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  1. Last week was a disappointing week. I haven't been much in the mood lately. I think it is a factor of Corona virus/quarantine, the aftermath of my 97 year old grandfather who fell and did some serious damage to himself, worrying about my 96 year old grandmother who has terrible memory losses and doesn't understand why my grandfather isn't around right now and this damn heat and humidity. So for the past couple of weeks, I have really cooled off on hosting at the glory hole.

    Last Friday night, I did invite the one guy over from a few weeks ago. He is the one who would grab on to my head and fuck my face. He was so good at it. Right after the last time he came over, he was suddenly interested in fucking my ass. The problem I had with him was he was becoming very demanding. He insisted that when he fucks my ass, it won't be through a glory hole, it will be on a couch or my bed. I am not ready for that with him, I like to keep everything completely anonymous. That is my thing. When I tell him that I am not ready for face-to-face or inviting him into my place, his reply is always "mmm". What the hell does that mean???

    So I told him he could come over, but it will only be through the glory hole. Once again, I got a "mmm" reply. So I didn't reply back until about 10 minutes later he asked if I was ready to be fucked. I said sure, but only through the glory hole. I was not backing down on that at this point. Once again, "mmm". I told him I needed to get cleaned out and take a shower. I told him to come by after 9. About 8:30, I am running late, trying to finish cleaning out, when over the noise of the shower running, I hear a commotion downstairs. I didn't think too much of it, I do have a parrot and she can get very loud sometimes. She also loves to take showers, so I figured she was upset because she could hear the water running but she wasn't getting a shower. So I closed the bathroom door and finished getting ready. When I got out of the shower, I noticed that I had a notification on my phone. Somebody had been at my front door. I looked at the time and it was 8:45. I looked at the video and saw a guy had arrived around 8:30 and had been knocking on my door. That was the noise I had heard earlier. I was a little bit upset because I had told the guy to come after 9pm. I finished getting ready, put the bird away in her other cage (in another room so she won't make a lot of noise) and made sure everything was setup. I checked the front door, there was nobody there anymore.

    I got on Grindr and saw that Mr. 9 o'clock wasn't online at the time, but it showed he was very close. I sent a message asking if he was ready and he immediately replied that he would be over in a few minutes. I heard his car when he pulled into the driveway about 5 minutes later. He came in, I sucked his dick for about 5 minutes when he tells me that he is not going to cum for me tonight. That was a let down, he always had a nice big load. So I told him okay, but I continued to suck on his dick. He finally stepped back and kept it out of reach of my mouth. So deciding that he was done, I told him thanks, maybe another time. He then asked to see my ass. So I stood up and turned around, I pushed my ass through the gloryhole. He grabbed my ass, felt the crack and played with the hole for a few minutes when I felt the head of his dick at my hole. Suddenly he pushed it inside of me. It was obvious at that point that he had either lubed up his dick or used spit to get it wet. He fucked me for about 30 seconds and then pulled out. He quickly pulled his shorts up and said he had to go, but next time he was going to fuck me properly.

    A hour later, he messaged and asked if I had liked it. I told him it was nice but way too short. He said it would be longer next time. Once again, "mmm". I decided I was going lay low for a while. So on Saturday morning, I took down the gloryhole and packed it up and put it into the storage shed. I decided to take the next few weeks off.

    Fast forward to yesterday (Monday) afternoon. On my way home from work, I got a notification again that somebody was at my front door. Not expecting anybody or anything to be delivered. So I opened up the app for my doorbell and saw it was the same guy who had come over early on Friday night. I am all for guys coming over for fun, WHEN INVITED, but to show up early or randomly, that is not cool. I quickly sent a message to the guy from Friday night. I told him that wasn't cool just showing up. He quickly replied back that he hadn't been back over since Friday night. At this point I realized I really didn't know what Mr. 9 o'clock looked like. So I checked the doorbell video from Friday night and saw that he looks nothing like the guy who had showed up earlier. It definitely wasn't him that showed up on Monday afternoon uninvited.

    So now I am freaking out. Mr. Uninvited is a guy who just shows up randomly without an invitation. I assume he is coming over for the gloryhole. Both times he has been over, he is just wearing sneakers, athletic shorts and a t-shirt. He isn't bad looking, late 40's/early 50's, over 6 feet tall, decent looking body. I wouldn't mind him coming over, but only when invited. What if I had company over? Or one of my cousins was spending the night (with my grandparents current situation, the cousins have been staying over quite a bit lately). Just having a random guy show up is not very cool. The problem is I have no clue who it is. I have always been super careful not to send my address until I knew for sure they were coming over. Even so, I've had a few guys in the past not show up after I had sent them my address. But I haven't had one of those in a long time. I also don't recognize him. I don't think he is one of my regulars. And if he had been over before, it has to have been from a long time ago. But why wouldn't he message me or email me first or at least make sure I was even hosting at the time. I sometimes host on Monday late nights, but never on Monday afternoons.

    Just very weird and a little bit nerve-wracking situation.
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  2. After high school, I went to college in the same town I went to high school. It was a small conservative town. The nearest gay bar was an hour away. My friends and I would carpool to the gay bar on weekends. One weekend, I was going to take my friend Brandon to the gay bar. He was wanting to leave early because he wanted to stop by the mall before we went to the gay bar. He was quick at the mall and we got to the bar super early. We got some drinks and sat near the dance floor while we waited for our friends to show up.

    This bar was a very old building that was on 3 levels, with a huge dance floor that was 3 stories high. The far wall of the dance floor was mirrored and we could see most of the bar. We were watching the front door for the arrival of our friends. A good song came on, so Brandon and I danced by ourselves. As we danced, we kept watching the front door area, when I noticed a really hot guy standing in the corner. It looked like he was watching us. I pointed him out to Brandon. I thought he was watching Brandon, but Brandon thought he was watching me. As the song ended, the next song came on, but we didn't like that song. So we decided to see who the hot gay was interested in, so we headed in two different directions and see who he followed. Brandon went to the other side of the dance floor while I headed upstairs to the balcony that overlooked the dance floor. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the mirrored wall and saw him walking up behind me. He came and stood next to me, so I smiled and said hello as I quickly checked him out up close. He was hot. He was about 6'4" (a inch or so taller than me), nice muscular body, hairy chest, hansome face and a nice smile. We started talking but the music was getting louder. I told him to follow me. We sat at the corner table in the quiet room.

    We introduced ourselves. He said his name was JC. He was my age and in the air force. He wasn't from the area, but he was staying at the local air force base for 6 months while he was getting some training. He was from Colorado and wasn't used to the how flat it was. I could tell he wasn't out, so I asked if he was straight, bi or gay. He said he was bi and had been married, but she died in a car accident. I asked if he was dating anybody and he said no. He said eventually he would like to get married again and have kids. We stayed upstairs most of the night. We talked quite a bit, we made out for a while and we even unzipped our jeans and felt each other up as we stood on the balcony which had no lights and made out.

    At the end of the night, I asked if he wanted to come back to my place. I told him it was an hour away but I would bring him back whenever he wanted. He was all for it.

    He spent that night and had amazing sex. His body was incredible. His dick was very nice, big and thick. He fucked me twice that night and again in the morning. We went for a walk around the campus and went to a local restaurant for breakfast. We laid on the couch and watched football before he fucked me again on the couch. We fell asleep together on couch before we woke up and he realized he needed to get back to the base. The base had a shuttle bus that ran between the base and the mall. So I dropped him off at the mall right before the last shuttle bus.

    This was before cell phones, so I gave him my phone number and he gave me the number to the room he was staying at the air force base. During the week, we talked each night on the phone. We talked about ourselves, what we were wanting and the future. We made plans for the next weekend. He seemed too good to be true.

    Friday night, I went to pick him up at the mall. We drove around and I showed him some of the area. He couldn't believe how flat it was here. He had grown up in Texas and was wanting some good Mexican food. At the time, the only Mexican restaurants in town were Chi Chi's and a local place that was just okay. He decided on Chi Chi's. During dinner, things were going good. When the waiter left the bill on the table, I paid for it. When we got up to leave, I asked him what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to go to a bar and have some drinks. I asked if he wanted to go to a sports bar, the gay bar or something else. He said the gay bar was fine. We had a few drinks and he still seemed okay, but when I asked if he wanted another drink, he said he needed to go home. I thought he was going to come home with me again, but he said he couldn't do it. I told him I would take him back to the mall so he could catch the bus. He said not to worry about it. He would get a taxi. I walked him out of the bar and he could tell I was disappointed. He said he needed to go home for Christmas break, but he would call me when he got back.

