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  1. - He's a good looking boy...

    That was the first thing my dad said when we hopped into the car. Then he added :

    - And he comes from a good family ! He has two sisters !

    Having a daughter is the holly grail in my family. I have no female cousins, my dad has no female cousins either, but two of his cousins had daughters (after getting three sons each).

    - You like him?
    - He's good looking.
    - His dad works for XXX....He's got a good job ! I'm gonna invite them over if you're okay with it.

    At this point asking me if I was "okay with it" pretty much meant asking me if I was down to fuck G which so happens to be the case so I agreed. Well, at least that was what I thought but things did not go that way at all.

    That lunch happened a month or so later due to conflicting schedules. We did not know if they were the nudist kind of clean guys or not so we got dressed and waited for them to arrive. My mom was out in town with my little brothers and my big brother had already moved to his own place so it was only my dad and I. They arrived on time, G was very handsome in his blue shorts that had just the right length to show a little bit of thigh above the knees without looking like underwear. He had tucked a white shirt in it, buttoned up to the last button and wore a pair of aviator sunglasses. You could see his hairy arms out of his rolled up sleeves and a beautiful Breitling watch on his wrist, these people had money.

    I was seated next no JP and in front of G. He was a very cool guy on top of being very handsome. I mean, make no mistake, G was model-like. I already talked about his body which I saw when we met at the gym but he also had perfect face features and a caramel skin without imperfection. He was beautiful with his silky black hair and deep brown eyes. The more time went, the more I was down to have sex with him.

    At the end of the meal Dad started cleaning the table and bringing things back to the kitchen. I tried to help him but JP said "That's okay, G is going to do it." So G did it and soon they both went to the kitchen. I was alone with JP, sitting next to him. I had never really paid attention to him. He was your typical almost-50-years-old guy, or at least he looked like he was a tad younger than 50. He had light brown hair and a beard and was a regular at the gym with the body that goes with it. You could see that his shirt sleeves were full and he had big hands. I did not remember anything about the rest of his body as I had actually paid no attention to him when the four of us all met.

    Looking at me with his dark blue eyes he said :
    - It's hot today. Usually we're naked when we're at home so I kind of suffocate in my suit.
    - Oh really? We put on clothes because we did not know if you guys were going to be comfortable with nudity but if you want to undress, no problem.
    - Where can I put my clothes ?
    - Wait a minute...

    I went to the kitchen to warn Dad that I was taking JP upstairs so he could undress and put his suit on a hanger. When I entered the kitchen G was on his knees deepthroating my dad who was leaning on the counter with his hands on G's head. G was a little taken aback and stopped his sucking for a minute before my dad gently pushed his head towards his dick while saying :
    - Stay focused !

    And then telling me :
    - Yes. Take him upstairs to undress !

    I went back to the dining room and asked JP to follow me. Walking by my side, he passed his arm around my waist and asked :

    - Are they having fun in there?
    - It looked like it ...

    Arrived in my room, he just stood there and waited. I didn't know what to do so after a few seconds of silence he just said :

    - Common, undress me!

    I looked at him in total dismay. I thought he was going crazy.

    - I'm about to make you come several times, you could at least undress me !

    I did not budge. He added :

    - Is there something wrong ? I know it's your first time, I'll be gentle !

    I was shocked and really did not know what to do. He was not a bad looking guy but I wasn't prepared for that. He resumed :

    - My dick is way bigger than G's. Trust me, you're better off with me! You guys can do whatever you want later but I come first. G knows it, don't worry.

    He got closer and said with a soft voice :

    - It's better to have your first time with a real man, don't you think ?

    I don't know what took me but I started taking off his tie while he commented :
    - Good boy !

    I unbuttoned his shirt, took it off him and put it on a hanger.
    Then I took off his socks and put them on the back of a chair, soon followed by his pants and his white briefs. He was hard, rocking a 16 or 17 cm cock cut low and tight with a piercing through the head going from left to right. He sat on a chair and asked me to undress for him while he rubbed his dick.
    I was a little stressed out, taken aback and disoriented, I took off my clothes one by one only to reveal a big yet fully soft cock. He saw it and asked me to get closer. I stood in front of him and he took my limp penis in his mouth, He made the head roll on his tongue and caressed my balls with his big fingers. sucking his index for a while, he got it wet and started pressing it against my hole and when he managed to fit it in, he started massaging my spot and got me hard.

    He asked me if I had lube and I took the bottle from the beside table.
    He smeared some on his rock-hard dick while I laid on the bed as he had told me to. He said :
    - Your dad told me you have a girlfriend.
    - Yes, I do.
    - You like when she moans and says your name when you fuck her?
    - Yes, I do.
    - Well, you're going to do the same for me, okay?
    - Okay.
    - Now show me your virgin hole.

    I laid on my belly and spread my cheeks. They were all fully waxed in preparation for that day. He licked it for a long time and then started to push his dick inside of it. He was obviously very excited by the fact that I was a virgin although he did not know I had had dildoes and fingers in it before. Laying on my belly I was receiving his dick slowly with almost no pain. His size was perfect for a first time and I realised that I was probably going to like it. Abiding his command, I started putting on a little show for him by saying :

    - Please go slow, it hurts !

    That was a lie but I made him believe by mimicking pain and making it tight for him.

    - Just a few more centimetres, He said.

    Then he got me on my hands and knees and started to fuck me. His piercing was definitely working its magic inside of me but I was not about to come. I felt a lot of pleasure but it wasn't enough for me to come handsfree but I couldn't possibly jerk myself off, that was a big no-no. He would have felt insulted.He kept on pounding me doggy for a moment before we flipped on our side for him to fuck me that way.The penetration wasn't as deep in this position but it did make me discover the pleasure of getting the actual hole, the ring, stimulated by his dick piercing. Once again, it wasn't going to make me cum handsfree but it was hot and very pleasurable especially with his hand rubbing my pubes and him kissing me on the neck.
    Then he fucked me missionary. He became more and more rough, almost violent, and ordered me to clench my ass. I abided. In this position I could finally feel his glans hitting my spot although a little superficially but maybe enough to make me cum. Then he started to jerk me off which I did not expect at all. He was not really supposed to do that and his hand was covered with lube so he rubbed my head and my piercing and when I tried to object he told me to shut up as I started to spray my jeez everywhere. He kept on jerking me off while I jeezed and its obviously excited him a lot since he pulled out and started to squirt handsfree on my belly, replacing his dick in my ass by three fingers. It was a powerful orgasm that got me say his name twice and it was very fulfilling.
    Problem was that he was still hard and still willing to have sex.
    He had me sitting on his dick and it hurt because my prostate was the size of a mellon. Now he could hit the spot completely, even with his average-sized cock. I didn't have the will nor strength to oppose him but I also had no energy to service him in cowgirl position. So he did all the work and relished the pain he could see on my face. I remained soft the whole time, even when I started to feel a different kind of pain at the back of my anus. That "pain" soon changed into pleasure again, a very acute pleasure, as if I was enjoying getting punched in the belly. IT was weird but I took it for what it was. I think I could have come a second time if he had kept on pounding me this way thirty more minutes but I felt his already rock-hard cock getting even harder and could sense his pulse through the veins of his shaft, his face became red so I clenched my hole and helped him fuck me harder without leaving him the possibility to pull out. I wanted to both gratify him the way he had gratified me and make sure he would be fully satisfied and get soft right away.He became very vocal as he let out his load in my now worn-out hole. When I felt he was done, I disengaged his softening dick from me and sat on his face so he could lick his jeez off of my hole with my soft heavy cock laying on his forehead during the whole process.

    One minute passed and he said :

    - Now give me a shower.

    We went to the bathroom, I washed him, thank God he did not get hard again. I dried him up and we went back to my room to get dressed, crossing G and my dad on their way to the bathroom.
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  2. I've always been pierced. As far as I can remember I had a golden bar through my glans. The first one was smaller and then I got a longer one around age 14.

