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  1. true story!
    The story that we are posting is of the first time me and my bros first jerked off together. The first time jerking off with good friends is always tough. There are social stigmas that are against the whole concept of men jerking off together. On top of that, there are constant thoughts that run into your head about it being weird and you are constantly thinking what the other person is thinking about the situation. Just like in life, when you try new things, it's uncomfortable at first but you always end up being grateful for that decision you made. Me and my two friends Bobby and Dino were 15 years old at the time and we were hanging out at a local park where there was a stream full of clam shells. We were scowering the stream trying to find more of these clam shells, hoping to find pearls. After hours of searching, it began to rain ferociously and we decided to head over to my friend Dino's grandmas house. Once we got to the house, we found no one to be home so we decided to take turns showering. What made it worse was that we had no clothes to change into. I got a sense we all wanted to take our cloths off, but were nervous to do so. We didn't want to seem like we were gay (not that being gay is a bad thing, just what we were thinking at that immature age) so we were all hesitant to take our clothes off. Dino eventually couldn't handle the itchiness that comes with wet clothes, so he just took off his pants. I couldn't believe that Dino had done that. I initially was thinking that he had to have been gay to just openly take his cloths off. My friend Bobby started laughing and making fun of the fact that he was uncircumcised and his penis looked like an abnormal eggplant haha. Dino told us that it felt great not having wet cloths on and he left the decision up to us. Bobby was the next one to take off his cloths and even he admitted that it felt good to finally take his cloths off. I couldn't believe what was happening. Now I began to think that both of my friends that I have known for such a long time were gay. Not only that, I felt uncomfortable because I was experiencing something that I have never experienced before. I wanted to get out of this house as quick as possible but our cloths were still in the washing machines. Dino ended up turning the television on and American Pie was playing. Dino got us all a blanket and we all sat on the ground watching the movie. At this point, I still felt a little uncomfortable that Dino Bobby were naked; however, the awkwardness slowly began to fade because our attention was now onto the movie. As the movie progressed, the scene came up where Jim and Nadia were in Jim's room and this is when Nadia began to feel herself. I got so turned on and felt my dick getting hard. I quickly took my dick and put it against my waistline so Dino and Bobby couldn't see my boner. When Nadia took off her shirt and saw her big boobs, I got a tingly/cool feeling in my balls that felt amazing. After the scene, we still had the movie on but then we began talking about porn. At this point, I wanted to watch porn but didn't want to be the one that initiate me it. Dino began taking about porn and his favorite category which was when a young dude fucks a hot MILF. He asked us how often we watched porn and Bobby ended up saying he watched it everyday and jerked off at least once a day. Then the question came to me and I was already embarrassed being asked this question but I reluctantly answered by saying everyday as well. There was a silence afterwards and as I turned around to see what was going on, Dino began to jerk off with porn from bang bros playing on the television. Bobby and I were like what are you doing but Dino simply replied by saying, What do you think? Dino then followed up by saying that he knew we wanted to as well and reassured us that it would be fun and isn't weird among close friends. Bobby was the next one to start jerking off, he had a few pillows on top of him because he felt a little embarrassed and uncomfortable as well. I was watching porn as well and it was a hot blonde Jesse summers getting fucked hard by the bang bros guy. I couldn't help myself and I began jerking off as well but I still had my shorts on. Right when I grabbed my dick, it was already flowing with precum. As we continued jerking off, Dino and Bobby were like dude just take your cloths off, it is much more comfortable that way. Realizing that they were right, I took off my cloths and continued jerking off with my friends. I thought it would feel weird being naked in front of my friends but quickly realized that it didn't feel weird at all. It felt awesome because we were all jerking off to a hot girl and it felt more exhilarating with my friends around. I even joked and told my friend Bobby, why do you have pillows all around you? Are you nervous? He jokingly said know and he tossed the pillow aside as well. We all began to compare our dicks while they were fully hard. Bobby had the bigger dick, which was curved like a banana, but Dino and I joked saying it was white as Casper. My friend Dino had an uncircumsized dick so we poked fun of him as well. My dick was straight and I got made fun of because I had a mole located in the back area of my dick. Us laughing at our insecurities made the aura around us more comfortable, giving jerking off together no second thought. At this point it was an activity that we were all enjoying together as good friends. We focused our attention back onto the porn and went back to jacking off. During the scene where the the girl starts giving the guy head, Dino went to the kitchen to warm up some lotion in the microwave, bobby's idea. After he warmed it up, he gave us some to use and we slowly put it to our dicks, being cautious of it being extremely hot. As we cautiously applied the lotion onto the shaft of our dick, the feeling was indescribable. The warm lotion touching our tender skin felt like a warm apple pie lol. It felt amazing and we imagined it feeling like a tight pussy. The warm feeling got us all going and we all began to jack off at a rapid pace. This incredible feeling got us closer and closer to climax and Bobby told us that we should all try to finish together and we agreed. The cum scene was soon approaching and we all were jerking off at a pace where we could sustain the build up of cum, but not over do it where we would cum to soon. The pressure was being built up as we slowed jerked and I could feel the warmness of cum slowly creeping up to my dick. Once the cum scene finally came, Dino was the first to cum and he exploded with cum. We were all laying down and his cum reached the top of his chest. Right after, Bobby was the next to cum and he too had a big blast of cum land of him. For some odd reason, I had lost the pressure build up and essentially had to start it up again. Dino rewinded the porn 5 min and I began going at it again. I felt the pressure on me know since my friends were now watching me since they had already came. The cum scene was soon approaching so I completely relaxed my muscles and began to slowly jerk off, sustaining the intense feeling until the cum scene. Once the cum scene came, I watched as Jesse Summers faced splurged with cum and then I felt the intense rush of cum splash out of my dick. The feeling was intense, and the orgasm lasted ten seconds with cum splashing out in spurts. My friends watched in amazement as they had never seen an orgasm last so long. Afterwards, we jokingly came up with nicknames for each other. I was nicknamed the marathon man, Dino's name was the minute man because he was the first to cum and Bobby was big man because he had the largest dick. To this day, we all share a sacred bond that can't be broken. We all have girlfriends today but nothing beats jerking off with your good friends. Circle jerk bros mission is to break the typical societal norms and create new ones. #CircleJerkBros #bros #brobonding #jackingoff #jacktogether #bestfriends
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