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  1. A couple of weeks ago on a rainy day I had an encounter with a guy who was running to keep fit. I'd seem him running in the rain, his shorts hugging like a second skin and eventually followed him into a toilet block on the local truckers parking area. When I went in he was drying his clothes on the band dryer and needless to say we ended up in a cubicle with me being taken from the rear, bent over the toilet bowel as he filled my ass with cock and cum.
    It ended with a promise of same place same time next week.
    Except it didn't happen, he didn't arrive and I was horny as fuck with anticipation for a rogering.. I'd arrived early to be on the safe side and come the time the man didn't cometh, and after thirty minutes I decided I was being silly, but being there I took matters in hand and went in the cubicle with the glory hole and waited, read the messages on the walls, chuckled a bit and after ten or so minutes of slowly stroking my cock decided to leave when someone came in. I looked through the crack on the door and it wasn't him but some guy ibn overalls. I coughed, waited and sure enough he got in the other side of the glory hole, looked, saw. and In heard him unzipping and lo, as I looked he emerged from his overalls, nice treasure trail and thick bash bush and a nice cock semi hard. I signalled with my fingers for him to pop it through, and this nice warm uncut cock saw soon enjoying the heat and wet of my lips and mouth as it grew and grew. I tasted pre cum, I teased his slit, I tasted more. He pulled out and I pushed mine through. He grasped it with one hand, worked me, tasted my dripping juice then sucked down hard I nearly shot. He held me tight and got me off, my cum went between his lips as I spurted and spurted before pulling back as he came through again, I had to finish this, I attacked him with gusto ad my cock went limp and finally got his load right where I wanted it, the back of my throat, I could hear him gasp as he ejaculated...
    As he vanished through the hole he was drooping, I heard the overalls go back and the zipper closed.
    I followed him out, I crossed to my car and he went to his truck, he was delivering Fyffe's Bananas,.
    Today I paid a return visit but alas no banana guy I could peel back and enjoy.
    Alas nothing to report, it was like a tomb so after 15 minutes |I gave up and came home.
    As I passed the training ground who should I see doing stretches but the running man.
    I hit the horn (not that one - it was flaccid), he looked up, I waved and he waved back. I stopped and got out, walked over and said hi. He sort of said sorry for not being there but was still interested in having a bit of fun, maybe tomorrow. I gave him my phone number, took his and away I went.
    Now all I have to do is wait... or not!
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  2. The guy was running and I presumed he was a keep fit fanatic as it was pouring with rain. His body was gripped in body hugging shorts and top, as he came towards me I could see his nipples looked firm, or frozen, but then lower down his shorts moulded to his skin in a firm bulge looked held in place by a cock bag.
    I drove on thinking keeping fit takes a lot of effort.
    Visit to the farm shop and I drove back towards home only to see the runner again, this time rounding a corner and heading for the truck park.
    I did a few turns and changed direction but by the time I got to the parking place it was deserted, not a truck in sight and one car parked up in the corner, still, raining. Anyway decided to take advantage of the facilities, take a leak and read the latest graffiti.
    Inside I could hear the dryer going, once in the door there was the runner, back towards the door totally naked
    (apart from shoes) drying his clothes on the hand dryer.
    He turned, smiled said hi while I let my jaw hit the floor. Dark hair steaked and hanging over his forehead, looked like blue twinkly eyes and a really nice grin - and so my gaze went down over his chest, yep, pert nipples, and down to his treasure trail which lead to his hanging appendage, thick bush and what looked like a nice pair of balls, fuck, what a package.
    Thought I could dry off before getting in the car he said, didn't expect anyone to be about. Cary on I replied, dry before you drive
    I was still stood trying to make up my mind what to do, piss in the stalls or go to a lock up. He turned and changed his drying about a bit, his uncut cock swung nicely, then he turned back and more free swinging.
    I chose the urinals, unzipped, popped the top button of my jeans and stood there trying hard to piss and admire him. He was watching.
    You run this way a lot on rainy days, make a habit of getting starkers I said, he laughed, no, new to this route and area, this dryer is going to be a godsend eventually. Good thing its not cold I said and he chuckled, yes he said it does have an effect. And he laughed, turned right towards me, gave me a good look as I noticed he was rising. Well conditions not affecting you I said, realising I to was getting hard. Oh this he said, swapping his cock, always happens when I get naked. By now we both had semi lobs so I began to stroke almost on usual auto pilot, he followed suite so I reached out and took his cock in y hand. Seconds later as the door to the cubicle closed behind us, I had my jeans round my ankles, he was on his knees sucking my cock while I groaned. He stood up on the toilet seat so I could suck him, ruffling my hair when he deftly slipped down, kissed me, turned me, opened my legs and wiped a spit laden hand round my ass and pressed into me, by my my asshole receptive to his attention. He rode me well, my buttocks felt his bush each time he got deep, both hands round my middle, one pulling me into him the other working on my dripping cock and then he moaned, gripped me tight and let it go, I felt his load go over my sphincter, p[umped out into me, flooding my inner sanctum as I to ley it go filling his hand with my creamy spunk.
    He withdrew slowly, each inch slowly.
    He kissed me on the lips, thanks mate, better way to keep fit eh?
    He left, slipped back into his by now almost dry shorts and top, smiled at me and went to his car and got in
    You about next week he asked. I nodded and said could be.
    Then be he said, smiled, put his foot down and roared off.
  3. I was reminded of this part of my life when I read about a guy who had workmen in on a hot day and they ended up naked except for sports shorts.
    Adventures with incoming workmen are few and far between and strictly speaking this story only had a beginning because I had men in to fix the radiators.

    I was living at that time in north of London and needed work done on the plumbing so looked about and finally got a guy to come over, give me a quote and then come and do the job. He was from the same area so easy to fit in with my schedule.
    The day arrived and he was on time. He unloaded the van, got, as they say, his equipment out and called upon the phone to his apprentices to “get the fuck over here”, though to be fair he was picking up stuff for the job.
    Turned out to be a nice little lad, a little shy, a little under weight and sallow. Between them they got on with the job and worked as a team, drank loads of tea and while I did sort of notice the apprentice looking at me I didn’t pay any attention – though to be fair he did have a nice butt. In those days I didn’t even think that maybe I could make a conquest, they were workmen and I wasn’t thinking of sex – just getting the job done.
    So the work complete in a couple of days and all working well and away they went.