    Many have asked me how it can even be a thing to get pierced as an infant. Well, I guess it's only fair to ask in return, how it can be a thing to be cut as an infant. If your getting a simple ring passing through your urethra (which is the case of most of my cousins), it's a reversible action, unlike getting cut which is not. Some have piercings around the corona of their glans, these ones are also reversible.
    But, in all honesty, mine is not, especially after all these years. It so happens to be the "traditional" one every man in my family should get to conform to our tradition. So why did they decide to get less intrusive ones? I guess they wanted to carry on the tradition in a symbolic way.

    It all started with my great grandpa who's now died long before I was born. Him and his friends got pierced while living in a distant Asian colony. They had decided to stay one more year after the end of their military duty to visit places. This is how they ended up meeting a indigenous tribe, somewhere on an island. Guys there got pierced through the head as a rite of passage when they "become men". I don't know if these people still live in this tradition manner today, I don't know any of them, but what I know is that they used to live pretty much naked so when my great grandpa and his friends first got in contact with them they had to take off their clothes. Being taller, white and having blue eyes definitely made them stand out but what really astonished everyone was that they had foreskins covering their glans and no piercing. According to what I've been told, these people have a genetic trait that gives them a very short foreskin couple with a big throwing head when soft. I can believe that since I've had sex with a few Asian guys, although not related to this people, and they do tend to have mushroom heads.
    My great grandpa and his cousin were the only ones in their group of six friends to also have a meaty glans and little to no foreskin so the people there assumed all the other ones were underaged. As tall, hairy and muscular the other four soldiers were, they passed as kids in the eyes of their Asian counterparts.
    Europe at this time was a pretty uptight place that did not really fit my great grandpa's view on life in general. For what I've been told he was very much seduces by these people's views about body image and sex. Maybe he also likes being revered for his enormous schlong but that's my interpretation. Although my grandpa never said it to me, I guess it's pretty safe to say that his dad, my great grandpa, was also bisexual and a horny mofo. I think he just relished the openness and freedom of being able to have sex with anyone he wanted and these people, who were neither Christians nor Muslims, had a culture that allowed men and women to live a very liberated sexual life. But that freedom that some people might call "promiscuousness" came with an obligation of getting pierced so they obliged. Four of them had to get cut before that but there was no one who knew how to do that so they had to take a long trip to nearest city, find a surgeon, get cut, recover and go back to the jungle. Their one year trip was already going on two years at that time.

    They ended up staying three years there and married women from the tribe that they took back to Europe with them. All of them got disowned for marrying these women but they had foreseen that outcome and did not need anyone else's money to prosper. They also brought bit of their wives' culture with them, including the habit of living naked, a positive outlook on sexual fluidity and the tradition of getting boys pierced and cut (if needed) by the time they hit 15. I'm very grateful for that heritage because it's freeing. I feel more free than most of my classmates and friends, having heard that pleasure is not a sin and sex is an important part of life.
    My grandpa considers having sex with another guy, normal for a single man. Actually it almost sound mandatory when you hear him (as long as the guy is "clean" which means cut and pierced). Even after marriage, as long as you don't have sex with other woman, it's not considered cheating. And women are entitled to the same.

    My great grandpa's friends also have (many) kids, including my grandma, so we do have a big pool of people who share that culture with us. I don't really consider myself bisexual but I enjoy having sex with guys, I've always wanted to try. Finding one that was "clean" was pretty hard for me so my dad introduced me to one from our very extended social circle. He was my age and very handsome, I told that story in another post. He was one year younger than me which meant I had to be top and he had to be the bottom and he still refuses, to this day, to change that dynamic. I think he likes my dick. We don't see each other very often but we fuck every time our schedules allow us to meet, once or twice a year maybe.
    Later on I joined a gym that owned by one of my uncles. I wanted to get more muscular (which is a hopeless cause) and I wanted to meet other guys like me. I knew that many of them were regulars (which was also what allowed that business to take off in the first place). I met several guys there. Basically, looking around myself in the locker room, there was little to no chance I would not catch at least one guy who wasn't "clean". Some of them purposely drove one hour to attend that particular gym. But it's not a sex club, it's actually a family friendly place, so there were no blowjobs going on in the showers. This was (and still is) the place were dads took their sons exercising without having to fear someone would say anything about all of them being pierced (for those who choose to get their sons pierced as infants which is becoming increasingly common amongst our community). There is a special locker room for then if they don't feel comfortable having people watching our junk all the time. There's also a special time slot once a week when people can use the swimming pool naked which is very convenient in winter. I never used the special locker room because it's only for boys under 15. My little brothers used it for a few years although they didn't wanted to but it was still safer because people are nosy.
    If I had one cent for each stare I got...It's always weird to see people's face when they come on the naked day at the swimming pool. The ones who dare taking off there swimsuit then see that half of the guys are cut and pierced, including the owner of the place and some kids. They're surprised to say the least.

    Joining that gym had littleton no effect on my muscles but it did boost my sex life. Locker room etiquette is different when we are amongst us. Two "clean" guys finding themselves in the locker room may easily start conversation without knowing each other. If they're alone they might even star the conversation by saying "you're hot man!" because it's acceptable for us to say that. Then if the other guy is not interested in guys (orin you particular) he might just say thanks and talk about something else but if he is interested in you he might answer "You too!" or even "Good looking dick !".

    The first encounter I had there was manufactured though. I was way too shy to do anything on my own. A guy, around my dad's age and another one around my age came towards us as we were taking a shower. The older one walked towards my dad and introduced himself while shaking his hand :
    - HI, I'm JP and this is my son G.
    They shook hands and then my dad introduced us. JP added :
    - Congratulations, your son is beautiful !
    - Yours is very good looking too!

    (They always compliment each other on their children, that's no news)
    Then JP added :

    - Do you mind if they get to know each other a little ?
    - Not at all !

    So my dad moved away from his spot and went to the other side of the room finishing showering while talking to JP while G showered next to me.
    He was about 1,80m tall and looked exotic. Although his dad looked very much white, he, on the other hand, looked definitely mixed race with a darker Mediterranean-like skin tone and was, at his age, already way hairier than his dad. He had straight black hairs all over his body down to his trimmed pubes that seemed to blend in all this hair. His ass was spotless though, it had obviously been carefully waxed. He was way better build than I was, he had a very muscular chest and a nice set of abs with thick thighs for a guy his age. Tucked in between his thighs was a small but beautiful dick, probably 10cm long soft with a nice fleshy purple head with a piercing going left to right and a normal set of balls hanging low. He spoke first :

    - Here, let me rub your back.

    He did not wait for my answer to start doing it. He resumed :

    - It's not the first time I see you, you've got a hot cock dude !
    - Yours is nice too. I bet you can go for hours with it! How old are you !
    - Almost 18.

    I was 17, planets were perfectly aligned...and i was starting to get hard as well. I got dressed and went back home with his phone number.
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  3. I had to move out of the house right after I turned 18. I was going to study in a city that was very far from my hometown so my parents payed me my first apartment and my dad helped me move my things and furnish it.

    It was a very tiny apartment with one room that was both the bedroom and the living room, only separated from the "kitchen" by a bar on which we had dinner. It wasn't furnished though so everything that we did not take from the house had to be bought from the local IKEA store the same day. It took a long day to settle everything, at the end of which we were just tired and eager to go to bed so I ordered food while he was taking a shower and took a shower while he waited for the food to be delivered.

    He was still fully naked when I got out of the shower as he has been every single day after coming back from work and as I have been every single day after coming back from school or work too. My mom has always been the only one more or less clothed at all time, us guys just never bothered putting on clothes after taking a shower. So the sight of him answering text messages on his phone while sitting naked on the edge of my couch did not surprise me at all, in the contrary, it looked reassuring, like a proof that, although I would be away from my family from this day on, they were still things that would not change. Yet, for whatever reason I was wearing my towel around my waist and, to be honest, I was actually planning to put on some underwear before going to sleep. I still don't really know why, maybe it was because it was the first time I would sleep in the same bed with him or any other male significantly older than me. Seing me, her asked :

    - Do you want me to put on some clothes?

    - Why ?