    Christmas came and went. And I never heard back from him. One night, I got a bit drunk, and I couldn't stop thinking about him. I called information for Denver and asked for his number. I called the number and a woman answered the phone. I asked if JC was there and she said he was. She called out his name and I hung up the phone before he picked up. I sat there and cried.

    Years later, I found him on Facebook. He was married and had 3 sons. I sent him a message and we chatted. He didn't remember me. He thought I was in the air force with him. I hinted that we had met at a bar. He still didn't know. I finally told him we meet at the dance bar and I think he finally got it. We chatted a few times, I told him that I always thought about him and hoped things were good for him. He said they were. Over the next few weeks, I checked out his pics. His sons were good looking, just like him. His hair had thinned a bit, but he still looked really good. He still had the muscular body, his chest was still very hairy. We chatted one last time. I told him that he still looked really good and his boys looked just like him. I told him I was happy that things were good for him. I told him I would never forget that time in 1991. And with that, I told him goodbye and I would never bother him again. I checked out his profile again over the next few days and then a few weeks later, I unfriended him on Facebook. I still think about him. He was one of the hottest guys I have known.
  3. Life has been very different since my last blog post. When my state decided to start the stay at home quarantine, I decided I was going to take some time off from work. At my job, the other employees all continued to work, but I had saved up some money and decided to take a month off from work. But at the end of not working for a month, I realized how little money I actually needed to live off. And then there was the stimulus checks. So I decided to take more time off. In the end, I took a total of 10 weeks off, but I was stir crazy. The few times I signed on to the gay apps, I was getting lots of guys interested in visiting the gloryhole, but I just wasn't ready for that.

    2 weekends ago, my hormones were getting the better of me, and I put up an ad online and signed into the gay apps. I started to immediately get a few guys looking. I started to chicken out, but one of the guys really caught my attention. So I told him to come over. While I was waiting for him to show up, I had another guy message me. This guy sounded more interesting to me, straight married and just wanting a blow job. So hoping the first guy would show up on time, cum relatively quickly and then leave, I told the second guy to come over in an hour.

    1st guy shows up, he was just okay, but it has been almost 3 months, and I needed to suck some dick! So I gave him one of the best blow jobs ever. And he came rather quickly. After he left, I realized how hard I was sucking him, I was covered in sweat and needed to rest for a few minutes. I got cleaned up and was ready with a few minutes before the 2nd guy showed up.

    The 2nd guys comes in the door and immediately pulled out his dick. When I reached through the hole with my hand, he was already hard as a rock. I immediately started sucking his dick for all he was worth. I came up for a quick breath when he grabbed my head and shoved it all the way down to the base of his dick. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when a guy grabs my head and fucks my face. And he was doing it very well. I finally had to catch my breath again and I pulled off his dick. I think he thought I didn't like it, he immediately put his hands back at his sides. I stuck my hands through and felt his body while I was sucking him. My hands found his hands and I grabbed on to his hands. He thought I was trying to hold his hands and while I do like to hold a guy's hands while I suck his dick, what I was really wanting was him to put his hands on my head and fuck my face some more. And as soon as I put his hands on my head, he knew exactly what to do. And he never stopped fucking my face. When he got close to cumming, he started to get vocal. He kept asking where I wanted his load. I told him down my throat. Then he started telling me how big his loads are. DAMN, my dick was leaking and I wasn't even touching it. And sure enough, I knew he was ready to shoot. He pushed my head all the way down and held it. I could feel his dick pulsing as he was shooting his load in my back of my mouth and down my throat. And he wasn't kidding when he said he had a huge load. I tried to take a gulp, with his dick in my mouth and swallow some of the load. But he kept cumming and I tried to take it without gagging. He finally started to pull out when I licked his dick clean and get all the cum off of him. I finally swallowed his huge load and it tasted so good.

    I thought I had done a really good job, when I sent the 2nd guy a thank you message and told him to come over again. I needed more of him. He said he definitely planned on returning. :)

    While I was typing that message out, I got a message from another guy. This guy had a picture. I had seen him online before, but we never chatted. He is a black kid, a little bit shorter than I like, but he was good looking. We chatted a few minutes when he sent me a picture of his dick. He said it was 8" long, but damn, it looked very thick in the picture. I had to taste him. So I sent him the address and told him I really wanted to suck his dick. He was just down the road, so he walked through my front door a few minutes later. I reached through the gloryhole and my hand met his dick which was already about a thick 7" dick and it was still very soft. I started sucking on his dick and could feel it swell up inside my mouth. By the time he was fully hard, he was about 8.5" and very thick. It was rock hard and stuck straight out from his body, no bends, no curves, but some veins along the side. I was able to work it all the way down my throat and I could feel his pubes against my lips. And then he started pumping it in and out of my mouth. I could take it for about 60 seconds but it was too much. But after a few minutes of trying, we got the rhythm down and he just fucked my face for about 10 minutes. I finally pulled off, I was out of breath, tears running down my face and spit running down my face, all over the gloryhole and on the floor. I was in heaven. We went at it a second time, this time we got to about 6 or 7 minutes when he couldn't keep it up, he grabbed on to my head and held it down as he shot his load down my throat. And then he just held it there for a minute. He let got of my head and I slowly pulled back off his dick, milking it trying to get every last drop of cum. I cleaned up the cum that was still dribbling from the head of his dick. And then I collapsed from the exhaustion. It had been a wild night.
  4. Tuesday night saw an abundance of guys looking for some fun. Last night was a completely different story. I was on Grindr for about 4 hours and had talked to 3 guys. None of them were seriously looking.

    I did find a guy on Squirt that was looking. But he was located an hour away and he wanted me to pick him up and bring him here. *Red Flag* I told him that if I did pick him up, I wouldn't be able to take him home and I had to work the next day. He said no problem, he would wander around town until I got home. *Big Red Flag* The only information I had was a picture of his dick (it was a huge dick that you would find on LPSG) and his age. He asked my age (which is in my profile), so I told him. He then told me his age, which was younger than the age listed in his profile. *Red Flag* I stopped talking to him. Even though that huge dick in his profile pic was lovely, I was pretty sure it is a fake pic and the red flags were screaming at me to forget about him. He then started sending a bunch of messages about playing games and wasting his time. *RED FLAG* *RED FLAG* *RED FLAG*. I politely told him I couldn't make it over there and then I blocked him.

    Around midnight, I knew I had to get to sleep, but nobody had been over and I really wanted to at least suck a dick. I kept doing the desperate "one more look", making sure there wasn't a new possibility.

    I noticed that the first guy from Tuesday night had signed on to Grindr. He asked if I was looking and I told him yeah, I was headed to bed but I was hoping for a quickie. I asked what he was looking for and he replied that he was wanting to fuck my ass. I told him that sounded good and for him to head on over.

    A few minutes later, he said he was on his way. I knew it would take him 10 to 15 minutes, so I made sure everything was setup, the front door was unlocked and I took my position at the hole. After about 10 minutes, I checked Grindr and it said the distance was 2 miles away. So I ran a quick check of everything and I waited.

    I checked Grindr again and it said he was 3 miles away. Weird. Maybe he took a different way to my house or he missed a turn. No big deal.

    Check again a few minutes later, he was 5 miles away. What the hell!!! I sent him a message, I asked what was up. No reply. I sent him another message, asked if he was coming or not. No reply. Then I saw that he had read the message. I waited a few minutes, still no reply, IGNORE! I don't understand why he would get that close to my house and then turn around with no reply. I signed off of Grindr and called it a night. I had struck out.
  5. Last week, I got my bonus at work and decided to buy some new toys (dildos). I have been wanting to start stretching my hole so I can take a fist. Being fist fucked has always been a fantasy of mine and I decided to train so I can take one. I belong to, a website for fist fuckers. On the forum I had seen a few guys recommending Square Peg Toys to get some larger dildos. I had already ordered one toy (the Leo Harness) and was extremely pleased with it. The delivery was super quick and I was really pleased with the quality.