    A few days later I was home in the evening and the bell went and the apprentice stood there. Hello I said wondering what he wanted, had they left some tools behind I hadn’t seen. Hi he said, just came round to see you and make sure its all working well..
    Well come in and have a look round. He was wearing a tight T shirt, well fitting jeans, and yes he did have a nice bum, but still skinny. No signs of a cock but not obvious and a tear in the jeans at crotch level. So we went round checking together, in my bedroom he sat on my bed while he chatted.
    I said we'd have a coffee so we went to the kitchen and fixed stuff for us, was aware he was feeling his cock and fingering the tear - but I couldn't see in it, no flesh, nothing, just put it down to youth, he was only just past his eighteenth birthday and I was twice, and a bit, his age.
    Eventually he left. If you're passing and the lights on I said do pop in.

    A couple of weeks later he was back. So sitting there with a drink in my hand looking at his crotch I had to say the hole in his jeans was bigger, he asked if I liked it, spread his legs wide so I could see flesh in the hole. Nice I said, big enough to get your hand in. You want to, I don't mind he said. I would be buggered if I did and buggered if I didn't so I took the plunge.
    His thigh and flesh were very soft and warm, and finger wriggle and I decided he was commando, a bit more wriggle and I found cocks and balls and bush.
    I pulled my hand out and said it was a very handy hole. He laughed, wanna see it, I'm gay by the way so... Go on then, but not here.
    Upstairs he was eager to get undressed. I ain't done it much, only tossed guys before
    Naked we cuddled, held tight, tried to kiss and noses got in the way. I reached down for his very hard wet cock and as soon as I touched it is was over, a squelchy cum shot between my finger. Fuck he said I'm so excited, has it spoilt it for you. No I said, its ok, these things happen. I kneeled over him, kissed his drooping cock, licked his cum, put his hand on my cock and he tossed me off. We laid there. I gotta do this more he said, I like it but not sure what to do. I knew I was gay a long time ago but don't know any gay guys – so when I saw you I guessed and took a chance,. Should have done something when I came last time I suppose. I knew you were watching me feel my nob but you didn't make a move. I leaned in, kissed his tiny nipples and said you've got all the time in the world to find out what to do, Don't think its all about poking a tight ass. Doesn't it hurt he said and I laughed, yes, the first time but there's plenty of time for you.
    I put my hand down, cupped his balls. Felt his cock stir and so began to play with it, rock hard in no time. I straddled over him and proceeded to slowly toss him off, let him lie enjoying the attention. His eyes closed and he moaned and I could feel the second cumming as he clenched his buttocks, thrust his hips and flooded a nice shot in an arc over his chest.
    I finished myself with my load mingling with his, then we cleaned up, got dressed and went downstairs and had coffee.
    As he left has asked if he could some again. I laughed and said you've just it twice... and he laughed as I added any time.

    Any time turned out to be sooner than I anticipated. He was quick to learn, to copy, to enjoy and relax. He loved his balls being licked and chewed almost as much as he enjoyed his cock getting sucked off. It took time for him to brave going down on me me and even longer to enjoy fully sucking me off. His kissing improved no end and I swear that with all the extra snacks he was getting from me he was filling out and putting on weight in a good way.
    Penetration never entered the conversation, well it did but not as a suggestion for acting on. One night I upended him, and rimmed his tight virgin hole, pink and puckered it quivered with pleasure as my tongue darted and probed and wetted and slipped and made him so hard he was n the verge. As we frotted together, climaxed and laid there soaked in our own juices he said having his hole licked was amazing and he could have easily shot his load if I'd carried on.
    I was so near fucking him, but it would have not been right. I could have had him fuck me, indeed his cock had been on my asshole pushing against my ring several times and one quick move and he's have been in me – and possibly shooing his load with excitement. I needed if it was to happen it to come from him.
    It was going to inevitable that sooner or later he was going to discover the world and with a bit of help from me he branched out to various pubs and clubs – most of which he didn't like. His visits increased to weekly, his readiness to get to bed, to kiss, much improved and to enjoy bodily contact were still enjoyable, sometimes I'd have him off three times, maybe four, leave him bleary eyed. But we never fucked.

    Then I moved home, to the other side of London, to far just to pop over to and so after one fleeting visit he vanished.

    I had been living in the new place about four months when the door bell went and there he was, coming up to nineteen, suddenly blooming. Stood there with a friend. Come in I said, coffee.
    They sat down and the first thing I saw was the jeans with the tear and naked flesh. This is my boyfriend he said, we've been going together for a few weeks now and I thought you'd like to meet him, he wanted to meet you. So, laughingly I said who fucks who not expecting an answer and he said I fuck, now I wish we had. After about an hour of chatter we did the tour with the boyfriend and ended in the bedroom where upon he said why dont we all get naked and have fun. \This from my shy wilting apprentice. And so quickly they were naked on the bed and I was to, so, I think they had decided I was going to be entertained. The boyfriend was a bit older, maybe twenty one and I clocked he was hung nicely, also uncut and heavily bushed, and by now as looked horny as hell.
    I cant remember the commutations we got into but I know I was fucked twice, they each had me, and I had the boyfriend. We romped naked for a couple of hours, tongues exploring places not seen for a while, or, just lying there enjoying the comfort of naked flesh.
    We finally got dressed and went to the kitchen, sat drinking more coffee and enjoying a sandwich. As they left sweet embrace and big wet kisses. Glad you approve he said, and he, indicating the boyfriend, thinks you're really ok. Not to bad you two I said, have fun, enjoy having each other.