    - I don't know man... your house, your rules ! Plus, you have neighbours now !

    The it struck me. This was, indeed going to be my very own (microscopic) home and I was entitled to live the way I wanted in it. I was not forced to comply with anything other than what I decided. At that moment I decided that this tiny little apartment would be a nudist home as well, fuck the neighbours on the other side of the street, they can always jack off watching me, if they want. Free of charge, you guys are welcome!

    I held on to that decision as much as I could ever since with only a few notable exceptions like when I have some non nudists friends over which was also the case in my parents' house back when I was living there. At first I though I would be the only one of my generation to keep this lifestyle, even away from home, since many of my cousins have been slightly "traumatised" by the abrupt way we transitioned from "clothed" to "naked". I mean, I was used to be naked all the time when we were amongst us (Mom, Dad, my brothers and I) so I was only mildly shy when my dad pretty much told me to throw my bathing suit in the trash and be naked in the company of a dozen extended family members for the first time. Once again, thanks Dad for making things as smooth as possible by getting me cut and pierced at a young age. Others were not that "lucky",although you might argue that they, at least, got to chose wether they wanted to get snipped and pierced or not. Most of my cousins (although not all of them) had what most of you would call a "normal childhood" or at least had a "conventional upbringing". My uncles may all be nudists, but the overwhelming majority of them only took off their clothes during vacations at the beach or when they were by the pool, not all the time like mine. My cousin V., for instance, (who's now 23) and his brothers, were all left intact until the age of 15 and completely forbidden to be seen in less than underwear by pretty much anyone. Even as little boys, they all tried to act like their dad, and run around naked by the pool during summer. They all got got rebuked the same way, urged if not ordered to get back inside and get dressed. Some of them argued the way kids can argue and all of them got the same answer : you still have time before you become a man!

    Some growing up and two surgical interventions later, they were pretty much forced to forsake all clothing. Well they could still wear some on a day to day basis, but whenever summer came and people started to go to our vacation homes (which are close to one another) or hitting our respective swimming pools, we had to be naked. It’s like a dress code in reverse. Having your son reaching that age and still not ‘comfortable enough with his body’ as the elders put it pretty much means he hasn’t been cut and pierced which rises another question : why isn’t your son cut and pierced? The shame would be unbearable for any of these older dudes, especially the judgemental looks from my grandpa. So some of us older cousins had to be very heavily encouraged to quit our clothes. The younger ones like my little brother who’s now 23 and all the ones that followed did not have this kind of reservations. They were all eager to take their clothes off, I guess we paved the way for them. V., for instance, is still pretty shy with nudity (at least to my standards). On a normal day he would hang around the house in his underwear. Whenever invited to his house I would oftentimes take a shower and don’t bother dress up afterwards and only then he would also take off his clothes (probably not to appear uncomfortable).

    So it’s safe to say that I never expected most of my cousins my age to adopt this way of living after moving in their own place. Well, it turner out I was wrong. The first time I had a cousin over at my new apartment he arrived late. When I opened the door he apologized and added ‘You also just got back home, I’m glad you did not wait for me too long !’ He had assumed I had just came back from outside because I had put on boxers and a t-shirt right before opening the door. He did not even ask before taking off all his clothes and putting them on the back of a chair. So I pretended I had been, indeed, in the process of undressing at the moment he arrived and took off the t-shirt and the boxers. We spent the night playing video games and watching movies in the nude and then jerked off before going to bed. Business as usual except that we were old enough to watch porn this time.

    Same happened when I went to my older cousins’ own apartments. Living in the city I had the opportunity to rekindle with many of them, some being married with kids and all fully naked at home. I must admit it was weird to get undressed in front of their wives or girlfriends that I barely knew but I wasn’t going to stay clothed. So we spent the night eating, drinking, talking, playing video games and/or watching movies…Once again, business as usual, except for the porn and jerking off that only happened at my place due to the presence of their wives and kids at theirs.

    So at that moment Dad asked me if I wanted him to get dressed I replied :

    • Of course not !

    I took off the towel I had tied around my waist and handed him to him so he could hang it somewhere to dry.

    We had pizza, talked and laughed but definitely did not have the energy to watch a movie so we decided to go to bed.

    It was the first time I had ever slept in the same bed with him or any other guy who was significantly older than me. I usually always sleep naked even when I have to share my bed with my cousins and especially when I share it with a girlfriend. We have a pretty big house but we oftentimes have many guests at the same time. Like when two uncles come with two, three or even four sons and a wife each. They always get split in age groups. The ones around my age sleep in my room, the older ones with my big brother and the younger ones with my little brother, the adults use the guest rooms.

    Of course, when we were very little we were allowed to sleep in btetween our parents whenever we were having nightmares but that was decades ago.

    The apartment being very small, we had to unfold the brand new convertible couch that was going to be my bed for the years to come before actually going to sleep. And before that we had to understand how it worked. Once the couch unfolded we had to set all the sheets and bedding, find the pillows and wrap them in cases. It took 15 minutes to set it all up after which he paused for a moment, looking at the now bed and then he said :

    • Last time we slept in the same bed you were 6 and you had had a nightmare. And now… you’re a little man !

    He had thought about the same thing I did. Maybe he was also a little bit uncomfortable, sleeping in the same bed with his 18 year-old son while being fully naked.

    I felt like he was now forcing himself to stop viewing me as a little boy, for my own sake and this was part of the process.

    (The following part of the process is more controversial but I’d like to share it with you guys too because I refuse to let people make me feel ashamed for something I shouldn’t be ashamed of.)

    So we took place in the bed and right before turning off the lights he said :

    - Let’s jerk off together ! You haven’t seen a girl for weeks now, your balls must be on the verge of explosion !

    Don’t get me wrong, I was and still am fully aware that this is a highly unusual situation as most sons don’t circle jerk with their dads. However I also knew that some of my cousins had done it and they never talked about it with shame or trauma. Some of them had directly talked about during a conversation I was part of, and some others just made allusions. Like, for instance, one day we were talking about fires at people’s homes and one of my uncles told us about the time him and my grandpa thought the house they were in was on fire. Actually it was the neighbour illegally burning things in his backyard and the wind was bringing all the smoke in their direction. He finished his story by saying ‘We were in the middle of busting a nut and he waited to finish before actually get out of the house!’.

    Another time we were talking about sexual performances with M. (28 years old at the time) and he said that he was more the type of guy who needs a long time to cum and then needs a long time to recover, as opposed to his dad who busts his nut three times in a row, ten minutes it. He added ‘I don’t know how he does it. By the time I unload once he has already unloaded three times without stopping being hard and I’m sure he would keep on doing it if I did not call it quits after one cession !

    We sat on the edge of the bed and started beating our meats. We were both fully soft. For a moment there was only silence and the sound of fapping in the room. It took me some time but I got hard and he said :

    • Impressive ! Girls must love it !
    • And guys too ! I replied.
    • You had other ones after the first one ? (see previous story)
    • Well I had him quite a few times ! And we also banged a friend of his…
    • Was he clean ?
    • Yes he was very much clean !

    And then came another moment of silence. He was still not hard. He felt the need to justify himself :

    • I’m not as young as you ! I’m gonna need more time!

    That was a lit, a blatant lie as I had accidentally seen him hard multiple times, including very recently. He was only 50 years old at the time and was very much getting morning wood and impromptu boners like all men do. And now that he’s much older he still does. So I knew, even at the time, that he was lying. He was just not at ease with the situation and what he said right after just confirmed it :

    • You know, if you feel awkward we don’t have to do it !

    I felt a little awkward but not as much as him so I replied :

    • You’re right, I need to bust one out.
    • Good. Now that you’re all grown up I feel we can share this. Plus, I have to check that everything works for you down there. Do you do it at least once a day?
    • I try but sometimes it takes too much time or it doesn’t come at all.
    • First, you should stop rubbing the head. Where did you get that habit?
    • I don’t know I just like it that way…otherwise it’s pretty tedious to cum.
    • Okay, now stop rubbing the head, only jerk the shaft.
    • But I have no skin to jerk off there.
    • Yes you do, at least a little and this is not a race, go slower !