    So I looked on their website and found 3 more that looked promising. This time I got the Longneck Smooth, the Flat Head, and the Big Stick. The Flat Head and the Big Stick both have the SquarePegHole, so I can use them on the fuck machine. The Longneck Smooth didn't offer that option. I also ordered them in the black color, which is more firm than the other 2 options. (The Leo Harness wasn't available in black and comes in the less firm option.)
    The Flat Head and the Big Stick are very similar in size and shape. Both of them fit perfectly in my ass. Each time I use them, they make my cock leak precum like crazy. They hit the prostrate and rub it perfectly. They also reach past the second sphincter opening and they feel great when the machine is on full speed and pounding me. The Longneck Smooth is much longer and bigger and gently goes from a narrow tip to a much broader head. It is perfectly shaped to open it up and stretch the hole open. I can take the Longneck Smooth with no problems, it gently stretches the hole open. Last night after fucking myself with the Big Stick on the fucking machine, I went over and sat down on the Longneck. I took it slow and and went all the way down to the base. It felt great. So far, I have been super pleased with these toys.

    I also took a look at Mr. Hankey's Toys. They have been highly recommended on the Asspig forums. First thing I noticed was they also offer the hole on the bottom for harness/fuck machine use. I saw the Ray Diesel dildo on their website. Ray Diesel is a very hot guy and I always enjoy watching him in porn, he always gets me going. They offer 5 sizes of his dildo. I was trying to decide which size I thought would be best for me. I narrowed it down to the Large/XL or the XXL. I then decided to get the XXL, if I couldn't use it at first, I could stretch into it. It was late at night, I was half asleep, I placed the order without really thinking about it.

    It took 3 days from both places to get the toys. I was preplexed at first, I received two boxes (one from each company). Both boxes were about the same size. I know one of them contained 3 dildos and the other one should have 1. I opened both boxes to discover I had accientally ordered the Ray Diesel XXXL dildo. This sucker is HUGE!!! It weighs more than all 3 of the other dildos put together. It has a base to help it stand up straight and looks like a tree trunk. Actually, I think it is a tree trunk! It is going to take a LOT of stretching before I will be able to ride this toy. It is just way too much for me. But I am up for the challenge.

    So I recommend both places. They both offer great toys with excellent quality. The toys are pricey, but you get what you pay for. I have no problem paying a little extra for quality toys and they both offer that. And they both have super fast shipping. My only complaint, really pay attention to what you order! lol
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  6. Oh what a weird night it was last night. I'm still having to work (my boss will never shut down) and was super horny yesterday. I had already made plans to have a guy from LPSG come to my glory hole last night. So when I got home, I started immediately with my usual deep cleaning (douche).

    While I was doing that, I signed on to Grindr and within 10 minutes I had 4 different guys interested in stopping by. 2 of them didn't seem to be very serious about it, so I stopped chatting with them. 1 guy was interested by he lived about 20 miles away, so I really doubted he would show up. The other guy seemed to be very interested in it, so I told him I would be looking in an hour and he was still interested. I finished cleaning and took a shower. I then finished setting up the glory hole and got back to Grindr. The interested guy was still wanting to come by. So I sent him the address and told him to let me know when he was close. He said he was leaving in 5 minutes and would be there shortly.

    While waiting, I had 2 more guys start chatting. 1 guy really got my attention. He had nice stats and he had sent a pic of his dick. He looked to be about 7" but super thick. I told him I mainly like to suck and get fucked and asked what he was interested in. He replied back he was only interested in getting sucked and my ass. YES! I told him I had a guy on his way and he was supposed to be there soon. I chatted with this guy a little bit more and then I looked at the guy who was supposed to be on his way and noticed that he was still the same distance away. I sent a message asking if he knew how long it would be. I then saw that he had read the message so I waited. I went back to thick dick guy and talked to him a little bit more, when a few minutes later I clicked back over to the guy who was supposed to be on his way and saw that he had not replied back to my message and still was the same distance away. So I blocked him and told the thick dick guy to come over. While I was waiting, I had started receiving messages from a guy who was staying in a hotel nearby. He was a top and wanting me to come to his room. I told him that I had a gloryhole setup at my house and already had a guy coming over. He then sent me a pic of his dick, he was 8" and a nice thickness. He said he didn't have a car and could only host. I said I would talk to him after the guy had left.

    While waiting on thick dick to show up, I finalized the plans with the LPSG guy to come over. Just as I finished talking to him, thick dick showed up. I love thick dick! As soon as I started to suck his dick, I was hooked. It immediately got full size and definitely was very thick. His crotch had a very nice masculine musk smell that drove me crazy. I was sucking him for all it was worth when he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face. A HUGE TURN ON! I could tell he was getting close, and he stopped fucking my face but he didn't take his dick out. I wasn't wanting him to cum just yet, I really wanted him to fuck me with his fat dick. So I kept my mouth on it but didn't move. When he had calmed down a bit, I started the routine again of sucking him and then him grabbing my head and fucking my face. We did this 4 or 5 times when he asked to see my ass. So I gladly stood up and turned around. I dropped my sweats and put my ass up to the glory hole. I took a hit of poppers and reached behind and got his dick really wet with my spit. I then guided his dick to my hole. He took over from there and pushed his thick dick into my hole. It was the perfect combination of my tight hole, his thick dick, the new poppers and my spit. It stretched my hole with a little discomfort but nothing painful. He grabbed my hips and drove his dick all the way in. It felt perfect. My hole was tight enough that I felt every vein on his dick but not too tight that it hurt. He kept pounding my ass for about 5 minutes when his rhythm started to get really erratic and I could tell he wasn't going to last. He really pulled my hips back as he pumped his load and then he just stood there while he caught his breath. And he then quickly got dressed and left.

    I message the LPSG guy and told him I was ready whenever he was. He originally was going to come over for a blowjob. I had said I was really wanting to get fucked last night (this was before thick dick came over). He said he would be up for that. When I told him the other guy was gone and told him to come over, I told him that the other guy had fucked me and he didn't have to if he didn't want to. He came over, pulled his pants down and stuck his dick up to the hole. He has been over before and I love sucking his dick. Within seconds he was fully hard and I was really getting into it. He then started grabbing the back of my head and fucking face. This gets me going like nothing else. And just after getting fucked by thick dick, this really had my hormones going. After about 10 minutes of him fucking my face off and on, I couldn't take it anymore and I really wanted to feel him fuck my ass. I pulled off his dick and said I need him to fuck me. I stood up and dropped my sweats and turned around. I heard him let out a breath of excitement. I rubbed my spit on his dick and backed up on to it. He knew what to do, he grabbed my hips and fucked me. I felt in heaven from getting fucked a second time in less than an hour.

    As soon as he had left. I went and relaxed in front of the tv. I put a towel down on the chair which when I got back up had a little puddle of cum on it. While I was going through my messages, I saw the hotel guy had messaged me again. He asked if I had been fucked by the guy. I told him I actually ended up with 2 guys that came over and both of them had fucked me. He asked if they had cum in me and I told him yes. This turned him on a lot and he said he really needed to fuck my ass and add his load to it too. The most loads I have had in one night was two. So this became a conquest that I needed to up that record. He told me the hotel and I told him I would be there in 10 minutes. I got to the hotel and he sent me his room number. I went directly up to his floor and knocked on his door. The lights were off in the room, but he had a porno playing on his laptop. He was standing there in his briefs with a huge bulge. I dropped to my knees and started to suck his dick. It was definitely as big in person as it looked in the pics he had sent. He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my face. His dick had a slight curve in it that made it slide so easily into my throat. He kept this up for a few minutes when he would stop and pull it out. I could taste his precum as the head of his dick slid across my tongue. He pulled me up off my knees and shoved me over on to the bed. I fell over on to my knees on the bed and bent over. He came up behind me and ran his tongue over my hole. I opened my hole up and let his tongue go in. He moaned and said he could taste their cum. He stood up and pushed his dick all the way into my ass. I took a big hit of poppers and handed them back to him. He took a hit and then started to pound my ass. He would push it all the way in and I could feel his pubic hair against my skin. He would then pull all the way back until just the head was at the entrance of my hole and then shove it all the way back in again. He then grabbed my hips and started fucking my ass with his pace quickening with each thrust. And then I heard him groan loudly as he stopped and held his dick inside me. He stayed there for a minute and then pulled out and ran to the bathroom to grab a towel. I started to stand up and I felt all that cum hitting the floor and my feet. I reached back there and grabbed a lot of that cum with my fingers and then I licked them clean. I decided to do my walk of shame, I pulled my sweats back on and walked back to my car. I could feel the cum dripping out of my hole with each step. I knew I was going to have to walk by the front desk on my way out, but luckily nobody was there. By the time I got home, I could feel a little puddle of cum in my sweats. I then pulled out one of my new dildos and put it on my fuck machine. I put a hot big dicked porn on the tv screen and backed up on to the machine. When I got the dildo positioned just right, I turned on the machine and let it start pumping away. As my ass got used to it, I turned it up to full speed and fucked my ass. I took a huge hit of poppers and was pulling on my nipples with one hand and jacking my cock with the other. I sprayed my load all over the towel that was at my feet.