    I must admit to having a secret smile when they had gone, went to sort out the rumpled bedding and wash the dishes before finally hitting the hay and having a dreamless sleep.
    I didn't see the apprentice again ever, or the boyfriend and I think the visit was a thank you to me for being a mentor, who knows.
    So with hearing about a guy admiring his builders showing signs of sexual awareness brought back all the memories of a past event, a love that never was, the only time I can recall I enjoyed having to teach someone the ropes.
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  4. With, to some extent, a relaxation of isolation rules it seems that quite a lot of guys are really totally fucking randy, many more guys than usual it seems. I trip to my local cottage late afternoon's seems to reap rewards of a different kind. It used to be guys of my age (old enough to know better) but now they seem to be from very late teens and into the twenties in droves and all highly sexed and eager to shoot a load and ready to throw caution to the wind.
    Now this might all be down to my fertile imagination having felt constrained for so long that the sight of two guys at a urinal gives me a boner for life and being invited to join in a risk worth taking.
    Its all been very liberating and the nightly sound of one hand clapping hasn't been heard for a while- though the hand has been well used in other quarters!
    So am I the only one to find that things have c hanged for the better in a different way, are more guys happy to have their sexual tensions released by strangers?
    Maybe this afternoon I should begin with a questionnaire?
    Or keep my mouth where it belongs.
  5. 7 this morning and passing by the truck stop when I saw this guy in tight jeans and extra small T go into the john. I followed, discretely.
    Not at the stalls but in a cubicle - and I knew it had a glory hole.
    Locked the door, had a look and the guy sees me looking, peels his jeans down and wow there is a huge lump in his briefs - I follow suit knowing he's looking, but get totally naked except for sox. He indicates I put my cock in, he sucks me, expertly, hole big enough to get my balls through as well. I realises he's wiping his cock all over my cock and balls and he's leaking pre spunk like a tap. I want a bit of that so I pull out and his comes through, and through, and through - he's a horse cock, uncut thick and a struggle to get his balls as well. I didn't measure but guess 8 inches minimum, so I opened up sucking him in, nosed his pubes, teased his balls and yep, just take that down my throat and needed to have him shoot his stuff up my asshole so I back onto him, felt my hole stretch and take him in but dam if he didn't pull off.
    Then he was gone, but at my door, knocking, so I let him in, horny as fuck, his erection hard. He bent me over and slowly got his cock in then a huge thrust and all the way, my eyes popped, I clutched the toilet cistern for support, knew I had been right that I could just about take him as he began to gyrate with nice steady long thrusts, hands groping under me, pulling my cock and palls, tweaking my nipples as he steadily fucked away. It began to take on a vert y pleasurable dreamlike quality and then he speeded up, I felt him growing inside me, harder and guessed I was about to be filled as he groaned, thrust, and I experienced his pumping on my ring and the cum shot inside me. He pulled in tight, straitened me up and finished me off before sliding his cock out, dressing, as I dressed and then a smile and he was gone. Not a word.
    Outside I looked as his articulated vehicle swung out on its way back to Poland, And it was just 7.30.
    Now that was a big cock, it took an age before my anal cavities relaxed from their thrill, and his load was truly impressive. Just goes to show that in the right place at the right time - but that early?
  6. Formative Years - Tony

    Having enjoyed my time on the building sites and my young companion with his lust for blow jobs till working locations took us in different directions we hadn't met till one day out in town I saw him and met his wife.
    I do remember looking at him lustfully and hoped he got from her what I gave.

    A few years later, after I'd left town I returned to see family. Needless to say I wandered up town to see what changes had gone on, the local gay bar still looking seedy so opted for a brighter more jolly place so I nipped in for a quickie, like one does and hey bingo, there he was propping up the bar.

    No mistaking him, it was Tony, filled out certainly but still the dazzling smile and sleek black hair and that wonderful olive complexion. He saw me, smiled, waved so I went over and we got chatting, showed me pictures of his wife and daughters, not yet school age. I decided I'd been polite enough and finished my drink and began to make my exit saying I had to see my folks when he stopped me. Would you give me a lift, you go in my direction.

    So we got in the car and started off down the road, dodging the traffic till we were on the edge of town. He chatted non stop asking questions, pointing out new things and then said you wouldn't like to make a stop and, you know, do what you like doing - and his hand pulled my hand and placed in on his hard cock. My heart beat quickened, memories of his sweet cock and foreskin flooded back and being weak willed said yes. e As it happened I knew a quiet place so we drove there, my now I was gagging for his cock and was suffering form a raging erection.

    We pulled in under some trees and I watched as he pulled his trousers and pants down and up popped happiness, just as I remembered it, very tasty looking, hard and upright growing from his really black bush. I went to go down on him but no, he needed me semi naked as well. I obligated, slipped my clothes down over my ankles and with my boner dancing and already damp I went down on him, slowly, enjoying every inch till I was filled with his hard meat while he moaned with appreciation. I teased and tickled and slipped and slurped and sucked his balls and munched his pubic hair and slipped his length down over my tonsils knowing he'd come soon and I wanted to enjoy every drop. His back arched, he pushed out and groaned and let it go, I tasted his milky spunk as it filled my mouth, swallowing quickly as it seemed he was shooting for ever. And then he was done, relaxed, laying back with a happy smile on his as I came up for air. That was good he said, you don't know how many times I've wanted that to happen with you. I sat back, my cock dripping with pre cum but still hard. He reached out, put his fingers round my cock and began to toss me, then, without warning he leaned over and devoured me, swallowed me deep throat and all so much so that I involuntarily came off and shot as he sucked me. He swallowed, licked my shaft and came up. And that, he said, I always wanted to do but was scared.

    We sat for a while just holding hands. Always wanted to suck you off but never had the courage - and then he said he had to get home. We pulled trousers up, zipped, leaned in and kissed. As we drove he wanted to know how long I was visiting and was I busy and could we maybe meet again. I had a few days and yes, certainly meeting again if this was the reward. We arranged for the next evening,

    I washed and primped and got ready wondering if and what would happen, if my blow job from him was a one off.
    I needn't have worried though, I arrived at the meeting place and he was there, primped and polished and eager.

    He asked me to go to a friends house as he wanted to collect something, wouldn't take a minute so off we went. We pulled up and he got out. Come on he said, this is what I'm picking up - and he waved some keys and pointed to a van. Nondescript, a bit well used but serviceable and white, dirty white.
    I parked and joined him and we drove off, now I was puzzled. No questions, all will be revealed he said as he took us round the roads till he came to some local woods and found a spot well hidden and secluded, got out of the van and motioned me to follow. Round to the back doors and he opened them and wow, wall to wall bedding.