    At this point he was still fully soft and not jerking off anymore. He resumed:

    • If you get your head used to be touched like this, after some years, you won’t feel anything special when fucking someone, is that what you want?
    • No…
    • So why don’t you use the rest of your body instead ?
    • What do you mean?
    • You told me you liked when your girlfriend fingered you, right? Then why don’t you finger yourself?
    • I tried, but it doesn’t work the same when you do it to yourself…
    • That brings us to my housewarming gift !

    He pulled out a box from behind the TV and gave it to me. It contained two little vibrating fairly large butt plugs.

    • I figured you could move up a size by now…And there are two so you can use them with someone else. He said.
    • Let’s inaugurate them now!
    • Do you have lube ?
    • Yep, in my drawer !

    We lubed up one buttplug each and pressed it against our respective holes while I said :

    • C. (ex girlfriend) had a dildo we would use sometimes so this should not be a lot to handle for me!
    • Well, I’m glad for you because I, on the other hand, haven’t used my G-spot for a long time but…fuck it feels good !

    And indeed, it seemed to work on him since he was finally getting hard and I couldn’t believe how talkative that otherwise very silent and reserved men was getting :

    • Shit, it’s good ! Do you like it ?
    • Yes !
    • Push the button at the back of the plug again, it makes it vibrate harder ! Mine is already on speed 3 !

    I pushed once to activate speed 2 and then one more time to activate speed 3 and it became highly pleasurable indeed. I let out a loud moan and blushed to which he responded :

    • There’s no shame in showing your pleasure!

    We were both sitting on the age of the bed with a plug tightly tucked between our ass cheeks. He resumed :

    • Now you can move a little, from left to right and front to back to see if you can have it hit the spot.

    He started showing diverse ways to move around that tool and suddenly blocked in a rather weird and unstable position, leaning to the right, and said :

    • Shit ! I think it’s there ! Fuck it feels good, damn I missed it ! Try leaning to your right !

    I followed his direction and suddenly felt it hitting the spot.

    • Fuck I feel it !
    • We have the spot located at the same place !

    Looking at us from a third person point of view would have been pretty funny. We were both leaning towards the same direction with blushed cheeks and our dick in the right hand. He was right, I did not feel the need to touch my glans and feeling more pleasure than if I had only been doing that.

    Hearing him being extremely talkative and swearing made me feel more comfortable and discover another side of him. He was not paying attention to me anymore and just pleasuring himself while swearing on repeat :

    • Shit that feels great ! Fuck I needed that !

    I felt happy seing him release all his tensions. He seemed to have a lot to release. I slowly started to loosen it a little. I started by a timid ‘Fuck!’ and it turned me on to allow myself to let it go so I became more descriptive :

    • It’s right on my fucking spot!
    • Are you about to cum ?
    • Not yet but it’s fucking good !
    • Remember, you cum standing and handsfree, okay ?
    • Why ?
    • Because that’s the way it is !

    He later told me that the purpose of cumming both standing and handsfree was to avoid complete satisfaction which, according to him and everyone his age, is detrimental to a healthy sex life. Cumming handsfree is also the go-to way to finish if you want to show everyone how much of a man you are. He added :

    • That’s okay if you come before me but it’s better if we do it at the same time. Copy my pace and I’ll tell you when I’m close.

    He was mostly moving his ass around to make the plug hit the spot and marginally jerking his shaft by quick sets of five or six back and forth movements separated by a pretty long pause. I first copied his pace but I felt like I needed more jerking of so I shortened the pauses and it felt just fine so I said :

    • Shit ! It’s good!

    Then it became really good and accelerated while exhaling :

    • I’m close !
    • Then stop jerking your dick and wait for me !
    I had to stop jerking for what seemed like an eternity. My glans was purple and so inflated and hard you could barely see the golden balls at each end of my piercing. His was the same. I felt like anything touching my dick at this point would make me come. He said :

    • Ok, let’s shoot ! You can jerk your dick until the first squirt of cum, after than you contract all your muscles and thrust forward, okay ?
    • Okay !

    I already knew all of that, I had heard it in all the theoretical lessons he had given me prior to that first practical one.

    We started jerking our shafts like crazy and then stood up and started shooting cum at the exact same time. That would have made a really hot video! We were side to side, standing in front of the wal, dicks hard as rocks. His dick is identical as mine, no foreskin at all, pierced through the head by a golden bar with a ball on each end. We were looking at that wall right in front of us, roaring like viking warriors while contracting every muscle of our bodies : abs, becs, biceps and thighs, knees slightly bent at each thrust. Each thrust let out a shot made even more powerful and generous by the plug we still had inside of us. There was a lot of cum flying left and right, probably the biggest ejaculation I had ever had from a jerkoff, the kind of ejaculation that first starts with a sprinkling of transparent liquid semen that turns into proper thick and odorant cum after three squirts and carries on like this for four more bursts. We were obviously wired the same way, and being in sync like this was a very bonding and fulfilling experience that I wish upon every guy.

    When you’re jerking off handsfree you’re still hard and good to go after it, that’s the whole point of it, being able to immediately go for round two. Both our dicks were still hard and generously dripping cum. He ruffled my hair and said :

    • Good job ! You did it like a pro ! Damn, you are a machine !
    • You’ll have something interesting to tell your bros !
    • I have bragging right over your prowesses ! I made you !
    • Let’s go for round 2 !
    • You liked it that much, huh !
    • Best jerk off ever ! But I’m still hard !
    • You know it’s gonna take us forever to cum a second time ! Let’s see tomorrow morning !

    We overslept the next morning and did not have the time to release one more time. It then became a recurring thing between us and it still is. We try all sorts of toys together like fleshlights and dolls, it’s a lot of fun.

    The next day I had a call from my big brother asking me how it went. He also had his cession back when he turned 18 but it never became a habit the way it did with me. He’s pretty conservative and doesn’t like people playing with his asshole and experiencing new things like edging and toys. He still joins us sometimes but always sticks to ‘the traditional way’ and way my little brother turned 18 we invited him to join and there were no awkward silences. Turns out is just as much of a freak, currently our thing is to throw edging contests and see who can last the longest.
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    Is sex innate or learned ?
    Most people would think that sex is the most natural thing and that everyone intuitively knows everything there is to know about it. Some day, around puberty, you feel an urge to do it, you stick your dick in someone's whole and you're good to go. I personally don't think so.
    I've read so many articles and stories about it, like the one of this Chinese couple who struggled conceiving their first child. They went to see a doctor who talked about it with both of them separately only to realize the wife felt pain during sex. When the doctor asked where the pain was located, she replied it was all around her anus. Turns out they had been having sex in the butt the whole time, not knowing this was not the right way if you want to have kids. I also heard the story of a maid, a long time ago, actually one of my high school friend's grandma's maid when she was younger (a fairly long time ago I reckon), who kept on having kids after kids and did not know how it happened.
    See, people are not born knowing everything they need to know about sex, especially if you start diving into the specifics of pleasure, how to give it and how to receive it. Society also has its two-cents in it. Depending on where you come from and the era in which you live, you might get radically different teaching regarding sex. What is acceptable today may may have been unacceptable not so long ago and what is unacceptable in your neck of the woods might not be in mine.

