With his dick in my mouth, I also pushed his balls. It fills the mouth. I would pull back as far as I could, which wasn't much. That pulled on his balls. He moaned a lot. His dick was just perfect for my mouth. The thickness felt great. When I went all the way down, it was just hitting the back of my throat.

    At this point, I noticed that with the new lights, I could partially see through the sheet. I couldn't make out his face very well, but I could see enough to see his body. I saw that he was playing with his nipples while I was sucking him. So I stuck my arm through the hole and reached up and started playing with his nipples. He moaned a lot more. He was really enjoying this. I started getting aggressive with sucking his dick. He reached through the hole and started fucking my face. I was in heaven.

    I sucked his dick for over 30 minutes before he was getting close. With this, I grabbed his ass, pulled his body in closer so he couldn't pull away, grabbed his balls and pulled down and sucked really hard. With all of that, he started shooting down my throat. He was a huge cummer, I couldn't handle all of it so I pulled back and got the rest in my mouth. Delicious.

    After he left, I checked Grindr and saw I had 50 new guys look at my ad and 10 messages. Amazing what new pics do. The first message I read was from a guy that was grocery shopping and wanted to stop by afterwards. I gave him the directions and he told me he would be over in 10 minutes. So I answered the other messages while I was waiting. One of them was from a guy who I have always thought was super hot. Every time I see his profile and pic, it really turns me on. I replied back to his message. He was interested in coming over, but wanted to know some info. I told him about the gloryhole and where I was basically located. He asked for some pics, so I offered to trade pics. I sent him my dick pic and he replied back with his dick pic. It looked to be about 7" in the picture, but the picture wasn't the best. I told him I also had an ass pic if he wanted and he replied back asking for a face pic. I told him I don't do face pics, but right after I sent that I thought about sending him my face pic because I was so turned on by him. He never did respond and I thought I would just let it go for now.

    So the grocery shopper shows up and I can tell he is a tall guy. I greeted him when he walked in the door and he replied back. He had a very deep voice that sounded familiar. I looked down at the shoes and they were large converse high tops. I have an old fuck buddy that is a tall guy, that familiar deep voice and he always wore converse high tops. I started to get excited because my old fuck buddy has a super thick 9" dick and loves to face fuck.

    This guy shoved his crotch up the hole so I started rubbing my face all over his shorts. I could feel his dick swelling. He pulled his shorts down and I started to suck the dick. It quickly grew to the full size of 7". While I was disappointed it wasn't my old fuck buddy, I did like this dick. I was sucking his dick like it was the last one around. I was giving him my best blow job. He then would pull out and tell me to suck his balls. So I did. I thought about trying to shove his dick and balls into my mouth at the same time, but his balls didn't hang like the 20 yo's did. I sucked on his balls for a long time when he pulled back and stuck his head through the gloryhole. He started making out with me. In all the years I have done this, that is the first time I ever had made out with a guy. He did that a few more times and then asked if I wanted his load. Of course I do! So he grabbed my head and left me a load down my throat. He was happy. I was very happy.

    I checked Grindr after he left, I had even more guys looking and a few more messages. Nothing really panned out from those messages, so I decided to to a break. I relaxed in the recliner and took a small nap. I woke up an hour later to find more messages. One of them was from the guy that I think is so hot. He was asking if I was still looking. Hell yeah, I told him I was and he should come over. I sent him the address and he said he would be over right after he took a shower.