    He laughed and pulled me in and closed the doors, pulled me close and kissed me as he began to undress me - and them me him till we were both naked, and hard, and feeling each others bodies with hands and tongues. He went between my legs and sucked me in, I positioned him so I could return the compliment and so we sucked in our little tin box, licked balls. My hand slipped down his bum cheeks and found his tight hole, moist and then I turned him over, scooped him up and rimmed his asshole, sweet, succulent and a little sweaty, but tasty, even his pink puckered hole was sweet and beckoning, my tongue enjoying licking round and feeling his quivering asshole. I slipped a finger in deep and felt him moan and groan. I flipped him back and laid on top and kissed him, went down and sucked him as he managed to find my cock for his mouth and eagerly sucked till we both came, within seconds the flood gates opened and sweet spunk flowed, shot and spurted. No waste. After me cuddled up, kissed and explored each others bodies, nipples and holes and buttocks and balls and cocks till they hardened up again which in his case was very quickly. I laid on my back with my cock pointing up, a good mouthful of spit applied as I got him straddling me and aimed at his precious hole, my end a bit wet found the spot and I pushed, and it entered a little. Now I said its up to you, just lower slowly or... and he lowered my cock slipping gently between his opened buttocks, he stooped every now and again and took a deep breath and then continued, his eyes locked on mine enjoying my enjoyment till, at last I was deeply embedded inside him. Good I asked, feeling amazing he replied, now all you have to do is fuck me. That I said is now up to you. And so he rode me my cock going in deeper and quicker as he gained confidence now his virginity had gone. I could feel his balls bounce on my belly, see his cock hard and erect and very stiff pointing towards me, so, as he rode me I applied my hands to his manhood, and, as I could feel myself arriving at a climax helped him along so as I came deep inside his anus I then jerked him off and got a spurt over my face and belly and chest, I could feel his body contracting over my inserted cock as he enjoyed his orgasmic experience.
    Slowly hi lifted up till he was no longer impaled and laid by my side. Not a virgin any more he said, thanks, thanks for everything.

    We chatted for a while about life and things and circumstances. He came from an Italian background and so was expected to marry and have kids and so, as they would never accept a gay son he obliged, as it happened I was the only guy to recognize he was gay and so our experiences were the only ones he'd had. Many times after work took us apart he'd been tempted but circumstances never seemed right.and since his marriage he hadn't strayed, he'd been tempted but never touched a man believing his life was set to be seen by his family - till I turned up the day before and the doors and good memories came back.

    We drove back to change the vehicles over, both happy and a bit giggly. Having dropped the van off I took him to the end of his road. Can we meet again he asked because I would really like to fuck you.
    He did and so did he.

    But that's another story.
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  7. Sun out, very hot so enjoying the rays wearing some brief silk shorts which leave little to the imagination. So laid out on a longer thinking my nipple rings were getting a bit hot when the bell.
    Had forgotten I was expecting a delivery so scooted though to find the delivery guy about to take a picture of my package.
    Fuck, some delivery guy really taking advantage of the hot weather, cut of jeans and his donger down his leg, ripped singlet, very hot. He clocked by shorts and package and knew I was looking at his. He smiled, nice rings man he said. say, can I have a glass of water. Step inside I said so he came in the hallway while I got him water. Fuck I was stiffening and growing. He stood there smiling his cock now lying across. Gotta keep cool man, and he stroked his cock with the back of his hand - I watched it twitch. My now I was bulging. Seems like you need to keep cool to bud he said pointing at my cock by now leaking a little, looks like you could do with a little cooling down. We gotta stay 6 foot apart I said, pity he replied, so show me yours. I eased my shorts over my hips and stood firm in front of him, he unzipped and out flew a thick cock, uncut, amazing. So mate, we gonna wank mutually like or just look? I didn't take my eyes of his hand as it stroked up and down his shaft, he tweaked his tits, I pulled my rings fingered my ass and wanked. Its coming he said, its coming, so am I and he spurted his load on the kitchen floor quickly followed by mine...
    Hi popped his drooping cock back in his shorts, thanks man, amazing, hope to see you when we can get up close and touch. And he went leaving me with a half drunk glass of water and cum puddles on the floor.
    Closest I been to man for weeks, but at least we didn't touch, and oh what sexual relief.
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  8. Its a thread from elsewhere but it got me thinking. Do men, am I, getting more perverted as I get older.
    Are some of my perverted thoughts down to age or the lock down and are the thoughts I have things I want to put in to practice.
    I had the feeling I was perverted during puberty when I slathered my cock and balls with my own wanked out cum in order to promote a good bush growth - it didn't work but it was a nice nightly routine I used to fantasize about. Looking back it was a bit perverted but at the time..
    Once I had become more proficient with sexual techniques as a 19 year old, had a lover who liked to share me was it perverted to dream of a threesome with him and his hung friend and imagine what it would feel like impaled on his massive tool again?
    Or just lust.
    And later, this I know was a perversion, I dreamed of living with a lover happy ever after, certainly a fairy tale! My perversion then taking on rosy sunsets, holding hands and being two as one while all the time knowing deep down I had a terrible choice in men and that not one was capable of monogamy.
    And so as I got older and more single my quest for sex did become more perverted, cock rings, nipple clamps, bondage group sex and becoming more of a fuck slut no matter what was required, I enjoyed being used by groups of guys for their pleasure and would seek out Jock nights nude parties and leather nights.
    My perverted quest for more and more varied sexual thrills deluded me until one day I hit a magic age, stopped, took stock and retired to regroup.
    Now my sexual conquests are fewer and better, more quality than quantity but I still find myself year on year thinking of even more perverted sexual games to play, different ways to be used and filled, then going off with a lover for sedate long lingering passionate sex. Now with lock down and isolation and social distancing sex is out of the question unless its by hand or some "toy", and so the mind wanders into even more erotic places and the perversions get, in the imagination, even wilder.
    So in a way I have answered my own question and I think mentally we are, with age, capable of thinking more perverted thoughts but, when push comes to shove those thoughts are just that, thoughts.
    Or perhaps you know differently
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  9. The moped was leaning against the lamppost - again.
    I knew from a previous experience who would be in there and I wondered if there would be a repeat performance.
    The first time we met up he climaxed far to quickly and I failed to enjoy his cum, this time, if it happened I would be ready. He was a first year uni student and it was his first time away from home. He'd obviously heard stories about things hence his turning up in this location.
    I pushed the door open slowly so as not to make a noise, the tiled interior quiet, I could hear a drip somewhere. I went in.
    No one at the stalls but one of the cubicle doors half open.