    I guess it's fair to say that nowadays, in western society, parents and school teachers are required to teach their kids the mechanics of it, the biological side of "the issue". By this, I mean mostly "how babies are made" and "how STDs get transmitted". That's the bear minimum. The rest is left to the teen/young adult's own research and this is where I think it gets messy. Where do teens learn about the specifics of sex? THE main answer today would be both porn and hearsay. But porn is detrimental to minors, that's why underaged people are not allowed to watch it. Why is it so detrimental, you might ask. Well, first because it's fiction. Every single porn star will tell you this : porn is fiction. Sexual fiction. It is not meant to be educational, it is not meant to look realistic, it's entertainment, it's a show. Letting kids educate themselves watching porn would be like using Star Wars in Science class or Game of Thrones in History class. More than any other type of video entertainment, porn relies on editing and special effects, they're just made as subtle as possible to make the viewer believe it. The people acting in those movies are professional. The same way professional athletes compte in the Olympics. Who would ever think, watching the olympics, that they're able to do exactly the same as the athletes on screen? They might be able to do it but it takes a lot of practice, work and pain. Adult entertainers are the same. They're professionals, they've been chosen and trained to be able to do what they do and they have the editing process on their side.
    Porn is also paradoxically pretty rigid. It doesn't really allow people to expand their horizons and work their imagination. Porn sets standards that might not be what you actually like/want/need. Most guys I know prefer cumming inside their partner than do a pull out for instance. All woman are not as loud and talkative during sex as porn actresses. Some of them are but some aren't and porn tends to set a norm that if you're not screaming your lungs out you're not having pleasure. Same with gay porn : not everyone is capable of taking a 12 inch or even 8 inch dick in their asshole. I know I can't, and god knows I like anal sex.
    That's why I personnaly don't think porn should be the first contact young people have with sex. I guess most readers here will agree to that.

    Teenagers and young adults are then left with one single option : hearsay. Basically what society tells us is that they have to teach one another how sex works. Problem is : none of them knows more than the others. They don't know shit and that exactly why they need to be taught.
    This is where we move to the controversial part of this piece : I basically got taught what I needed to know by my dad and I'm actually (mostly) happy about it.
    I'm not talking about us having sex together at all, this is not an incest situation at all...or at least I thought so. I'm saying that because this website flagged me for referring to incest in one post I made on the forum when I think it wasn't incest at all. I just got taught the ins and outs of sex by someone who actually knows is shit and that did not involve him touching me in any way, shape or form.

    First it started by a theoretical teaching that happened when I started having sex with my first girlfriend. She was on the pill and we were both virgins so we did it raw, still my dad advised me to pull out, not as much for safety than for the show. "You want to show that you are in control, that's what gets them wet. So the first time you fuck her you pull out at the right moment and spray everything handsfree on her. It won't be as satisfying as if you came inside so you'll quickly be able to go for round two and this time you fill her inside."
    That piece of advice has almost become a reflex for me. I practiced a lot and now I can even pull out, take off the condom and come right away.

    Another piece of advice he gave me was to use my butthole. I think I would have never thought of it if he hadn't make it seem so natural. By the second time I had sex with my girlfriend I had her lick my asshole and finger me while sucking my dick. We oftentimes shared her dildo, a very small thing that was perfect for my virgin ass. She would stick it in my butt and make it move while sitting on my cock. Sometimes I would stick it in her butt while fucking her i the pussy or stick it in her pussy while fucking her in the butt.

    It was around that time that I started to be interested by guys too. I felt very confortable talking about it with Dad and even more confortable seing him making it seem so natural. He was very open to me. I always suspected he had had sex with guys, him and all my uncles and my grandpa are never afraid admitting a guy is good looking or hot. As long as the guy was pierced and cut nothing was off limits. The only thing that was repulsing to him was to play with a guy that's "not clean" and "not clean" for him means uncut and unpierced. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable getting fucked or sucking an uncut dick either but I can overlook the absence of metal if I'm really horny.
    I have two cousins who are openly gay and by "gay" I mean that they don't feel romantically attracted to women although they can see themselves fucking one, once every blue moon. They both decided to get married with guys which was not a scandal in the family but almost. I remember one of my uncle saying "why doesn't he get married to a woman and keeps the guy as a fuck buddy one the side?". I guess he was saying this because that's what he did himself and not only with one fuck buddy but at least three that I know of. But I digress. What I wanted to say is that both these guys who get married to other men had their future spouse get cut and pierced before even introducing them to the family. Actually one had to get cut and pierced and the other one just cut (he already had a PA). And both told me that they did not have any type of sex involving their partners' dicks before they were "ready" which basically means only they were top (and probably never cumming inside) and only they received blowjobs and never gave any. And no hand jobs as well.
    It took years before I could find a guy that was cut and pierced and that I wanted to have sex with but weirdly enough it's not that rare. Actually many families are more or less like mine it's just that they're not as open about it. I personnaly know at least two extended families that are not related to mine whatsoever that hold the same tradition but most of their members are not nudists. My dad introduced me to one of them after our talk about having sex with another guy. That specific household had a son that was one year younger than me. They were not nudists at all, we went there for dinner and had a very conventional evening up until the end when I went to their son's bedroom. Dad had just told me "we're going to have dinner with these people, you'll see, they have a son bout your age and he's very handsome. You said you wanted to try with guys, right ?"
    We arrived in his room, he asked me :
    - Do you think I look good ?
    - Yes, you're very handsome, I replied.

    He was younger but about the same size. Tall, blond with blue eyes and a very refined nose. He had long hands and was dressed in a nice cachemire sweater and a pair of jeans with Chucks on his feet.

    - So, you've never done it with another guy, right?
    - Nope, never.
    - Me too. My dad say I should try at least once and now that I see you, I kinda want to try...are you down?
    - Definitely.

    We kissed. I had been told to be very gentle and he had apparently been told the same. It was paradoxically way more gentle than with a girl. You'd think two guys would just behave like beasts, well, we did not. We kissed a long time and really took pleasure in feeling each other's body under our clothes. He was very hairy for his age, his chest was totally covered with straight blond hair, down to his belly and pubes. He had obviously taken care of all this fur and made it look trimmed and combed. He smelled good. His six pack was firm and his belly button tasty. He was actually very manly in all sense of the term. We took our clothes off one by one until we ended up in our underwear from which my cock was already sticking out. He my briefs off and licked my balls, shaft and then head.
    I had him step away from me and take off his underwear. I wanted to see him all first. I was relieved when I saw his dick as I had feared it was going to be like the monsters we have but it was an average cock. A beautiful and very appetising average hard cock, the size of mine soft but thicker. Sixteen or seventeen centimetres maybe. The shape was beautiful, it looked like a sports car with crisp lines and strong features. The head was very meaty and very pink which could have make it look juvenile if the shaft hadn't been riddled with huge blue and red veins. His dick looked like it was about to explode. Touching it, you could feel the shape of these veins and even his heartbeat. He had no foreskin left, even less than mine and you could barely see his scar because it was tucked behind the corona of his meaty glans. His piercing was also going through the head but left to right and top to bottom like mine.
    That first time fucking a guy was like a choreography. We both had been briefed the same way on how to act and how to conduct things which made the whole thing run smoothly. I first sucked his dick and fingered his ass, sitting on the bed while was was standing in front of me. the guy was very excited, it lasted less than the length of the song that was playing at the time before he pulled his dick out of my mouth and pushed me on the chest. I knew what was going to happen so I leaned back on the bed at the same time he pushed me and watched him spray his hot cum handsfree on my chest, belly, dick and legs while standing in front of me. He was pretty muscular and his ski was very white. I could see his face becoming red and his pecs and biceps and legs growing and hardening as he thrusted in the air towards me, expelling a big squirt of cum at each movement. He first started his orgasm by a loud "oh shit" soon followed by a grunt with clenched teeth and fists per ejaculating thrust towards. I really feared I'd get sperm in my eyes but it was my duty to watch and I relished every single second. At the end I wanted to clean his dick with my mouth but I was not supposed to.
    His dick did not soften a bit. He grabbed the lube and put some on my cock and some more on his asshole and then sat on me. I was now sitting on the edge of the bed again and he was back to me, hands on my knees, trying to slide that in. He was the younger one, he had to take it although I wouldn't have minded if he gave it to me. He did it like a pro : he first jerked me off half with his hand on my shaft and half with his hole around my glans. Gradually, he went down and down, following his own pace but never forgetting to service me by clenching his hole and going back and forth on the portion of dick he had already taken in. I could feel he had prepared his ass. His hole was bald and soft. He had to pull his butt chick appart for the last centimetres and then completely sat down. Everything was inside. He was now doing circular movements with my cock fully in, probably to stimulate his prostate and I felt it working as he started to moan louder and louder. He had my balls on the palm of his hand and one index finger on my anus that he was rubbing slowly but he wasn't jerking himself off. I knew he wasn't going to. Well, at least he wasn't jerking his dick off but he was definitely jerking his spot off with my dick. I thought he had forgotten about me when he seemed to have found the right angle for me to fuck his spot. A little to the side. So he started making gradually more and more ample movements and started saying "oh shit", "that's it, right there !". So i pounded him "right there" as he encouraged me to go harder and he came all over the carpet, handsfree of course, "like a man" sone would say. He got soft. his dick was even more red than usual. I hadn't come even once yet but I had spent the whole time being on the verge to. He apologised and sat back on my dick. This time facing me. I hurried my face in his chest hair and let him ride me this way. He did everything he could to make come fast and a lot : clenching his hole, touching my balls and asshole. He was teasing me, repeating "you're gonna come inside, right ?", "please come inside". I wanted to let it out inside but we did not know each other at all and I knew i wasn't supposed to. I also wanted to retaliate after the display of manliness he had made for me. So I flipped us to missionary and kept pounding one more minute until I felt the sauce rising from my balls and pulled out. I was standing on my knees in front him, grabbing his head by the hair in one hand to get it closer from my cock and help him swallow a few squirts which he wasn't supposed to but it was fully handsfree on my part. As expected, I did not soften, and was very frustrated and horny. I got flipped him over and fucked him doggystyle hitting his spot in the same angle as before. he remained soft and did not give any sign oh hardening so I poured some lube on my hand and starting jacking him off to which he said no but actually did not make any move to prevent me from doing it and got hard which made me even more horny. I ordered him to jerk his dick off which he eventually did as I got harder and harder on his ass, jack hammer style and we finally realised both almost at the same time, me inside and him, stopping his jerking off at the right time to save face.