    When I sat back down, I noticed that Grindr was still open. I looked down and saw 3 more guys had messaged me. One guy described his dick and long and thick and in need of an ass. I started to message him, but I was spent and about to fall asleep. With that, I rolled over and closed my eyes. I woke up in the morning with Grindr still open on my phone. I had a few more messages but I had to get ready for work. I definitely enjoyed my evening last night and will remember it for a long time. It is amazing how many guys come out looking for sex when the corona virus closes down most of the events and businesses.
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  7. I'm feeling very emotional today. I was reading a few posts about missed opportunities and running into an ex. They made me think of a friend I used to have.

    When I first came out (1989 or 1990), I was still living in my hometown where I grew up. There was no gay scene. The only option we had was the gay-friendly bar which wasn't really that gay friendly or the gay/lesbian support group which was only for emotional support but no outside social talk was allowed. So the best we could do was travel to the popular gay bar that was located an hour away. We often would carpool to the gay bar.

    One night, I took a friend of mine to the gay bar. While we were there, he introduced me to another guy, Kevin, that was also from our same hometown. Kevin and I hit it off right away. We were the same age (only a few months difference in age), had lived in the same crappy apartment complex, and had both been studying for the same college degree and had both dropped out of school because of money. When we weren't working, Kevin and I were hanging around all the time, often over at his place. One night, when we had gone to the gay bar, on the ride home, he laid his head in my lap. I kept one hand on the steering wheel and rubbed his head and back with the other hand. I had never thought about Kevin sexually, but that night I spent the night at his place and we had sex 3 times. For the next 2 months, we were hanging around as friends during the day/evening and then having sex at night. We were also writing stupid funny notes to each other. One day, I arrived at my apartment to find a note from Kevin. Instead of his usual funny note, it was a note telling me that he had met a new guy and they were going to move in together. I was blindsided. I realized that I had serious feelings for Kevin and was really hurt.

    Not wanting to lose my new best friend, I agreed to be social with him and his new boyfriend. When it came time to meet the new guy, Tony, I discovered that Tony was a really nice guy and easy to get along with. Tony and I became friends and often the 3 of us hung around together. When I moved into a new place for the summer, Kevin and Tony moved into their new apartment. When my new roommate was stealing my stuff, I moved all my stuff into the garage at Kevin and Tony's new place. That summer, Tony and I started working out together at the college gym playing raquetball together. Slowly Kevin wasn't around as much but Tony and I were spending a lot of time together. Needing to get away from my summer roommate, I found a new 1 bedroom apartment very close to my job and the school. The next time I talked to Kevin, I told him about my new place. He told me that is awesome because him and Tony had also got a new apartment in the same building. We helped each other move in we had dinner a few times together. But it was obvious something was wrong with Kevin. One day he was friendly but the next day he would be distant. So I would be polite when I saw them in the hallways, but I kept some distance from them (mainly Kevin). Eventually, Tony and I stopped going to the gym/racquetball court together. One day, Kevin asked me for a ride (he didn't have a car) to a doctor's appointment. The doctor's office was in a town about 10 minutes away and located in a strange building. I didn't think anything of it at the time. I waited in the waiting room while Kevin went into the exam room. He was only in there for a few minutes before he came into the waiting room and said he was ready to go home. On the trip home, he didn't say much. It was obvious he was upset. He did lay his head on my lap again. I just rubbed his back. When we got home, he went to his place and didn't say anything to me. A few days later, I saw Tony in the hallway. I asked how Kevin was doing. Tony told me that they were still living together but had broken up. A few weeks later, Tony let me know that Kevin had moved out and was living in Boston now. It really hurt me that Kevin left without saying anything to me.

    About 15 years later, I was attending Market Days in Chicago. Huge street festival, with the street packed full of people. I was with some friends when I noticed Kevin was across the street. I hadn't seen him in the 15 years since he moved to Boston, but there he was looking good. He was walking in the opposite direction that we were going. When we got close to each other (he was on the opposite side of the street), he looked over to where we were standing but I couldn't tell if he had seen me or not. The street was so packed, there was no way I could make it over there without getting lost from my friends. I didn't get to talk to him, but it was nice to see him. 6 months later, I happened to run across a guy on AOL that had been friends with both Kevin and me in college. We talked for a few minutes when I told him that I had run into Kevin in Chicago. He stopped talking for a few minutes and then told me that wasn't Kevin. I asked how he knew it wasn't Kevin, when he told me that Kevin had died in 1992. It turns out that when I took Kevin to that doctor's appointment, he got tested for HIV/AIDS. His test had come back as positive. Kevin broke up with his boyfriend and moved to Boston because he couldn't face the people he knew and loved.

    I have kept all of Kevin's notes from the few months we were together. Whenever I am in a sad mood, I pull them out and it always cheers me up. Kevin, "Pedro, come hither." "Alfredo, what is he? A cheese sauce?" RIP my friend, I hope you have found your peace.
  8. This past weekend, I realized it has been over a month since I last hosted at my glory hole. With the nice weather and the state wrestler tournament in town, I knew I needed to definitely have some glory hole fun. I got home from work on Friday and I dicked around and didn't get it setup until really late. I had a bunch of guys asking questions, but nobody seemed to be seriously intersted. I ended up falling asleep. I did wake up early on Saturday and had a few more hits but once again, nobody was really looking.

    And then I saw my ex was online. He's been over one other time and I still am not sure if he knew it was me. When we were together, we had a very adventurous sex life. I really miss the sex life we had. I've messaged him a few times, but he says he really needs to come over again, but he cannot make it at the time. So it just makes me think he does know it is me. But I saw him online Saturday, I started thinking about the fun we used to have and I was hard and horny and had to try to get him over. So I asked if he was looking and it took him 5 minutes to answer, but he said he is looking but won't be available until over an hour. I told him to hit me up when he is ready. And then I waited.

    About 90 minutes later, I got a message from him, he wanted to know if I was still looking. I told him definitely. He asked what I was looking for. I told him that I loved to suck and have my ass played with. He said it has been a long time since he has had some serious ass play. I told him it has been a long time for me but I was ready. He said he would be right over. I was in a mood and I decided to change it up. I took down the glory hole sheet and stripped down to just a jock strap.. As soon as I saw he was close, I put on a blindfold and got down on my knees. He came in and immediately walked up to me. He was wearing sweats and had his dick out and in my face. I started sucking him. I would use many different methods, I started sucking hard and fast, then I would slow down and just run my tongue over his dick. When he had enough of that, he would grab the back of my head and start fucking my face. We continued doing this routine with me pinching his nipples and then he would pinch mine (this always gets me going). Each time we got to the part where he would grab my head and fuck my face, his thrusting would get more intense each time. After doing this about 5 times, I thought he was getting close but he would pull out right before he shot. I knew that he was building up a huge load. Finally I really started sucking his dick really hard. I kept at it, listening to him starting to moan when he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth really hard. This time, when he was close, he didn't stop. Right before he was going to cum, he pulled his dick out and started shooting all over my face. It was covering my beard, going up into my nostrils, hitting the blindfold, going into my open mouth and hitting the back of my throat. The best thing about his penis has always been the size of his loads but also the force that it shoots out. My face was covered and I could hear it dropping onto the floor.

    As he opened the door to leave, a burst of cold air rushed in and hit my cum covered face. That summed up our relationship very well. I will always think fondly of the sexcapades we had and the amount of cum I have seen, tasted and been filled up with. I didn't get any assplay from him, but I did get a face full of cum. Damn hot!!!
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  9. I was reading the post titled Relationship Advice. There was lots of talking about being too eager and overwhelming a potential partner at the beginning of relationship. I have had my fair share of being over eager and scaring away a few men. But I thought about my current partner and how differently it began for us. At the time, I was not wanting to date anybody and the thought of it scared me. I was still getting over my ex and how screwed up my relationship had been with him.