    All the other doors were open wide.
    I snuck in and took a look and yes, he was there and alone.
    He was standing naked from the waist down looking as if he was about to put on his football shorts, his T shirt riding above his navel, his whole area of genitalia exposed and revealed to be sporting a semi lob.
    Hi again he said, Hi I replied, adding, need a wank?
    What do you think, and he twitched his manhood till it danced.

    I reached out and grasped his tool, feeling the warmth as it hardened in my grasp. I manipulated his foreskin a little, rubbed him up and down and quickly got some pre cum oozing. His balls cupped in one hand I slowly worked on him, my own erection straining to be released.
    I let go of his balls in order to get my nob out, top button and zipper flew down and my balls and cock in the open/ He looked and smiled. I worked some of his pre cum on my cock head which feeling his wonderful bush with my finger tips before returning to his dancing dick. I took his hand and put it on my cock, pushed his fingers round the shaft but he pulled away but wanted me to carry on massaging his cock.
    So we stood there me doing all the work, his face smiling and then I guessed it was about right as he gasped, I felt his cock fill as the first spurt came out and quickly on my knees to catch the next spurt and the next, mainly in my mouth and on my lips with some on my nose and then I tried to get his cock in my mouth in order to get the rest of his juice, but he pulled away. I squeezed the last drops out of his cock till it was all gone. He pulled me up. I got one hand and placed it under my balls and he held it there as I finished myself off while he watched each spurt of spunk fly against the cubicle wall, he even let the hand under my balls grasp my shaft to help the remnants of my ejaculation squeeze out.

    That was good he said, I liked that. So did I I said, we must do it again sometime.
    He smiled, looked at my drooping cock and then at his own, pulled his T shirt down then stepped into his jeans. Yes he said, we must, next week. I picked up his short's, sniffed them, Next time in these. Fine he replied. I tucked my goodies back in, zipped up and said when. Monday, about this time.
    He left and I stood there thinking what a quiet cottage this was, but somewhere else might be better.

    The following Monday I was there and so was he.

    His bike leaning against the lamppost again.
    I went in, door to the cubicle half open and there, as promised, the stood wearing just his shorts, his soft young flesh and cute nipples contrasting with the white tiles of the cubicle. Already the signs of an erection had formed tenting out the front of his shorts.
    I quickly dropped my jeans and pulled his shorts down, whang, it flew up hard and ready. I got my two hands working his cock and balls as he moaned with pleasure. I squeezed and kissed his nipples, I placed his hand on my cock and this time he didn't pull it away but grasped and worked, then nhis other hand came in and he tossed me off, dam, I was so quick, his boyish hands soft and sensual worked their magic on my cock as it shot cum over his hands, some went on his cock as I continued to work him and then, as he gasped I was down and sucked his cock down my throat in time to get his load, a full creamy load, filled my mouth and I had to swallow. I grasped his buttocks and pulled him in, fingers going round and feeling his crack and manhole, warm and tender..

    After I got up and looked at him. Wow.
    Good I said, very good came back.
    So, you want to do it again, another day, but somewhere more private.
    Maybe he said, anyone could walk in here.
    Well let me sort a place out, so, see you here again when?
    He dressed, stepped out of his shorts, into boxers and jeans and a T shirt. I looked at his tight body, nice firm ass, trim waist but still not physically matured.
    Till tomorrow then he said - and he was gone
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  10. ((to recap - I'd left the caravan after an extended session with the farmer I met in the country pub earlier in the year when he had sex in the outside toilets)

    I drove home that night wondering what had happened, certainly I'd had sex with a young farmer but what else?
    There didn't seem to be much he didn't want to do but was he just a flash in the pan as they say, a two time wonder.
    The phone was ringing when I got indoors - him wondering if I got home ok and didn't get lost and yes he'd like to see me again and when.
    I knew I'd have to fit in with his farming schedule so asked if it would be at mine or the caravan. Yours if you like he said, that's be good.
    So I gave him a few options an told him to sort it and ring with when he would be over - a few minutes later he rang again and asked if the following week in the morning was ok (a day I was working from home as it happened) as he had an optician appointment and would be in town.
    Not sooner I replied, well could make tomorrow night if that's good - and it was. About 8.30 he said.

    Next night at 8.29 the bell went and there he was, resplendent in old jeans and a windcheater, smiling all over his face with a takeaway in his hand. Thought we could have a snack he said.
    We dined, a bit like Tom Jones, watching each other till eventually we pushed plates away and continued by devouring each other. Dam, he kissed like angel and all resistance vanished
    Clothes came off and were strewn on the floor as I dragged him to bed, his erection demanding attention of the best kind I went down on him and greedily sucked him in realizing that he was manipulating me round so he could suck me as well. He fingered assholes, his hot and damp after the drive, I needed to investigate so turned him so I could suck his asshole, enjoy his hole. He moaned with pleasure his hard cock bouncing, heavy balls swinging and oh goodness I could feel myself about to cum hands free as I licked deep into his ever opening hole - I had to stop, take a break so I turned him over, a quick flip and laid on him cock to cock which had the effect of bringing us both off, the space between us filled with warm milky spunk - we both laughed.

    That's what happens when you want something and are greedy he said.
    We laid there spunky body to spunky body as our cocks lost their hardness, but they were dripping with cum, pubes very damp with juices.

    His arms were sunburned and brown, tanned from below his biceps, obviously not an stripped to the waist worker and his legs were tanned from halfway down his thighs to just below the knees. Then I remembered where I seen him before.
    I was in the town near his farm one day when this guy got out of a range rover and went in the bank, he was wearing football/gym shorts and welly boots and I recall thing then how erotic he looked so I waited till be came out. As crossed to the vehicle I could see a most attractive swinging package and though "cor" - looks like a ferret in a sack!