    I told my dad what happened the same way I just told you, as we were driving back home that night and I felt very confutable doing it. Especially since he knew what we had been doing up in this bedroom the whole time. He said "Shit ! You guys are good at pulling out ! When I was your age I couldn't control myself at all."
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  5. I do not think that having a big dick is the end-all-be-all of life nor that it's especially helping in sex life in particular for that matter.

    Growing up in a family that's both overwhelmingly populated with males with a pretty laid back approach on nudity (not to say nudists), you would think that it would be a topic that was often brought out but actually it was not. Comparing sizes is **almost** taboo in my family which is weird because most of my cousins and other male family members on my father's side are hung like mofos.

    My grandpa in particular must be the missing link between human beings and elephants, his is just the most humongous thing I've ever seen. Sitting on a chair it would still hang floppily in the air bellow. There are countless anecdotes I could tell about it. Like the time he was sitting by the pool, outside, on the edge of a chair and the dog started playing with his thing. Or the timeS when a younger cousin asked made a innocent reflection about it. I did it and I guess virtually all of us cousins did it. Mine happened when I was seven and said "Howcome yours is so much bigger than mine?" to which he answered "give ten more years and it'll be the same!". That was his go to answer to all the remarks we made, little did he know my cock grew to look exactly like his (only shorter and thinner).

    I'm thinking about that because it happened again lately, this time if was one of my cousin's son who compared him to an elephant. His answer was the same. He then changed the subject, the same way he always does, because talking about size is just not his thing and I guess it became no one's thing in the family.

    I never heard anyone saying that they have a big dick or that I had a big dick. Around the age of 15 became concerned with my size (as all teenagers do) and wanted to reassure myself (just like every other teenager). I got told by friends at school that the average size was 15cm. I grew even more concerned because at the time my dick was 14cm long. I tried to talk about it with my dad and he confirmed that the average size was 14 cm, I was mortified. He replied to my concerns by saying "Of all, you're the one that has to worry the least!". Him, my brothers and my mom were the only ones who had already seen me naked at the time as I was deemed too young to be naked while with the extended family.

    Being surrounded by my cousins became difficult for a moment but I could keep my clothes and especially my bathing suit around the pool so it made it bearable. All of them rock 15cm at least, my big brother also does, some were not even 20 years old and already were way pass that bar and they were not shy about it when adults were not around. Once one bragged about his 17cm in the presence of adults and he got yelled at in front of everyone by his dad saying things like "No one cares about the size of your dick! If anything, I should be the one bragging about it and you should be bragging about your GPA IF ONLY IT WERE AS BIG !".
    Needless to say, from then on, my cousins and I only talked about it amongst ourselves. So I know all of their sizes and grew more and more concerned. I had a cousin with a 18cm dick for Christ sake ! And he was muscular and handsome on top of that... I was jealous to the core. It lasted for several months until something unclogged everything :

    One day, my dad saw me climbing down the stairs in a bathing suit, trying to get to the pool as discretely as possible during a family gathering. I remember the look he gave me. I also remember every single of his words :

    - Where are you going?
    - To the pool.
    - No need for a bathing suit anymore, you're almost a man.
    - I'd like to keep it on.

    I was halfway down the stairs, he looked around to make sure no one had seen me and climbed back up and took me to my room. He's not much of a talker so I sensed this was going to be unusual.
    He closed the door.

    - Take the bathing suit off, please!

    He said "please but it was more like an order. I didn't budge.

    - Now you're almost 16, it's long overdue, aren't you proud?
    - Proud of what, I have a small dick !
    - What ? Then if you have a small dick, what should I say?

    He was already naked but I had never really paid attention to it. His tool was maybe one centimetre smaller than mine at the time. At that moment I dared asking :

    - How big is it ?
    - It's above average and I'm very fine with it.
    - This is not above average.
    - What do you mean ?
    - This is smaller than 15cm ! Mine is 14 and is longer than yours !
    - You stupid little air-head... You thought that 15 was the size soft? What ... I mean how...? Do you realize how stupid it is? It's 15cm hard you dummy ! HARD!

    I was flabbergasted to say the least and couldn't believe it. So I stupidly said :

    - But everyone is around 15cm soft !
    - Everyone in the family maybe ! And not me by the way. And not you ! Have you ever seen a guy naked outside of the family ?
    - No...
    - Then you would know.
    - Then you mean everyone in this family has a huge cock...
    - Not everyone but yes, most people, including you.
    - Mine is 17 hard ! I'm hung !

    I was over the moon but he was not having it :

    - No, you're not and no one cares about the size of your dick and you'll always find someone bigger so hold your horses, please.

    I did not pay attention to what he was saying and kept talking to myself :

    - And if it keep on growing I'll be super-hung ! Do you think I could be like grandpa?
    - No way ! But V. (one of my cousins) probably will. Believe me, you don't wish that upon yourself !
    - Why ? That must be awesome ?
    - Awesome for who ? The guys in the locker room? Wonderful ! Believe me, him and all my brothers wish they had my dick, 17 hard just like yours, way easier to get hard and way easier to manoeuvre ! Now you're young and dumb and of I could make that decision, I'd stop your dick growth right now, you'd thank me later ! Ask any woman or even guy, a dick needs to be reasonably long and thick. Not too think otherwise it simply hurts the ones taking it and not too long otherwise you can't get balls deep. You'll see when you have sex, ain't nothing better than having your balls clapping against the entrance and very hung guys can't do that. Even I could barely do it with certain tight pussies.

    At the time, it was the biggest load of sex-ed I had ever received.

    - Now take off the swimming trunks ! Worst than a guy with a small dick is a guy who's too afraid to show it. And you're lucky I got you cut and pierced a long time ago otherwise you would have had the whole family analysing your junk before the operation and arguing about the best solutions. That's what happened to me! I was fifteen and grandpa and all my uncles and older cousins were there...

    - And did they say anything about your size ?

    - No one gives a fuck about the size of it ! But I got praised though !

    - Praised for what ?

    - Because it's beautiful ! That's what matters ! My cock is freaking beautiful ! I had no foreskin at all and a big mushroom head, that's very manly on a 15 year old ! That and the size of my balls, many were jealous of me. I could have gone for a PA but I went for a full piercing across the head and now I dare you to find one person who doesn't think I have the most good looking dick in the room. No one likes droopy skin and a little pointy head.