    4 years before I met my current partner, I had broken up with boyfriend #3. Even though we had broke up, we were still having sex together. I thought I wanted to get back together with him, but his red-headed temper was holding me back. Things between us started getting really bad when I told him some personal information I had just learned. I told him I wanted to think about it before I told anybody else, but he was my best friend and I had to share it with somebody. I made him promise that he wouldn't tell anybody else. A few days later I found out that he had told some friends of his. This really upset me and we stopped talking for a while. Fast forward 6 months, I was going to a conference and needed somebody to watch my dog. My ex and I had adopter her together and she got along very well with her. So I asked him if he would be able to watch the dog and he said that wasn't a problem. He even agreed to stay at my place so she would be more comfortable staying at her own place. Everything went fine, the conference went well, the ex had no problems with the dog, the dog seemed to be happy and everything seemed to be fine. Until a few months later and I realize that somebody has been logging into my email accounts. The only thing I knew was their IP address and the date/time they logged in. I put 2 and 2 together and realized that it was my ex. While I was gone, he signed into my computer, the login info was the same as it was when were still together. He then opened my email account which I had set to stay logged in, got my passwords to not only my email accounts but also to all of my online accounts. He was going through all of my accounts (including my adam4adam, grindr, and other gay hookup websites) and reading all of my messages. Needless to say, I was devastated and heart broken again by my ex. I sent myself an email saying that I knew my ex was reading my emails and going through my accounts. And sure enough a few days later, it had been opened. He didn't talk to me again after that. It hit me much harder than when we broke up.

    For the next 4 years, I was single and not looking for a relationship. I would pick up a few tricks, but I had 2 fuck buddies that I met regularly. The best part about the fuck buddies, it was only sex when we met and nothing else. After sex, just go home and not have to deal with anything else. That worked great for me at the time, until both of them moved away.

    One winter night, I had been horny all day and was needing to find some action. I had looked online, but it was the same usual guys and no action. I decided I needed to head to one of the local adult bookstores to find some action. I went to the one that was usually the busiest, but even it was dead that night. I stood in the back booth area for over an hour and nobody had come in. Knowing me, I was busy playing a game on my cell phone when I heard the front door chime. I looked down the long hall and saw a really hot looking younger guy had entered. He looked to be about 20 years younger than me. He was 6' tall, probably 180 pounds, muscular body and very short blond hair. He was wearing tight jeans that showed a nice bulge and a nice ass. He paid for the entrance fee and came back to the booth area. I got excited because there was nobody else there and hopefully something would happen. He walked into the bathroom and a few minutes later, he left the booth area and went into the downstairs theater. I normally didn't go down to the theater, there usually wasn't much action down there and it had a high entrance fee. But luckily that night my friend was working the front counter and he didn't mind if I went downstairs without paying. So I waited a few minutes and followed the young stud downstairs. I noticed that he was the only guy down there. He was standing in the middle of the room and he was groping himself. It didn't seem to bother him that I was down there. So I moved closer to where he was standing. He never acknowledged me, but he did unbutton his jeans and stick his hand down his pants. So I walked over and stood right next to him. He didn't look at me, but he did put his hand on my shoulder and push me down to my knees. Of course I didn't resist too much, but once I was down on my knees, he pushed my face into his crotch. I reached up to unzip his pants and pulled his dick out. He was about 8" long and it was just as thick as my dick. And it had the most amazing smell of his manly musk mixed with soap. He was still holding my head and started to fuck my face. I loved the forcefulness he was using. I loved every minute of him holding my head as he fucked my face. He pulled me up and started making out with me. He was a great kisser! While I was making out with him, I undid my pants and pulled my dick out. I was stroking it while we were making out. He reached around and pulled my pants further down. His free hand found my ass and started fingering my hole. He pulled back enough to spit on his hand and rub it on my hole. At this point, I was totally into doing whatever he wanted to do to me. He pulled apart from me, and spun me around until I was facing away from him. I heard him spit into his hand a few times, he would rub the spit on to my hole and then on his dick. I knew what was coming so I grabbed my bottle of poppers and took a hit. And with that, I felt his fat head enter my hole. He pushed about half of his dick into me and then pulled out and applied more spit. He pushed in me again and this time went further. He pulled out and added more spit and this time he went all the way in. He then started pulling all the way out and then pushing it all the way back in over and over. He would occasionally add more spit before pushing in again. Finally he started getting faster and faster, not bothering to pull it all the way out before he said he was close. I reached behind me and pulled his body in all the way to let him know I wanted him to shoot inside me. And with that, he started to grunt as his dick was thrusting inside me. I held him inside me as long as I could before he pulled it out. It was amazing and I really enjoyed it.

    As I stood there catching my breath, he pulled a paper towel out of his pocket and wiped himself up. I was pulling my pants up and expecting him to leave, but he walked back over and gave me another kiss. He said that was great and he introduced himself. He told me that he was on his way to meet his friends at a bar. I told him I needed to get home, I had to work early in the morning. So he gave me his phone number and told me to call him. 2 weeks later, I was horny again and thought what the hell, he was great, I would love to have him fuck me again. So I called him and he told me he was in Chicago for the weekend. Let down that I wasn't going to be fucked by him that weekend, I told him I was hoping we could meet up again and he should call me sometime.

    A few days later, I got a call from him. We talked for a few minutes, he told me he would like to meet me again, but he is NOT looking for a relationship. He was not interested in dating and was only looking for sex. I laughed and told him that after my last boyfriend, I didn't want to date either, I wasn't interested in a relationship at all. So him and I started meeting up. We would usually meet up at a bar or a restaurant, then we would go fuck and then go home. We did this for three years, we would meet up, have some drinks or dinner then go fuck. We would spend the night at each other's place but we always said we were not looking for a relationship.

    At the end of this January, it will have been 10 years since that night we met at the adult bookstore. We are still together and he is the love of my life. We now laugh about how we didn't want a relationship and it took us 3 or 4 years before we admitted that were in the relationship that we kept saying we didn't want. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  10. I've been wanting to replace my living furniture. So last week I found a great sale and ordered all new furniture for my living room. I got a notification that some of the items are arriving on Monday, a few more on Wednesday and the rest is coming next week. That means no glory hole for the next few weeks.

    So over the weekend, at the thought of not having the glory hole for a few weeks, I really needed to have some fun before shutting it down. The problem is we had some nasty weather over the weekend. We started off with a ton of rain. And then the temperature dropped and we had some snow and ice. It was nasty weather. I had a few nibbles online, but nobody was wanting to go out in the weather. And I really don't blame them.

    The few guys I talked to on Grindr were interested but not wanting to brave the weather. I live very close to an interstate, so I get a LOT of guys with Traveling or Visiting as their screen name. There was a really hot guy that had Visiting as his name. He checked out my profile a few times on Friday night but never sent a message. No big deal, get lots of guys that look but never respond. So on Saturday, I noticed that he checked out my profile again and was 3 miles away. So I sent a "Hello" message. I just wanted to see if he was interested or just looking. I saw that he read the message, but I never got a response. He then checked out my profile a few more times later that day. Again, no big deal. His profile said he is vers/top (Yes!), 6'4" (YES!) and he was super cute (YES! YES! YES!). So I enjoyed looking at his profile, that made up for not getting a response from him.

    I woke up early on Sunday morning and checked out Grindr. I had struck out all weekend and I was really hoping for some fun before I had to take it down. One of my regulars was on Grindr and we were chatting, but he wasn't going to be able to come over. So I was about to give up when I got a notification that I had another message. It was the really hot Visiting guy. He was wanting to know if I was still open. (YES!!!) I told him that I was still open. I asked what he was interested in and he said he wanted to fuck my face. (HOT!) So I sent him my address and said I would be ready in about 15 minutes. (I needed a quick shower.) So I started the shower, brushed my teeth and got ready to jump into the shower when he said he was leaving town around 10am and was looking for then. I told him to let me know when he was ready and I would see him then. So I jumped into the shower to get ready. And at 10am, I got a message saying that he was on his way. I told him I was ready and to message me if he had problems finding the place. A few minutes later, I got another message saying that he was close. I told him to come on in when he gets here. And then I got a notification from my doorbell that there was motion outside.