    I smiled to myself, looked at his nakedness and enjoyed what I could see.
    I rose up and crouched over him. Shut your eyes and think of heaven I said and as he closed his eyes I lubed up his shaft with our juices till he got hard then rose and lowered myself slowly over his upright member as his eyes opened as he slid into me all the way, his face looking amazed and happy as I rode his cock to its full length, my own cock bouncing out in front of me and then I guessed rightly he was going to cum so I pushed down hard so he went deeper and then that feeling of his shooting inside me as I shot over his face and chest and neck. Feel my cock I said, squeeze all the cum out - and he did do removing my cum via his fingers to his mouth, tentatively but held by cock as it went soft. Wow was the only word that he uttered. Comfortable I asked and got a nod so I stayed there impaled on his fading erection, his juices slopping about I guessed and then I tightened my ring, worked him hard again, somehow he seemed to fill my anal cavities even more, he felt bigger and stronger and harder thrusting. managed to put a pillow under his ass to get more penetration and I slowly rode him again, his cock really sliding in my cum lubed asshole till his eyes crossed and he delivered another load. Fuck me he said, that was amazing. Not this time I replied...

    Afterwards he said he wondered if the toilet and caravan fun were good because they were spur of the moment, but naked and in a proper bed it was all even better.... and then kissed me again but this time I tongued him which was reciprocated by a full deep throat passionate session. Then we laid there enjoying our nakedness and company.
    I told him I had seen him before in shorts at the bank and how |I'd waited to see him come out, his shorts and boots were a such. I think I recall that, shorts in the bank, they don't approve so I just do it! Did it make you frisky? To true I said. So you fancy a bit with me in shorts and wellies. I just smiled. Kinky!

    We showered, touched, felt and examined and even got hard but soon it was time to go, for him to drive back.
    As he got to the door he asked if |I was still free on the morning he had the appointment - most certainly yes.
    And so, come mid morning I was ready when he rang the bell and came in, looking dapper in slacks and a jacket. I served coffee and just looked at him relaxing in a chair, legs wide open and big bulge. You scrub up well, he smiled and replied scrubbing was something he did often. I slipped between his legs and opened his zipper, pulled down his underwear and wow, his cock flew out and he was wearing a really big cock ring. My nose sniffed his pubes as his nob end poked deep in my throat, the ring amazing. As I sucked and fondled his balls he removed his shirt, undid the belt and with me still applied on his cock slipped out of his clothes and became nude. He stood up, me still sucking, slipped my jeans off and then my top, a brief moment of air time and with that he turned me over on all fours and mounted me, his spit lubed cock soon finding its way into my deeper recesses, pulling me ferociously onto his cock so he dove in deeper and deeper, his hands underneath me gripping my cock, I could feel his balls slapping on each thrust, the cock ring biting my ass cheeks and then he gasped as I came in his hands and he came and filled me with milky sweet juices
    Slowly he removed his hard worked member, beginning to droop, patted my ass and turned me over and went down on my cummy cock and cleaned me up.
    A shower. I soaped him, shoulders, chest and between his legs, my fingers working into his hole as I stood behind him and knew he was offering his hole. He pressed back against my hard cock, found the spot and took me all the way.
    The waters ran warm as I fucked him, or did he fuck me with his gyrations, hard to tell but I pumped away and played with his once again hard ready and very willing cock knowing he was reaching a climax I delivered a big shot, each pulse sending waves of sensual pleasure over my body so I gasped with pleasure, his shot filled my hands, dripped down his legs and onto his feet.
    After, more coffee, just wearing towels we chatted before he left.

    Twice more that week he found time to dash over and twice more all he was eager to fuck and get sucked. Fucking we tried different ways, legs in the air, missionary, on his side, sitting on him, standing, over the armchair but doggy suited us both fine. He even gave up his morning wank. He was always happy to be rimmed and enjoyed sitting on my face, oral delights he didn't say no to but he was as to keen fuck as to get fucked.
    After that initial mad rush of lust I had to be away for a few days, when I returned, plenty of messages, I arranged to go out to the caravan the next night - that would save him driving so we could spend more time together.
    ...........and the caravan location was on the sat nav....
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  11. Some of you might remember me going to a little pub way out in the sticks and having a liaison with a farm lad in the toilets - risky but fun.
    I did wonder what would happen and if it was wise to return to the scene of such sexual shenanigans.
    I did return on a winter day. Bar full of guys enjoying a drink and a sarnie. spied my farm boy sitting in a corner all wrapped up against the weather, rubber boots, jeans and a fleece top.
    He caught my eye and smiled, I smiled back.
    I had a drink with one eye watching till he made his way out the back - I followed.
    No one at the stalls but one cubicle door closed. I coughed, the door opened a bit and he beckoned me in.
    Fucked if wasn't ready with a boner, jeans resting on top of his boots, nice plump ass all warm when I put my hands on in and pulled him in as he quickly undid my jeans and slipped them down before pinging my jock straps on my butt and feeling my hard bulge in the pouch.
    He turned me round, fingered my hole - I handed him some lube I had brought in anticipation which he put on his cock and worked some up in side me. With his hands gripping my hard throbbing cock he leaned me over and pushed his meaty cock slowly inside me till I felt his bush squashing against my buttocks as he pulled him even closer, my eyes almost popping at the size and depth of his thrust stopped only by his balls, and, once satisfied he was in he rested, my anal muscles adjusted and I knew, even in this position is was going to be enjoyable..
    He unleashed my cock from its pouch, slowly working its length with soft strokes, enjoying the leaking pre cum while all the time he slowly fucked me, not in a hurry this time, slow easy full depth strokes resting fully inserted so I could feel his size then pulling back till his cock head was just behind my sphincter and then sliding back deep. I knew I was about to cum, I guessed he was, I could feel his cock thicken at my point of entry and then he groaned and I could only imagine my bowels filling with his spunk, warm and milky, I could feel his pulses though my body as he filled me up and yet still the rode me, now on a silky ride of well lubricated cock as I let go and filled his hands with my juice, running between his fingers and spattering my legs.
    He pulled out his cock, beautiful and now going soft, a meat roll of pleasure. He kissed me on the lips, tongue down my throat, cleaned up and slipped away to the bar leaving me to ease my aching ass back into my jeans.
    I went back to the bar, finished my drink, looked over at him and smiled and left.
    Note stuck in the windscreen. "here lunchtimes and evenings if you'd like some more"
    I would.