    I took off my swimming trunks and asked :

    - What do you think of mine ?
    - It's beautiful ! YOu're far from being a man in your head but your body is almost ready. Now let's get downstairs, people must be wondering where we are.

    I went downstairs, naked in front of everyone for the first time. I still felt a little anxious but I had no fear.

    No one cared the slightest. Not even a glance.
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  6. Being the good boy that I am, my dick was still fully flaccid at that moment. She got out of the covers and on her knees, still on the bed, her head in front of my dick that she took in between her thumb and index, making it giggle a little. Half of the shaft as well as the head were swinging in the air as she played a little with it.

    " It's like an elephant trunk..." She whispered.
    Bewildered by the sight, she hurried her nose in my trimmed pubes and commented " It smells so good !"

    I was petrified, I had no will at all, I was just letting her do whatever she wanted. I wasn't even asking myself why she wasn't focusing on the metal bar that passed through my glans. My dick got hard, she grabbed it completely. It looked even bigger in her small hand. She had to back off a little and then took the head in her mouth. Her other hand was buried deep in between her legs as she sucked my cock and jerked me off, skilfully playing with the piercing and her clit at the same time.

    I came before her. Five minutes or so after she started. I sprayed the back of her throat with generous squirts of cum. She swallowed it till the last drop and licked my dick clean as it refused to soften. It was only at that moment that I kind got back to my senses and took measure of my own arousal. I clearly remember telling myself "now I'm gonna give it to her till she begs me to stop!".
    I dropped on my needs and pulled up the t-shirt she was still wearing. Her pussy was moist and fully shaven. She put her hand on my head and with her left index she pointed at her clit saying "lick here". Kneeling on the floor, I licked it the best I could for a few minutes during which she couldn't stop talking. First, she was still able to make full sentences, telling me she had been thinking about me licking her pussy the whole day. Fucking me was the number one reason she made sure we would do this project together.
    Her moans became longer and longer but she kept on talking, probably more to work herself up than to communicate with me. She said she couldn't wait to get that dick inside of her, that my cum tasted so good it was the first and only time she had swallowed.

    "But first you're gonna make me come, baby !"

    I didn't know what I was doing so I started experiencing. I sucked on her clit, first gently then harder and more rapidly. At that moment she was in the middle of a sentence I forgot and stated saying :

    "Yes, right there. Suck it !"

    Then :

    " Feels so good !"
    " Keep going!"
    " Shit, I'm cumming !"

    She was kneading her boobs as her body rose from the mattress, her thighs wrapped around my neck and her hand pushing my head against her pussy. She was not trying to be discrete, practically screaming "Yes, yes, yes, fuck yeah !" for a good thirty second.

    She fell back on the bed, laying down. I kneeled on the bed, took her by the waist and thrusted in her pussy. She was tight, very tight. I could feel each square millimetre of her vagina around my cock. I tried to go balls deep ; it didn't work, so I tried and tried again, pounding the back of her hole with one hand on her mouth do minimise the noise. She took my fingers in her mouth and licked them. Her cheeks were red, her gaze was lewd with a hit of fear in it. I went very hard, rubbing my pubes against her clit.

    I became more confident and dared asking : "You like that?"

    With my fingers in her mouth she still managed to say "yes".
    I tried to fit as much of my dick I could, at some point I felt like I had managed to stretch her pussy a little but still couldn't get balls deep. When jerking off, I usually do it without lube, the feeling of my balls giggling again what I'm sitting on is what makes me cum. I had already filled her mouth only a few minutes prior, I knew I would take forever to cum again without having my balls clapping against something.

    I went harder and harder as I felt like her hole was getting tighter and tighter and then she started screaming with her mouth full of my fingers, her whole body shaking and pussy clenching as if she wanted to cut my dick off. It took her a long time to calm down, maybe because I kept on pounding her at the same pace. She even tried to get away from my cock but she was kinda week at the moment so I flipped her on her belly and thrusted from behind. I was on my knees, she was in the same position, right in front of me. We had made a slight shift to she right so we could see ourselves in the cupboard's mirror. She no longer wanted to escape, aroused as she was by the sight of her naked body, covered with sweat, getting fucked from behind by my large tool. Her pussy was so tiny, I could cover it all with my hand but I wasn't rubbing it, her clit was sore, I was just keeping it warm.

    " Grab my balls !" I told her.

    She was very obedient.

    "They're so heavy !"

    She knew how to speak to a man.

    My thrusts became less aggressive as she began massaging my balls. I started to actually feel real effortless pleasure again and began moaning.

    "You like when I touch your balls like this, right !"
    " Yes"
    " You're gonna cum for me now, okay?"

    I guess after her last orgasm she just wanted it to end for a bit. She was moving her hips, basically massaging my dick with her vagina, contracting it from time to time, trying to fit as much cock in it as she could and saying "it's so big..." or " I cannot fit more," from time to time.

    I felt the juice raising from my balls to my glans, little did I know, I was about to get my strongest orgasm to date. I started thrusting like crazy again, she did not let go off my balls, she was truly dedicated. She wasn't grabbing them anymore but she had placed her hand right in between my balls and the entrance of her pussy so that they were clapping on her palm as if I was balls deep. Sometimes she would just poke one testicle with a finger as if she knew how I like it.

    I managed to pull out right at the perfect moment. I got my cock fully out of her hole and then placed it on her pussy she took it in her hand and rubbed it against her clit while poking my balls. We were looking at each other in the mirror in front of us. I saw her lewd expression when I started spraying my cum on the on her belly, her boobs on the sheets and on said mirror. She rubbed my glans so hard I thought she was going to tare my piercing away. She kept on playing with long after I finished cumming, coming one more time by rubbing the metal bar against her clit. Then she finally let go of it.

    We fell on the bed. It took us a minute to get back to our senses.

    "Shit ..."

    That was what we both finally said at the same time after a long minute of silence.

    And then she said " Thanks."

    "My pleasure !" I replied

    We laughed.

    " I'm probably going to fuck you again in the morning." I said

    "Then we really should gt back to sleep! " She replied.
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  7. I have never been a muscular guy, as a matter of fact it's always been a struggle for me to put on muscles and god knows I'm exercising a lot. In high school I was that thin long figure people would notice from across the school yard, noticeably taller than the average student and desperately slender. My body has always been firm though, just not beefy. I had abs and aa very firm round and tiny ass but it didn't make me look staggering at all. The only things that were impressive were my shadow and my dick, the latter remaining largely unknown to the rest of the world.
    In all humility I think I was good looking, though and I still am. Other guys likes me in high school because I was the one you wanted to team up with when playing virtually any sport. These long ass legs worked wonders in both basketball and soccer. Yet, I was far from being the school's heartthrob, girls did not really pay attention to me or so I thought. Maybe I wasn't really trying or maybe I was too blind and probably too shy so see that some of them liked me. I was not the type to ask a girl out, definitely not and I therefore did not spend my life surrounded by them.

    In hindsight, I think I needed a different kind of girl to unclog my brain and this is exactly what happened to me.
    Her name was Clara. At first I thought she had insisted to team up with me on a History project just because I had good grades. History was definitely my forte, I was the best student in the class and probably the best one in the whole grade when it came to History. Hell, I ended up taking it as a major in college ! She wasn't dumb either, as a matter of fact she was a pretty good fit for me. People have in mind all sorts of clichés about the looks of a History nerd but that was not my case and definitely not hers. Except maybe if you though that a history nerd looks like a Victoria Secret model. I'm barely exaggerating, she was hot as fish grease. She was that girl everyone stared at every morning to see what she was wearing, a unique sense of style and, to be honest, a whole lot of money and boobs. Looking at her, you'd be incapable of figuring out her ethnicity. Maybe Latina, maybe Middle Eastern, maybe light skin Indian...Through talking to her I actually learned she was black, white and Vietnamese. Her mom was half black and half white and her dad was half white and half Vietnamese. The result of that mixture was breathtaking : long silky hair and green almond shaped eyes on tanned skin the color of caramel.
    I agreed work with her first because it was an unexpected opportunity to spend some time one on one with a girl, especially as hot as she was and also because I knew that we would finish that project very quickly together. I was right about spending time with her but I was dead wrong about the alleged quickness of that task. She was a perfectionist to a point I started to think she was doing it on purpose. She always came up with those ideas to make the whole thing look even better, even bigger. We were already on our way to get 18/20, maybe even 20/20 but she seemed to be aiming at 30/20 (which is of course impossible to get in a French school, it doesn't even exist). Her dad was a museum curator and boy oh boy she knew all about History and Art. We actually spent more time talking and debating about the subject (oftentimes digressing to other subjects) than actually moving forward in our work. And she loved building replicas and drawing pictures, that high school project was going to become a full exhibition.