    15 minutes later he showed up. I did my best not to seem too eager, which I can do sometimes. He walked up to the hole and pulled his shorts down. His dick was about 5", soft but starting to chub up a bit. After a few minutes, his dick had chubbed up quite a bit but still wasn't fully hard. He told me to suck on his nuts. So I jacked his dick with my hand while I worked at getting both in my mouth, they were quite large. While I was doing that, I felt his dick get rock hard. I pulled back and his dick was now 8" and super thick. Damn! That was beautiful. I immediately went all the way down on it which I think surprised him. I held my head down on it while he started to fuck my mouth. Damn that was hot. I had so much saliva running down my face. He would pull back and grab his nuts and tell me to suck on them. So I would do that for a few minutes and then go back to that big thick dick. We kept up this routine and his precum and my saliva were running allover the place. I reached through the hole, grabbed his ass and pulled so I could get as much of his dick down my throat as I could. He grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth hard. He asked if I wanted his load and all I could do was moan. He said he was close so I grabbed his ass again so he could pull away and he shot that load in my mouth and my throat. He was shooting hard into my throat and I started to gag. So pulled back and caught it in my mouth. I then had to have his dick shoot down my throat again because my mouth couldn't hold anymore. When he was done shooting, I didn't let go of him and I kept sucking his dick. It did go down a little bit, but it was still mostly hard and still big. I hadn't swallowed yet and my mouth was still full of his cum. He started to fuck my mouth and it was an incredible feeling. We did this for another 10 minutes and when he pulled out his dick was still hard. Only then did I swallow his huge load. He told me that was the best blow job he has ever had. I told him he had a beautiful dick and it made it all the better. I told him he needed to come over again for more of it and he agreed.

    And with that, I was wore out and exhausted. I signed off of Grindr and took another nap. That was a hot day.
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  13. Largo from Mr. Hankey's Toys

    This just arrived yesterday! I've been using the Hung12.5" Adult Black (mentioned in the Big Boys post). It is my current favorite. I will put it on the fuck machine and once I can take it comfortably, I will ride it for a long time. I am able to take it all the way to the base. But as much as I love it, I have been wanting to find something a little bigger. I do have one dildo that is slightly bigger, but for the life of me, I cannot find it. I don't think I took it to the boyfriend's house, I usually only take smaller ones to his place. I think I hid it one day, but now I don't remember where. So a fisting friend told me about a couple of butt plugs he likes on Amazon. This got me to thinking about getting some new toys.

    I love the length of this, I love going deep, but I think the thickness might be a little bit too much. I am not quite up to this size yet, and it will take some work to get to this size, but I am up for the challenge!

    Here are the dimensions listed on Mr. Hankey's website.

    Circumference around head: 9.75"
    Circumference near middle of shaft: 8.75"
    Circumference near base: 9.50"
    Overall length: 19.00"
    Insertable length: 16.00"
    Texture: Smooth/Veiny/Realistic Texture
    Strapon Ring Size: 3.00"

    Here are the dimensions I measured:
    Overall length: 18.5" length
    9.5" circumference.
    Pics are in my Toys Album
  14. I had an interesting day yesterday. I woke up not wanting to go to work and I was horny. I used to work the night shift and would hang around the adult bookstores during the daytime. I had so much fun times from those visits, I was wondering if the daytime hours during the week were still fun. (Of course, in today's climate, I don't think I would go to the local adult bookstores.)

    I recently changed the setup to my gloryhole. The visitor area of the gloryhole are made up by 3 sheets. The main sheet, with the gloryhole cut out, is attached to the sling frame. And then the other 2 sheets go from the sling frame to either side of the door frame. A few weeks ago, in order to save some space in the living room, I turned the sling frame sideways. I had never used the sling as part of the gloryhole, just the frame. But it made the main sheet of the gloryhole a little wider, gave the visitor a little more space and it freed up more space in the living room.

    One thing I noticed about this, if I was to hang up the sling side-to-side instead of front-to-back, my ass would be right at the gloryhole. So I decided to give it a try. I went to do a deep cleaning of my ass, don't want any surprises. While I was cleaning out, I put up an ad DoubleList. I also went to Grindr and added to my profile that I the Sling was set up and I had toys.

    Within 5 minutes of my ad being on DoubleList, Mr. 9" (one of my new regulars) was texting me. I told him to come over at 11am. He's a lot of fun, I love the way he fucks my face, but he never fucks me because I don't have condoms for him. I've told him he could bring his own condoms, ones that will fit him. He seems to just want to fuck my face.