    A week went by and I thought about getting his thick meaty cock in my lips as well as filling my asshole with pleasure, totally horned up I went over just after opening time in the evening, got a pint and sat by the fire and waited. Was it a mistake, not his night or what.
    About 45 minutes went by, my second pint and he came in, saw me, smiled and headed out to the toilets. I waited a minute or two before following.
    You're keen he said - feeling my hard cock and I groped for his throbbing nob already out of his fly. I slipped to my knees, licked round his cock end and along the shaft and then sucked him in.
    No he said not here, you want to come to my caravan?
    And so about half an hour later I was following his pick up truck down lanes to a little paddock and his caravan.
    He dashed in, turned on the heat and by the time I was in the door he was unzipping his coveralls and about to step out of his rubber boots. The boots came off and I peeled the rest from his body, hanging commando balls and upright cock. He pulled me onto the bed tearing my clothes off till I was naked apart from my cock ring, it was flesh on flesh, him having had a day working and that country smell of hay and cows. I laid on top of him feeling his hardness pushing into my belly, the pubic hair rough and plentiful, the treasure train running up to a few chest hairs and nice firm nipples. It began to feel damp and wet as we writhed then he pushed me upright and went down on me, sucked right in till my balls jangled on his chin, him bent over so I could see right down his ass cleavage inviting me to feel with my fingers till I found his quivering hole damp with anticipation, maybe.
    He flipped himself up and pushed me onto his cock, lying back enjoying my face pressed in his groin working on his foreskin and cock end while teasing his balls with one hand and his anus with the other. Deftly he moved me again, on all fours and with him behind me I felt his wet cock pressing on my hole. He found and applied some Vaseline then worked slowly inside me little thrusts forwards and back really enjoying the penetration as it got deeper and deeper. I knew I should feel my asshole was going to split, this time he seemed bigger thicker and longer but maybe it was just the doggy asshole stretched position, but somehow my body obliged and accommodated him all the way. Once in he just laid there on top of me twitching his cock inside me, feeling under to grasp my throbbing penis before nibbling my ear and announcing he was going to enjoy fucking the ass off me. Its the first time I can remember a guy edging up my ass, but that's what he did, and he controlled my orgasm as well with his stop interludes. It was feeling amazing, my body was on fire, my nipples almost burned and my gut trembled with each slow thrust until eventually he let it all go with three massive heaves almost squashing his balls as he came while he teased my cock till it shot between his fingers dripping onto the bed in a milky puddle. He slowly eased his tool out from me, slowly almost leaving a vacuum till at last, not totally soft it plopped out. We had a shower, an intimate shower as not a very big space and when he soaped me all over, kissed my body and then pulled me in behind him and guided my cock to his asshole, pushed back on my hard cock and took me as I fucked him standing under a deluge or hot water...
    After, as we laid on the bed with a drink he said it was good, he knew it would be and I was speechless because it was good. Older guys are the best he said as they know how to give pleasure and enjoy having sex without being to demanding. In the summer I want to have you outdoors, maybe in a barn over a hay bale or down my the river after a swim.
    By now it was beginning to steam up and get late. We chatted and I looked at him, a bit overweight but a real country boy you wouldn't want to mess with, open smile and a twinkle in his eyes and a comfortable body is was fun snuggling up to, a decent sexy ass and chunky uncut cock so what more could I want from a 29 year old. He said the caravan was a summer thing and sometimes used at lambing time, and useful for a get away. Said he was really busy doing work on the family farm, enjoyed his pints with the guys and sex when he was lucky. He stopped talking and slipped down on me again urging me to go down on his now hard member. This time he didn't take long to cum, teasing his cock slit I soon got him spurting seminal fluids over my tongue. I pulled him off my cock, already well cummed out, kissed him and let him enjoy his own spunk going from mouth to mouth till we swallowed.
    Another drink and we got dressed slowly enjoying seeing naked bodies getting covered, his cock flopping back and being zipped in
    I gave him my number and said ring me, yes I'd love to do it in a barn, by the river when its warmer. He laughed, you're on he said, but we'll get round to that and other stuff when summer comes.
    He turned off the heating, put out the lights and locked up, saw me into my car, a light kiss and he jumped in his pick up and lead the way to the main road. I turned left and he turned right, flashed his lights and was gone.
    As I drove away wondering if I was really up to the service demands of such a young stud, was it just sex and lust, I certainly enjoyed feeling his cock and balls and ass and kisses and body. I smiled as I drove home knowing that I'd had fun, had an ass full of man jizz from a guy who was all man....
    And, would he ring?
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  12. You know how it is when you wake up and look out and its pissing down with rain and you have to decide what to wear and what to do.
    This morning no exception as the rain was pouring down and filling the drains and gutters.
    I eased my ass into some silky shorts nice and tight and went to the kitchen thinking if the mail man came at least I was dressed. Nice hot black coffee and some toast and began to think the day would go well. Passing a full length mirror I caught a glimpse and though "fuck you look hot", not over muscled, pert ass and neat package all on show in the wine colored shorts.
    I flicked my nipples and smiled at me, am I a narcissist I wondered.
    The door bell went, the parcel had arrived and the rain had stopped.
    I opened the door and he stood there all of 6 foot, blond and slim clutching a chitty for me to sign.
    I felt his eyes cruise over my body noting my bulge outline and butt.
    Its quite big he said, the blushed going nice a pink, do you want a hand in.
    Thanks I said, the bedroom will be fine, its not to BIG and will go in fine.
    Together he carried the package indoors and to the bedroom and placed it on the floor.
    (Now I am not the most tidy person sometimes and the bedroom is my place so there are always things left about that perhaps should be hidden away if I wanted to be discreet).
    I could feel his eyes on the room and watching me in the mirrors, I confess to feeling sexually charged and began to stiffen, enlarge, and in those shorts it showed but was fight with the fabric.
    He moved, knocked something on the floor, bent to pick it up and it was a cock ring. He fingered it and put it on the dressing table next to a tube of KY.
    Thanks I said, very helpful, I couldn't have managed it on its own as it really is BIGGER than I thought - and with my hips pushed forward my larger size well on show.
    He walked to the door, turned, said I hope you can manage on your own, clocked the dildo on the bedside cabinet and did a double take before I ushered his to the front door, slipped him a tip and thanked him for his efforts and stood at the door watching him go down the path, he turned at the gate, gave a little wave and was gone.
    And so the day did begin well after all, apart from the damp spot now on my shorts from my arousal all was as it should have been.
    Time for a shower. maybe relive and fantasize the delivery boy in the warm waters...
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  13. Some days you know you just gotta toss one off - and when you get that feeling its better you do it rather than let it remain crouched in your scrotum.
    Today was one of those days when I got the urge real bad.
    Workmen had just gone, two young guys in coveralls looking attractive - but not available and the house smelling of epoxy resin.
    So took of for a drive down some country roads, admired the coming autumn and then it came on me. So there I was driving with one hand fiddling with my zipper and lobbing out my cock and driving and wanking slowly and feeling fucking good and liberated. Once the pre cum started my slippery shaft became more receptive to lighter touches plus I needed to taste my seed.
    Driving down a road I didnt know I came upon a pub and realised it had a big outside toilet. Anyway lots of cars so I decided to pay a visit, might piss, who knows.
    So with a semi lob on I strolled in, deserted. Looked in all the cubicles, found one with dirty writings and pictures and decided this would be ideal, shut the door, checked for glory holes but only found spy holes so removed my jeans, sat down, laid back and proceeded to work my cock with double handed strokes slowly. I could feel myself coming to a climax but edging as well and for some reason groaning along with my groin sensations when there was a knock of the door. "you ok" "you ok". Fine I replied. "sounds like fun" and a I stifled a laugh, "need a hand?"
    Well curiosity got the better of me so with jeans round my ankles and an boner I opened the door to find a local farm boy country boy ruddy and late twenties in gum boots, bare knees and shorts and a fleecy admiring my cock, and even better getting his own erection. He didn't hesitate, came in, grabbed me and turned me round, whipped down his shorts and with a spit filled hand wiped my ass and found a way in and very quickly erupted. He chuckled, pulled and slipped out, turned me and tossed me off. "Thanks mate, great five minutes and now I really gotta piss".
    As I said at the start some days you know you just gotta have a wank, I had it done for me!
    And I marked the location on the sat nav just in case
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  14. Well that's how the ad rang and after a few message exchanges I was ready to meet up. He had sent some amazing nudist pix, great pecks, cute ass and a nice uncut cock and thick bush, and into swinging he said.
    I got to his place, nice set up, kissed on arrival and quickly both naked and enjoying our bodies making contact.
    I was thinking this is good what next when I was flipped over and quickly mounted, his lubed cock slid inside me like a hand in a glove, then, as quickly he is out and on his news begging to be screwed, though to tell the truth the begging wasn't needed.
    "take it slow, really slow" he commanded so I did.
    Halfway through the door opened and "she" came in, naked, big breasts and wet pussy.
    "fuck him boy, fuck him" she said as she moved in on me and pushed her cunt in my face as I felt my cock go limp and fall out all the sexual excitement gone.
    I scrambled for my clothes as she watched rubbing wet fingers between her legs, he urtned over, still hard "what up mate"
    "Sorry" I said, "I aint into cunt - just like cock and bum"
    pulling on my shorts, grabbing my trainers and shirt I fled.
    Later I thought, oh, that's what he meant by swinging.
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  15. Its a Sunday and for some reason I feel inexplicably randy.