    I spent a full afternoon at her house one Saturday and then she spent a full afternoon at mine one week later. Still, the project wasn't finished but we were running out of time. So I offered her to stay for dinner so we could spend the whole evening finishing that thing. She agreed immediately. Maybe that was what she had wanted to hear the whole time. We had dinner with my family and went back upstairs to finish what we were doing. It took a whole four hours and soon midnight came. Finally, we managed to write the final period of that university-level essay around one o'clock as the wind started to seriously blow outside. It was the beginning of summer and a big thunderstorm was approaching. She had walked on her way to my house but she obviously couldn't get back to her house the same way. We tried to go outside and see if it was that bad but only a few steps on the street managed to get us drenched. It was hopeless.

    Inside the house everyone was sleeping.

    "Do you mind if I sleep over tonight?"

    Of course I didn't but our spare room was occupied at the time.

    " That's okay, we can sleep together in your bed."

    Being as tall as I am I did had to have a very big bed. She wrote a message to her parents and we decided to get rid of our wet clothes and go to sleep. I lent her one of my t shirt that might as well be a dress for her and I slept in my underwear.

    "Don't look back, I'm naked !"

    She was at the other side of the bedroom, right behind me, getting rid of her wet clothes and slipping into my t-shirt. I had my own bathroom, she could have used it instead of creating that awkward yet enticing situation. I did not know if she was also turning her back on me but I did not have to get fully naked so I just took off my clothes and kept my boxer briefs. I can swear I felt her gaze on my back and ass but maybe it was only my imagination.
    We she finally gave me the green light, I headed towards the bed. I saw her pants drying up on the back of a chair. Her shirt was also drying up nearby as well as ... her black lace matching underwear. She was fully naked under my t-shirt. She was also looking at me with aw while trying to finish up a sentence :

    " On which side of the bed do you..."

    More precisely, she was looking at my crotch. I could see in the mirror in front of me that my boxer briefs were white. Most of my underwear is white. They were also wet. You could make out the shape of glans and the protuberance of my dick piercing very easily. She kept stuttering :

    " ... do you ... do you ... do you.."

    Until I finished up her sentence : " ... do I wanna sleep?"

    "Yes ! Exactly!"

    She slept on close to the wall and I slept close to the door. We turned off the lights.

    "I bet I'm the first girl to ever sleep in this bed !"

    I was taken aback.

    "What is that supposed to mean?" I asked.

    She tried backpedaling:

    " There is no girl in this household, right ?"
    " Yeah, right. And I bet I'm not the first guy you're spending the night with."
    " What is that supposed to mean?"
    " Well, you're in a relationship with Marc, right?"
    " Not anymore."
    " Since when?"
    " Since two days ago."
    " And did you guys ..."
    " Did we guys what ? Have sex ? It's not very polite to ask this type of questions, especially when you know damn well we did, because he most certainly told you and the other guys in the team, am I right ? "
    " You're right, sorry..."
    "That's okay. I forgot to plug my phone. Can you do it for me please?

    I turned the light back on, got out of bed and turned towards her as she handed me the phone. She looked at my groin again.

    "The cord is in my purse."

    She did not realize I saw her looking at my ass as I was bending over to get the cord. I plugged the phone and walked back towards the bed. She was still looking at it, trying to be as discrete as possible but failing at every attempt. I turned back and headed towards a cupboard. I opened a drawer and looked for a pair of pitch black underwear. Her gazes did not make me uncomfortable, I just wanted to send out a message. I was facing the cupboard, back towards her. I took off my underwear, at this point there was no doubt she was looking at my ass. I slightly opened my legs as I put on the black pair of boxer briefs so that she could catch a glimpse of my dick and balls hanging in between my thighs. I put on the black briefs and headed back to the bed. I was standing in front of her, ready to turn the lights back off when she said :

    "I preferred the white ones." She said in a cocky voice.

    "That's why you were looking at my dick the whole time. That's not very polite either !"

    " It's just that it's soooo big ! It's even bigger than I thought !"

    "Than you thought ?"

    "The guys mentioned it... I heard Marc once say that yours soft is his hard. I guess he was right."

    " The I guess there's no point in me wearing underwear anymore, right ?"

    In a bold move, I decided to take of the last remaining piece of garment I was wearing. I was no standing in front of her, fully naked, in the light of the bedside lamp and she said :

    " God, you're gorgeous!"

    To be continued.
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  8. I recently stumbled upon a thread in this forum about a guy who got cut very low and tight almost against his consent. Well actually it appeared that it is the standard cut for heavy cases of phimosis so it was bound to happen to him but it seemed to have been a trauma nonetheless.

    For those who don't know, there are several ways to be cut. The one that's considered the "harshest" is called "low and tight" which means that :
    - The head is always exposed when soft (and therefore when hard as well)
    - The lighter and vernier skin that's inside for the foreskin has been removed as well as a part of the "normal skin" (the one that's the same color as the rest of the body).
    - Sometimes the frenulum is also removed.

    I got a low and tight cut at birth (but I got to keep my frenulum).

    The result is that your dick tends to look like a dildo. Some people call it perfection some people call it weird but it does look like a dildo because their is no extra skin whatsoever, even soft. When hard, the skin on my dick can barely move, I have to pull it from the root of the dick and can only jerk the shaft. I never even come near the head. I used to use lube but I was told to stop doing it and keep the head for actual penetrative sex which is a very good idea that helps making me last shorter. Being able to cum in a timely manner (not more than 20 minutes a pop) is my main concern. I also like to cum inside which can be problematic to reach if it's not the first time I'm having sex/cumming that day so preserving my head for penetrative sex makes sense as it makes the sensation really special. Being pierced also helps a lot.
    Jerking off, I usually come either through the feeling of my balls jiggling and hitting the seat I'm on or through fingering my ass.

    I was told very early on by older cousins that it was possible to get off by fingering my ass. The first time I did it we each stole a carrot from the fridge and wrapped them in condoms. We had no lube so we had to profusely spit on it. My cousin's carrot was bigger than mine but he seemed to be used to taking it. He kept on giving me pointers while we were doing it but it did not seem to work on me. He started to spray cum like a fountain, there was thick white semen everywhere and I still hadn't find my spot. We were lying on my bed, maybe the position was not right. When he was done he offered to help me and got me doggystyle. I could focus on jerking off while he would manipulate the while asking me how I felt. At some point it started to feel really good so I stopped jerking my dick to focus on what I was feeling back there and I came handsfree like a mother fucker. We did it three times that weekend, only the last time I could reach orgasm myself.

    Now I have vibrating plugs, dildos and many other toys to help me cum when I'm alone and I even use them with partners.

    Many people on this website seem to think that circumcision is barabaric, let alone low and tight which is pretty much male excision. However, I do like how my cock looks like and everyone who had to deal with it praised me about it. My dad and older brother being born without foreskin, I know I would have felt like an outcast not looking the same. Especially since I have (by far) the biggest one amongst us three. I would have been an oddity, or at least feel like one even if I'm sure no one would have said anything. Being cut low and tight, my dick is a copy of my grandpa's (only thinner), of my dad's (only longer) and my big bros (only longer) and us being what you'd call "nudists" it certainly feels more right this way.
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