    He walked in the door, took off his coat and then walked over to the glory hole. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. He was soft and his dick was about 6". I started sucking on it and it didn't take long before he started to get bigger. I reached through and grabbed his balls, they were shaved and smooth. I stroked his dick as I put his balls into my mouth. I went back to sucking his dick and noticed that his dick had grown even more. It was now a little more than 8" long but even more impressive was it had grown much thicker. His dick starts off at a nice thickness at the head but gets really thick in the center and then tapers back down towards the base. It was so thick at the center that I had to really work at not scraping it with my teeth. His dick stuck straight out but it curved up from the base towards the center and then curved back down to the head. It took me a few attempts to get it all the way down my throat, but only because I was afraid of my teeth scraping the sides. I figured out that if I put a finger on the base of the dick and held it down a little bit, that it would slide easily down my throat. Once I got it into position just right, he started to fuck my face. Damn, that was so fucking nice. After a few minutes of this, it started to make me gag, which rarely happens. I pulled back a little bit and went back to going up and down on that beautiful cock. I noticed that when I would stroke his cock while I was sucking it, he would get even harder. I am guessing that when he was fully hard, he was about 9" long. I have no idea how thick it was but it was definitely filling my mouth up and my teeth were scraping on both sides of his dick at the same time. I was very impressed. We kept up the routine of him fucking my face, and then me stroking him off while I sucked before I could tell he was close. So I really stepped up stroking his dick while I sucked on the head. And when he started to cum, I swallowed him all the way down to the base. I let him shoot his load and then pulled off when he started to go soft. He took a few minutes to catch his breath. He thanked me and told me that he didn't think he was going to get off but really enjoyed my mouth. I told him that I really enjoyed sucking on his dick, it was a very nice sized dick.

    He had one of the nicest looking dicks I have seen in a long time. I didn't ask, but I hope he comes back for a visit.
  11. Lately, I haven't talked much about my glory hole. Last month, I really cut back on setting up the glory hole. I was super busy with work and spending time with my partner. I also wasn't hearing from my regular visitors. So the few nights I did setup, I didn't get much action. Some nights I didn't get any visitors.

    So over the last few weeks, I have decided to start hosting more at the glory hole. I've had 2 guys from LPSG respond, one was in town for business and the other lives here. I had lots of fun with them and I would definitely like to meet more guys from here.

    There is also a local guy (C) that has been over many times over the last 8 years. C has a beautiful muscular body and a nice sized dick. He loves getting sucked and getting his nipples played with. But his favorite thing to do is to fuck both my face and my ass. We definitely have a good time when he comes over. But C has a partner. The partner has been in bad health and they don't have sex anymore. The partner is okay with C going out for sex, but C has hangups about cheating on his partner. So his visits are very sporadic. Usually he will come over a few times during a month and then he will disappear for a while. He will message me online and tell me how he wants to come over, and I always tell him that he has an open invitation. But it is usually 4 to 6 months before he starts coming by again. Well, so far during the last week of 2019 and the first week of 2020, C has been by 3 times. But now we are back to him not being able to come over. I know he is going through a lot of problems so I never pressure him.

    I've been talking to a college student that lives very close to me. We usually talk 3 or 4 times a week. He is an attractive guy and it seems like he has good head on his shoulders. He has a boyfriend. The boyfriend lives back home and they have an open relationship. We've talked a few times about him coming over to visit the glory hole (he has never been to one) but he always has an excuse and backs out. So right before Christmas break, I told him about a conversation I had with another guy. I mentioned that I had sent my face pic to this guy. He got upset and wanted to know why I didn't send my face pic to him. I told him that I really enjoyed the anonymous sex thing and I was hoping he would try the glory hole sometime. He admitted that he didn't think he could do the glory hole. I was let down a bit. I did send him my face pic and suddenly he wants to meet for sex. We never did meet before Christmas break. Now that he is back, we've talked a few times but nothing has happened yet. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    And my gay next door neighbor has moved away. I never said anything about him before, but I had a college-aged guy living next door to me. Our kitchens shared a wall. I had waved at him a few times, but we never talked. On the night I had a guy who messaged pretty much every guy on Grindr trying to setup a 3way with him and me, I found out afterwards that he messaged the neighbor many times. No wonder the neighbor wouldn't talk to me. Sad to see that he moved far away, he was nice eye candy.
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  12. I've been busy the last few weeks and haven't had time for any glory hole action. I mentioned R in a previous post When It Rains, It Pours...In A Good Way. I finally got an invitation to visit with him and his partner (T) a few weeks ago. I went over and met T for the first time, we had a nice talk about them and what was going on with them. They were starting to try 3somes in their relationship and decided to make me the guinea pig. We messed around, it was fun, but the entire time R was always telling T what he needed to do. T just didn't seem to be into it.

    The next day, I thanked them for the fun and said we should do it again. That is when R informed me that they were expecting a "son" to arrive over the weekend. I asked what he meant, he said that a 30 year old guy was going to move in with them and be their "son". I told him I hoped it worked out and he said everything would be great.

    Fast forward a week, R said everything was going very well and he couldn't ask for anything better. He then asked me if would like to meet his new "son" (C). I said it would be nice to meet him. He then asked if I wanted to take C out on a date because R and T were wanting a night alone. I said I could take him to a movie or dinner or something. R then let me know that C gives some of the best head and I should try him out. (I wasn't sure what to think about this.)

    So Friday night, at 8pm, I went over to pick up C, and he met me at the door. He was a very good looking guy and seemed to very polite and courteous. I went in to let R and T know that we were leaving. T was sitting on the couch, but R would not come out of his room. So C and I left. We ran an errand I had to get done and then we decided on watching a movie. We had an hour wait until the movie started, so I drove him around town showing him the different places. By the time we the movie ended, it was a little after 11pm. We left the theater and drove straight back to R and T's place. R was standing in the road when we pulled up. He wanted to know why we hadn't answered his phone calls. I told him my phone was still on silent from the movie and C's phone had died. He then started screaming at me that I was trash, I wasn't invited to their place and I was to no longer talk to any of them. C jumped out of the car and asked what the problem was. R started screaming at him to get into his room. C told him that he was a 30 year old man and wasn't going to put up with R's behavior. R told him to get his shit and get out of his place. R started in on me again, told me to get out of his driveway (I was on the public street and not his driveway) and to never contact him again. I turned my car around and started to leave. I saw R go into his place. I drove about 1/2 way to the next street and turned my lights off. I waited about 10 minutes before C came up to the car. He had grabbed all his stuff and was going to leave. The poor guy had very little money, no place to go and besides R, T and me, he didn't know anybody else in town. He was crying really hard and he wouldn't stop shaking. I drove him to a gas station, he had quit smoking a few months ago, but he really needed a cigarette. I also got him a bottle of water. I then drove him to a hotel and got him a room for the night. It was at that point that I looked at my phone and realized R had only called twice. His first call was 20 minutes before we got back and the second was 5 minutes before. He left a very rude and nasty message.

    That night, I stayed with C. He was emotionally upset. I held him for a long time before he stopped shaking. We talked about R and his outburst. He said it happened earlier in the week when they had a discussion about politics. It turns out that R and T are huge Trump supporters. They think that Trump does nothing wrong and that the democrats are all trash. (Not exactly what I expect from other gay men) C said the reason R wanted me to take C out that night was because R and T had been fighting a lot. T was upset because R was so busy trying to find a 3way partner on the internet, he wasn't paying attention to T. I don't blame T, like I said earlier, he just wasn't into a 3some as much as R was. It was obvious to me that R was wanting something that T wasn't intersted in.

    The next morning, I dropped C off at the library. He said his friends would come and pick him up, but they couldn't make it until later that night. I also gave him the name of a friend that lives near the library. He had chatted with the friend earlier in the week and I know the friend would help him. I later found out that he spent the night in the bus/train station because his friends weren't coming. I talked to him on Sunday, he said he was good. His friends were coming on Monday and he had a place to stay for Sunday night. I kept telling him if he needed anything, I would gladly help him out. I did get a message from my friend, he talked to C and found out he was going to spend the night with a questionable couple that he found online. My friend talked him in to staying at his house for the night, he could get a hot meal and a much needed shower. He also helped C get a bus ticket home. I'm sorry to see C go home, but I know he had a horrible experience. I still have not comprehended what happened with R. He has bad mouthed me to a couple of my friends. Luckily, those friends had chatted with C and they knew the story of what happened.
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  13. I haven't been playing through the glory hole lately. Actually, I should say that I haven't been playing with anybody else much lately. I recently bought a fuck machine (I'll talk about this in another post) and have been busy playing around with that. Saturday morning, I woke up and realized that instead of getting fucked by a dildo, I really needed to suck a dick. So I got the glory hole set up and ready to go. I was busy checking out my usual hookup sights when I ran across a guy that said he had a thick and was looking for either a mouth or an ass to use. He was tired of the "pussies" that wouldn't put out and wanted a real man. PERFECT! I started chatting with him and told him I was turned on by his profile. He let me know that he was really turned on by the anonymous part in my profile. He asked what I did to make it anonymous. I told him that I have the glory hole and I never see the guy's face. He sent me some pics of his and I noticed that the guys sucking him were all blindfolded. I remembered that I had recently bought a new blindfold and told him that I could wear it for him. He said he would like that. So I sent him my address and waited.