    A few minutes after 11, he wants to know if I am ready. I told him to come over. He doesn't like the gloryhole as much, so I moved the gloryhole sheet. He comes over, I start sucking his dick. He loves his balls being sucked on. His balls look funny to me because they are so small but his dick is so large. But I suck on his balls and that really gets him going. While I am sucking his dick, he will reach over and play with my nipples. He also smacked my ass a few times. He then turned around and laid down in the sling. I kept trying to suck his dick, but he pushed my head down to his balls. I think he was wanting me to go further down to rim his ass, but I just don't get into that. So I sucked his balls again and then I tried to suck his dick some more. But he stopped me, and he got out of the sling and pushed me down into it. So I got into the sling unsure of what he was wanting. Next thing I know, he starts fucking me hard. That was something new for us. He pounded my ass for about 60 seconds and he started to cum. As he was cumming, he pulled out and shot all over my dick and balls. He is the type that gets really quiet after he cums. He will quickly get dressed and leave without saying anything.

    Now it was nice to get fucked by Mr. 9", but since he only lasted about 60 seconds, it wasn't much fun. So I kept watching Grindr, but there wasn't much on. I checked my email and there was no response from DoubleList. I knew I was going to doze off, so I made sure the volume on my phone was up so I would hear it if Grindr went off. I took an hour nap and woke up when I got a message on Grindr. There was no picture and very little profile. But I had starred their profile, so obviously it was somebody I had talked to before. He started asking me about the sling and toys. He asked if I liked to get fucked in the sling through the gloryhole. I said hell yeah! He then asked if I had poppers and jlube. I knew he was experienced when he asked for jlube. I told him I had something similar but not as stringy as jlube. He said he would be over in 10 minutes. So I got busy, I put the lube and the fisting lube on the table. I found some good poppers and put them on the table too. I grabbed some clean towels and put them under the table. I then found a roll of papertowels and put them on the table for him. I then picked out some of the dildos. I had the biggest ones, but I chickened out and took out the really big ones. When I thought everything was ready, I got into the sling and waited.

    A few minutes later, I heard the door open. I could then hear him take his clothes off and he was getting ready. From the way it is setup, I cannot see the visitor at all. So everything they do, I can only guess from the sounds. But the first thing he does is get down and start rimming my hole. And he was fucking amazing at it. He rimmed it for about 5 minutes with only his tongue, before he started fingering my hole as he rimmed it. He continued working my hole with his tongue and fingers for another 10 minutes. It was so good, it relaxed me and got me prepared for what was next.

    Next, I felt the head of one of the dildos pressing up against my hole. It was interesting because I couldn't see it and I had no idea which one he was using. He did take it slow at first, which I was appreciative of. He worked it in a little bit and pulled it out a few times. I moaned to let him know it was good. And with than, he pushed it all the way in. Oh damn that felt good. And with that he worked it all the way in and would pull it all the way out and then shove it all the way in. OMG, it was great. He then did a rapid in and out. The pressure on my prostate was driving me insanse. I orgasmed from the intense pressure and the jockstrap I was wearing was soaked. As I was cumming, it caused my ass to clamp down and it pushed the dildo out.

    With this, he changed over to a bigger dildo. I took a big hit of poppers and was ready for round 2. He started going slow with the bigger dildo, and then when he realized I was okay, he started pounding my ass with it. A few times, he shoved it all the way in and would hit the end of the dildo. After about 10 minutes of this, and more incredible pressure on my prostate, I was leaking precum like crazy. A few times he got close to making me cum again, but I think he realized it and would slow down a little.

    Next thing I know,he pulls the dildo out and starts working his fingers in. When he gets all of his fingers in, he starts trying to work his fist in. Getting fisted has always been a goal of mine, but I have never been close. But he would try to work his whole hand in until we reached the thickest part of his hand. Twice he was right at that point, just a little push more and his fist would have been in. But I wasn't sure if I was completely ready. So I let him do his thing and I never told him to push it through.