    Maybe its the heat and the fact I am perspiring a little or because I'm sitting here naked.

    I shouldn't be feeling randy at all, had a good time yesterday with the mail man who sat on my cock and rode me to heaven, ending with him covering me with his sperm - later I sucked his dry again while he tossed me off.

    So cant explain it. My nipples seem to need attention, have lubed them with pre cum but its dried on so just applied a little butter. They look rosy in the mirror. shiny and delectable and enjoy the attention from my tweaking fingers.

    Maybe the heat has just made me relaxed and my body is showing signs of needing some tension - or even attention.

    Leaning back on the chair I can feel my butt plug move as I gyrate my buttocks, feels nice for hard latex and I know I always appreciate that grinding sensation between my buttocks. The thought is do I need something bigger, more stimulating, shall I shower and mount my dildo? To lazy, to relaxed in a funny way, to much effort and hey, have a nice ass filling, sensual nipples and my cock is high growing out of my bush and my balls on the edge of the chair. Lean back - admire my shaft, hard, shiny ended - do I need a cock ring, have I got one to hand, no, forget it.

    Mmm, fuck my ass, writhe, wriggle, feel that filling, mmm, cock stroking, remove a little butter from my tits and apply on my cock, wow, slides so easy, had forgotten that butter was a good lube - though did get screwed over a kitchen table once and asshole filled with butter to ease entry, yeh, that was an amazing fuck, what was his name, Tony?

    Stretch out, two hands working on my shaft in slow rotations, feels good, pinch nipples - ooh yes.!

    Do I need to cum, do I think I want to cum, will I be having sex later? No, Sunday, to lazy to go hunt, make the most of this amazing sensuality between your legs and forcing deep into my anal cavity, think of rosy lips that need kissing, buttocks that require opening and cocks that need sucking....

    the rising tensions, the pre cum dribble to lube my foreskin as it rides to and fro as my hands stroke up and down, imagine slowly inserting into a warm hole, thrusting deep and hearing moans of satisfaction and oooh I'm nearly there, shall I stop and edge or stop...

    ...dam - to late - the thrill of the moment and the uncontrollable hands and suddenly its flashed and shot and covered me from chin to belly button, a dripping quivering mass of jelly life milky spunk filling my pubes and now, drooping cock sinking down, balls relaxing and by sphincter clenched hard on the butt plug, oh yes, nice one for a Sunday.

    My nipples still tender, my fingers cum covered on my lips as I taste the fruit of my loins, my cum slowly slipping down my body to rest in my bush - I'll let it dry there,

    Aaah, that felt good... that was good!
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