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  1. 0849F04F-0E8C-4AAE-A0E1-407270A03D2B.png 5F579A41-59DD-41BD-B10E-3378743976B4.jpeg Monday:

    Monday we went swimming and had a hot tub part later. I want y’all to know that that heat and the water jets almost made me burst. Thankfully my mindset was strong enough to get out and cool down in the pool. I may or may not have been rock hard when getting out but my precum was leaking and mixing in with the water. We also went hiking in the mountains as a family later that day. Unfortunately my supplements that I took chose that moment to kick in. Let’s just say that I took a lot of breaks behind trees.


    Woke up with the usual puddle in my bed (should really do something about that). Started off by working out and doing some kegels. I had to be extremely careful not to pump to much iron both ways. My aunt came down to join and I had to leave cause she’s a milf (do not wanna go down that road). I took a shower and got ready for my zoom meeting with the company. I didn’t wear anything underneath because I just wanted my dick to hang and leak freely. It was hard to focus when I had to present my ideas. Ended with a family dinner (which are starting to become more stressful.


    Yesterday I think I reached my peak of awareness of my mind and my dick. We went thanksgiving shopping and I could barely focus. All I was thinking about was pumping a big load in something. I couldn’t look and whipped cream without thinking about blowing. Plus all the yoga pants/shorts and sweats in the shopping mart didn’t help. I bumped into a couple of people and almost lost it there. My dick was hard as a rock and I noticed that my precum was starting to become a little thicker as things went on. My slit was also starting to become a bit engorged and was always filled with a bead of precum waiting to pour out hot. I can’t wait to see how this turns out during thanksgiving dinner.
  2. Yesterday I went to sleep early cause I didn’t want to think about cumming anymore. I woke up with him on heavy this morning (1st pic). Later in the day my cousin and I went to a spa to relax. When we were in the sauna I almost lost it cause of the heat and the feeling of the steam surrounding my dick.

    We then had lunch at home and I had to excuse myself to do a check in with it. In the bathroom (2nd pic). It’s been on semi and escaping my underwear leading to my jeans becoming uncomfortable. My older cousin brought her friends over and quite honestly, my balls felt like they were about to pop. I went to my room to cool down for awhile before coming back out. My shaft is almost hard as steel and my head is starting to become more and more sensitive as we reach the end.

    anything in specific you wanna see it in next (underwear, sweats, bathroom)

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  3. Yikes it’s been a while eh y’all. Having NNN in Cali for a while has been amazing. The past few weeks have been nothing but torture. From the activities that we’ve been doing here, to relaxing and cool down moments. But enough about me... I’m sure you want to know how the dick is doing.

    It’s been struggling, I’ve been leaking precum for a long time since we last checked in. My head is large and in charge (if you need to know what it looks like check my pics). My balls have become pissed off cause I’ve kinda been edging and getting blue balls. To cool down at night I use the shower head and cold water to tame it. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner has been a pain cause I’m so sensitive. I’m still freeballing to give my dick room to leak. I stay last cause it would be hard to explain the wet spot on the front of my pants.

    Yesterday, we went surfing which was great and bad for me. Great cause my dick was forced to be close to me and not wander off cause of the wet suit. It was also bad cause it showed how hard I was and my balls didn’t help the cause. After I took the suit off I began to see some extra stuff mixed in with my precum (1st pic). I then went back to my room at home and took a nap. When I woke up I had more precum (shocker) flowing (2nd and third pic ). And I just said screw it and stayed in and play video games for the rest of the day.

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  4. Sorry everyone. I got completely caught up in my vacation and challenge that I forgot to update. I didn’t blow anything yet. We’re still on track for December. Do you want me to keep going from here with a recap or just scrap it
  5. Monday I woke up to these guys full to the brim. The sheets are taking the brunt of the leaking. It was a interesting view to see them moving and pulsing. The women in Cali didn’t help to keep them calm either. I went shopping with my cousins later at the mall. I got some underwear to help better accommodate my situation. AC0AD976-DBBD-42B6-9833-60F458541D78.jpeg
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  6. First full day in Cali and I feel like I’m about to burst. The rest of my family got to the house and began planning activities. This morning we went biking. I was nervous cause my dick was getting harder and thicker and I didn’t know what to wear. I found some spandex but I didn’t think it hid that much. The pushing the bike pedals made my dick start to throb and ache. I stopped several times cause I felt on the edge. The same thing happened for surfing later. Lunch and dinner I decided to free ball cause I don’t think my dick could handle being restricted. Halfway through I felt some precum begin to run down my sweats. The shower later on felt amazing BC9657B4-FBFD-4A41-A297-1911D99510F4.png
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  7. Finally made it to the house yesterday which was a sigh of relief. I don’t think I could’ve held in my leaking that much longer. You have no idea how much that blanket came through for me. I got in bed and slept for the rest of the day. I woke up and had a trail leaking from me.
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  8. Yesterday was the final leg of the trip to Cali and I could hardly wait to get to the house. My mind was calling me to edge and blow all day. If I wasn’t in the middle seat I would’ve gone off. I switched into some shorts which wasn’t a good idea...

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  9. The trip to Cali continued in the morning and began with precum in morning. We got back on the road and it was getting even harder to stay focused. My balls were becoming round, and my head started to get a lot more swollen. Going to rest stops for lunch was torture cause of all the women in the area. I almost blew a couple of times just from staring to hard lol. Back in the car I put on some music and went out. I don’t know what music I was listening to cause I woke up with my sweats wet. I then went into the to take a shower to get ready for the next day.

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  10. My apologies for the late updates, we were busy all day and night

    Day 4.

    The start to the trip with the fam was boring so I went to sleep. I made the choice to wear joggers so I woke up to it throbbing under the blanket (had to use to be safe). I was in the middle seat so I was in the middle of my older siblings, and the bumps weren’t helping. I fortunately did not begin to leak until later but it was wild. The hotel came in clutch cause I desperately needed some privacy.

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  11. Yesterday my balls were buzzing like crazy, I found it hard to focus at work. I might have to start going commando cause my dick is getting to hard for my boxer briefs. I’m about to go on a road trip with the fam so let’s see how it goes...
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  12. Woke up with my dick hard and my balls feeling full. My dick was leaking from the jump and made it hard (no pun intended) to focus. I saw a girl with a huge ass in leggings in a coffee shop and almost lost it right there. Gotta have more control over it down the stretch

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  13. Well it’s been a good start. I got a nut in last night so today wasn’t too bad. I woke up with my bulge as usual and started to leak some precum. My supplements are making it interesting due to the affects they have on my sex drive and dick. I’m starting to feel a bit sensitive down there as the time moves on. Can’t wait for day 2

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  14. Starting this journey is gonna difficult with my meat. We’re gonna ride this till the end though
    • My lecithin that I ordered cane today, it’s gonna be interesting to see how much it impacts my amount

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