    As much as I am turned on by anonymous sex, I have taken some safety precautions. After all, this is my place. I have a set of security cameras that record 24/7. I have one camera on each entrance and then some inside my place. The only camera that captures anything to do with the glory hole is the front door camera. It captures everybody who enters/exits the front door. The cameras record to the DVR, but the DVR isn't hooked up to a TV/monitor. I don't watch who enters/exits, but it is being recorded in case something happened. 6 months ago I also installed a Ring doorbell. It also records everybody who enters/exits the front door. And I have occasionally checked that camera to watch who is coming in.

    So Saturday, with me being blindfolded, I did check the Ring doorbell before he came in. I saw him walking up the driveway. He looked innocent enough. I'm guessing he was mid 40's, decent looking husky body. He was wearing shorts and a button-up short-sleeve shirt.So I put on the blindfold and waited for him to enter. I heard the front door open and close. I stuck my hand out so I could tell when he was ready. He dropped his shorts and put his dick up to my hand. It was hairy and very small. I put my mouth up to it and I could smell that it had a manly musk smell and a hint of soap. I opened my mouth and started running my tongue over the head of the dick. I sucked on the head and started pulling on it using my lips. Within a few minutes, it started to grow. After a few minutes, it had grown to about 6" and a average thickness. I wouldn't consider it a nor would I consider it thick, but I did enjoy sucking on it. By then, I had stuck my entire head through the glory hole and he took this as a sign to grab my head and start fucking my face. AWWW, this turns me on more than anything. And he was aggressive! I was in heaven. He had some fat on his body, because when he was fucking my face, he would shove his dick into my mouth, pulling my head down. My face was shoved down into his pubic hair and I could feel a couple more inches of his dick going into my mouth. He would then start thrusting in and out of my mouth. He continued fucking my face for a few more minutes until I could feel his balls start to pull into his body. His thrusts started getting more sporadic and his breathing was getting faster. I heard him groan loudly as he shoved his dick down my throat and held it there. I could feel his cum hitting the back of my throat. His dick was going soft but he held my head down on it. As the dick was shrinking, I could feel the head running across my tongue and leaving a trail of cum. Even after it had gone back to the complete soft state, he still was holding my head down and I could still feel cum dribbling out of it. I was amazed by the amount of cum. He finally let go of my head and started to get dressed. I took off the blindfold and noticed that he was wearing gray shorts with a blue stripe going down the side. I thanked him as he walked out the door. That is when I recognized the shorts, they are what the Post Office mail carriers wear. I opened the doorbell app and watched the video again. I zoomed in and saw a USPS patch on the front of his shirt. Damn, I just sucked off my mail carrier. That was hot!

    I messaged him and thanked him again. I told him I am available a few nights each week and on Saturdays. I told him I hope he stops by again. He messaged back that he would definitely be back. YES! :)
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  14. I had a rare chance to host at my glory hole last night. I was even able to open up a few hours earlier than usual. The night ended up being a complete waste of time. I did talk to a couple of guys, but they were complete time wasters. They had some questions and we chatted about sexual stuff. But in the end, neither one were interested in coming over. One of them even said he would consider coming over only if it wasn't through the glory hole. I don't understand why you start a conversation with a guy knowing full well from his screen name and profile info that he is only into something you won't do. You must be a complete idiot! I ended up jacking off to a porno before I went to bed.

    This morning I woke up early and opened Grindr to see if anybody was online. In a stark contrast to last night, within 5 minutes I was talking to 5 guys. And with in another 5 minutes I had 12 different guys talking to me. One of the guys was the same guy I talked to last night. He was wanting some pics from me. I told him he obviously didn't understand the concept of the glory hole. He sent me another message about I really need to send face pics. So I blocked him. I had another guy insisting that he had to come over. I looked at his profile and it was blank. Then I saw that we had talked before, so I went back over the previous conversations and I remembered who he was, and I wasn't really impressed with him before. I decided to block him too. I'm grouchy first thing in the morning. Probably not the best time to play games with me.

    Then I had an interesting prospect. My ex sent me a message that said glory hole sex could be hot. And of course I agreed. The problem is I don't know if he knows it is me or not. We broke up on semi-good terms, we were still having sex 2 years after we broke up. When i moved out, our dog had come to live with me, but he would come over to my place and watch her when I was gone. And that began our problems. I was gone for a week, and he was staying at my place to take care of her. I figured he had snooped through my stuff which was fine, I had nothing to hide. What I didn't realize was he figured out the password to my gmail account and was reading all my emails. He also found all the emails with my passwords to the different gay hookup websites. It was 2 years later before I realized what happened. One day, looking at my gmail account, I saw where you can see the last 10 logins to your account. I looked at it and realized most of them weren't from me. I put 2 and 2 together and realized my ex was routinely reading all my emails. I was really ticked off, said some pretty mean things to him and we haven't really talked since then. That was 10 years ago. I have mellowed out a lot over those 10 years. Him and I have chatted a few times, but it is obvious he doesn't want to talk to me.

    So he had started messaging me this morning. He told me a fantasy of his (which I didn't have time for) and I said I like it when the guy comes in, gets naked and shoves his dick through the glory hole for me to take care of. He said he wanted me to suck him and then turn around to get fucked. I replied back, Yes, Sir! He then asked for directions.

    He shows up and immediately gets naked. He puts his dick through the hole and I start sucking. As soon as he gets hard, he reaches through the hole to fuck my face. He had both hands through the hole, holding each side of my head as his dick is going down my throat. Here would make comments about making sure it was wet because it was going in my ass next. So I got it really wet, I was hearing my saliva dripping off his dick onto the wood floor. He then pulled out and told me to turn around. As I did, I bent over di I could could some spit on my hole, he didn't wait. He grabbed my hips and pulled my hole backwards onto his dick. Thank goodness he isn't thick. He shoved his dick in my hole with only the spit on his dick. And hee started fucking me hard. He then reached up you grab my shoulders, ripping the glory hole open wider. And the longer he held my shoulders, the more it ripped. He was really getting into it, and he was moaning loudly it almost sounded like he came. He slowed down for a minute before he took off again. He was fucking me so hard, I started to fall down. The only thing that saved me was him holding my shoulders. His dick fell out as I repositioned my feet, but it quickly found my hole. He pounded me for a few more minutes before he pulled out. I turned around to suck his dick but it was going down. I got the rest of the cum off before he pulled away. I then realized he had come much earlier and he had continued fucking me. He left before I could say anything. I sent him a message thanking him and he said he wanted to come over again soon.

    After he left, I still had no idea if he knew it was me or not. When we were together, we used to have incredible sex. He is by far the best sexual partner I have been with. But we had so many issues between us. One problem we had was he often had a low sex drive while I had a high sex drive. But we would make up for that by us visiting adult bookstores/bath houses together and he would watch while I did other guys. Other times, he would invite guys over to our house and either help them fuck me or he would hide in the closet and spy on them as they fucked me. That worked for us for a while until he started having problems with his job. It got really bad for 2 years, and that took a toll on him. Which then took a toll on our relationship. It ended up with him having no sex drive at all and getting upset because I still had a sex drive. His anger became a problem. Because of the problems with his job, he was always angry with everything.

    I'm hoping he comes over again. I remember the hot sex we used to have and I would like to do that more with him. I am thinking he knows that it was me on the other side of the glory hole. But If he hasn't realized who I am already, I am hoping he doesn't blow up later when he does figure it out. I'm not sure how he would handle it, I have seen him in the bookstores about 10 times in the last few years. Usually he won't do anything with me there, but he has let me suck him off twice. So I have no idea how he feels about me.
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  15. I have an account on Grindr that I use when I have my glory hole. It clearly states that I am only interested in sucking and bottoming. I like to get all of that out of the way so we aren't wasting each other's time. The last few times I have been on Grindr, I have had a few LONG conversations about my glory hole and the sex that happens.