    He then moved back to the dildos. And at some point, something massive was entering my hole. I didn't have a dildo that big, it felt great, it felt different, it felt incredible. He started pounding my ass again and this time the pressure on my prostate was too much. He made me cum again and the precum was flowing like crazy. But he never stopped and he kept going. I let him continue to work my hole over, but after another 10 minutes or so, I told him I had to stop. He asked if I was on a time restraint, and I told him no, he's made me cum at least twice, maybe more. The feeling was so incredible but I needed a break. He laughed and said he didn't realize I had cum yet. I told him I didn't make myself cum, he did it all on his own. He asked if he could fuck my ass and finish off. I said sure, I would like that. So he stuck his dick into my gaping hole and started to fuck me. I hadn't seen his dick yet, but damn it felt really good. He had a very nice-sized dick. He pounded my hole and I could tell he was getting close. His hands had found my cum covered dick and was playing with it. I grabbed his hands and squeezed on them. I then took one of my hands and started to feel his body. I could feel the top of his abs and his chest. His abs were rock hard. I found a nipple on his smooth chest and I pinched it. This sent him over the edge and he started to cum. After he had shot his load, he stood there for a minute. As soon as he pulled back, I tried to get out of the sling, but my legs were weak and I just collapsed on the floor. I still hadn't recovered from the hands-free orgasms. I sat there while he cleaned himself off and gathered his clothes. I still had no idea who this guy was, but he was tall and skinny with no body fat. His dick, while it was starting to go soft, it looked like it was just a bit over 7" long and thick.

    I still hadn't caught my breath, so as he walked out the door, all I could get out was "Thanks". About 10 minutes later, he sent me a message. He told me that was really hot and he enjoyed it. I Thanked him again and told him that was a lot more than I had expected. But it was the hottest time I have had in that sling. He said he had always wanted to try a sling out, so he was excited to try it out. I later asked if he was on Asspig, and he said he was. I found out which guy he was on there, and realized he is a bottom. He said he likes to get fisted, but he also likes to fist. I told him he almost had it 2 different times, the feeling was incredible. I also told him next time, we will need to get him into the sling, let me have some fun with his hole. He said he would love for that to happen. I think I found a new play partner that is all about the hole!
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  15. So I found a thread on Reddit about gloryholes. Some pics of gloryholes in use, but it was mainly ads for gloryholes all over. Thought that was pretty cool. So I decided to post an ad for mine.

    I immediately had some responses, all wanting to know if I was a female. Now, I have been to a lot of bookstores, gloryholes, bathhouses, but I have never seen a single woman at a gloryhole. I never thought that I would need to say I was a male, but Iet them know I was not a female.

    I did get a few reponses from other guys. But even though I said when I could host in the ad, they would just randomly ask if I was hosting at different times. I would tell them what times (as posted in the ad) and get no response. Two of the guys asked me to let them know the next time I was hosting. So the next time I was hosting, I sent them each a message, and never heard back.

    But on Saturday, one of them did message me. I have no idea of age, stats, anything. I asked what he was looking for. He said he just wanted to fuck me, but he would suck me off afterwards if I needed that. He said he had never sucked a guy before. Okay. I told him I was good with getting fucked, he wouldn't need to do anything else. So I sent him the addresss.

    He shows up about 10 minutes later. I can tell he is younger, I'm guessing 18 to 20. Looking through the glory hole, I could see a very nice, fit body. He pulled his dick out and he wasn't hard yet. He was maybe 3.5" and completely soft. He also got a condom out and ripped it open. He laid the condom on the table and was jacking his dick trying to get hard. He pulled his phone out and watched some porn, while jacking his dick. I told him I could suck his dick and get it hard, but he never acknowledged me. So I watched. He continued jacking his dick while watching porn, but it had only chubbed up a litte bit, it was now a thicker 4" to 5" but still not hard. By this time, he had turned so he was facing away from me. I asked again if I could suck it. He pulled his shorts up, grabbed the opened condom and said it was a mistake. He left as quicklly as he could.

    Poor guy, I don't think he was ready to try it yet. I never heard back from him.
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