    The first guy is actually somebody I know, but I never told him that I know him. I met him many years ago. I remember him meeting at the gay bar. We would often hang around together and talk, but at the time I had a boyfriend, so I always just kept it at a friendly level. A few years later after I had broken up with my first boyfriend, I ran into him online (probably AOL or We chatted for awhile and then he let me know that he had always been into me. I was surprised, I had never picked up those vibes from him. He said he was horny and he invited me over to his place. Needless to say, I was horny, and I rarely pass up an opportunity to check out a new dick. (I am such a cock whore). I took a shower, drove over to his house, knocked on the door and he greeted me at the door. And then he told that he didn't want to play around and I needed to leave. (WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?) I didn't talk to him again for the next 15 or so years. I ran into him a few years ago on Growler, I talked to him for a little bit. I remembered what he did to me, so I ended up blocking him.

    So a few nights ago, I sign into Grindr with my Glory Hole account. I start getting messages from a guy that I had seen online before but never paid attention to him. I looked at his profile and his main picture, he didn't look familiar. He is a few years older than me (which is near death in a college town) and has a nice body. As I look at his other pictures, I realize it is my "friend" from many years ago. He starts off the conversation by asking if I get a lot of guys at my glory hole. I tell him that I have my regulars, but I only get 1 or 2 new guys a week. He thought I would get more, but I tell him that I am more than happy with my regulars. Then he starts asking all kinds of questions - what do they like to do, what do I like to do, how often do they come over, do we use protection, are they cute, are they hot, how big are their dicks, etc. I tell him that each guy is different and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. During this conversation, he would randomly ask for a face pic. Each time, I would tell him that I don't share my face pic, I am very much into anonymous sex and not into the pic swapping that so many guys insist on. He switches the conversation to how old the guys are. He kept insisting that they must have gray hair and be old. I told him the oldest one that I know of is much younger than him. So he then starts sending me pics of some "hot" guy he picked up on Grindr. This "hot" guy is the hottest guy he has ever been with and they had really hot sex, but the "hot" guy won't come over for a second time. Suddenly he switches the conversation to STDs and HIV. He says he had a boyfriend for 10 years, but the entire time in their relationship, they had separate bedrooms and rarely had sex. He is afraid of STDs and HIV and he won't have sex with guys. DING DING DING, I think we found out the reason behind his behavior. Now I understand what happened years ago when he invited me over and then told me to leave.

    Last night, I was using my Glory Hole account on Grindr again. A different guy starts talking to me. I always see him on Grindr, but I have never talked to him. The first line in his profile says he must see a face pic before anything else. He sends me a few messages, wants to know how business is going. I tell him the same thing as the other guy, I have some regulars and I also get a few new ones each week. He wants to know what they guys do to me. I let him know that just like my profile says, I only suck and sometimes bottom. Then he asks if I want to swap pictures with him. Before I can answer, he sends me two face pics (he already has one in his profile). I tell him that I don't send face pics. He starts in about how he has to see a face before he can meet. I let him know that obviously we need different things. And I think that is the end of the conversation, but how wrong I was. He starts asking if I like thick cocks. Of course I do! So I tell him the thicker the better. So he begins talking about how he likes to fuck a guy's face, hold his head while he pumps his dick in and out. He asks if I swallow, and I reply that I hate to waste it. He says his cum is VERY thick, almost like glue. I tell him I hope it doesn't taste like glue (even though I have no idea what glue tastes like.) He says when he cums, it stays in a long strand, very thick. I've never seen cum like that, I am intersted in seeing it. But then he talks about how he wants to fuck me, and when he shoots inside, he holds it there, doesn't pull out until it is completely done. He is such a tease.

    We talked for about an hour, before I told him I needed to go for a few minutes, Quickie Guy was on his way over and wanted a blow job. As soon as QG said he was just down the street, I told him that I would be back in less than 2 minutes. He didn't believe me, but as always, QG shot his load down my throat and I was back online within the 2 minutes. He was impressed that I got QG off that fast. I could tell he was really wanting to come over, and I was teasing him that he needed to come over. But he would go back to needing a face pic. Finally, he said he needed to go to bed, he had to be up early, so we said our good nights.

    I closed down Grindr and checked my other accounts to see that LT had sent me a message. LT (Long Thick) is a black guy that used to come over about once a week. His profile picture he has a thug look to him, but he is the nicest sweetest guy when you talk to him. He is shorter, I'm guessing 5'9" or maybe 5'10" and he is very muscular. He has a beautiful 6 pack and he is covered in tattoos. The best part is he has the most beautiful 8.5" uncut dick that is very thick. It barely fits in my mouth. And I know how to suck dick, but I have to watch my teeth with him because my mouth is so full. When he first started coming over, he was always so cautious about how thick his dick is. He wouldn't try to fuck my face, and when he fucked my ass, he took it slow and carefully. He has learned that I like it a little bit rough, so he has started getting a little more forceful. He is becoming one of my best fucks. Last night, he comes over and immediately gets naked. I love running my hands all over his hairy legs and his 6 pack and muscular chest. At one point, my right hand found his left hand. He immediately holds my hand and he starts to fuck my face. I started groaning, so he reached around with his right hand and forced my head all the way down his dick. Then he began pumping his dick in and out. And each time he would push it in, he would go further down my throat until my lips were up against his his abdomen. He would then hold it there for a minute before he would start pumping in and out of my mouth again. After about 15 minutes of that, he told me to turn around. I took a quick hit of poppers as I bent over for him. Before he came over, I had lubed up my ass. I knew he was too thick to take without lube. The poppers helped when he pushed that huge head up against my hole. I think he started to take it slow for a second, but I pushed back against his dick and felt the head pop in. DAMN it is so thick! But with the poppers help, I pushed all the way down. He took that as a hint, and began to fuck me. He fucked me for about 10 minutes before he told me to lay down on my side. He came up from behind, pushed my one leg out and I felt his dick against my hole. I reached back, rubbed some spit on his head and guided it into my hole. He then scooted up closer to me, shoving his dick all the way down and he began fucking me again. This angle allowed him to work even more of his dick into my hole, he was deep inside me, definitely stretching open that second ring. I could tell by his moaning that he wasn't going to last long. His thrusts were getting more faster and deeper. I could feel his dick swelling up even thicker. I reached behind me, grabbed his hands and he began shooting his load deep inside me. He got up and started getting dressed. He only comes over once a week, but he asked what I was doing tonight. I told him I would be available tonight, but I would be busy the rest of the week. So he made plans to come over tonight again. I really enjoy getting fucked by his thick dick, it feels so good!

    As soon as he left, I checked Grindr one last time before going to bed. I had received a message from blank profile. The message just said hi and had a picture of a guy's crotch and abdomen area. They were wearing a pair of Skyy Vodka underwear briefs. I asked him how he was doing and he replied okay, just chilling. Not sure what he was wanting or where the conversation was going, I told him that I had a guy over and he just left after I got him off. He said that sounded hot. So I told him a little more about how the guy was well hung and he fucked me good after I sucked his dick for a while. He wanted to know where the load went. I told him it was in my ass. This really turned him on. He sent me a pic of his dick, which looked nice. And then another pic of his dick covered in cum. HOT!!! We then talked about his sex life. He told me that he messes around with a guy that has a boyfriend. He has to keep it discreet. I told him I understood. He then told me he messes around with a married guy too. I told him that sounded hot. Then he told me he has had a boyfriend for the last 10 years. With that, something clicked in my head about the conversation the other day. Later on, he mentioned that he didn't mess around because he was afraid of STDs. I told him you have to be careful of those. He said he thought about Prep, but didn't know anything about it. He asked me if Prep would make him horny. I said, no, I had never heard of that. He said a friend of his told him that. I said the only way Prep makes you horny is because you get more excited about doing it bare. He said he could see that. Then he told me he has only had sex with 2 guys. Not falling for his lies, I asked him how many his boyfriend would make. He said that would be number 3. I said, okay. A few minutes later, he once again mentioned that he has only been with 2 guys. So I said, don't forget the boyfriend, that makes 3. I think he realized that I had caught on to his lies. I have no idea, but I am pretty sure it was the same guy as a few days before. I really fell sorry for him with his repressed sexual feelings. I cannot imagine going through life being so scared of catching something that you probably will never catch. I feel sorry for anybody he tries to pick up, I can just imagine how his hangups ruin the moment.
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